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"One Step Closer" - Linkin Park
Dimension-wise, it's size is similar to the iPhone 4, correct?
"Here Comes The Sun" - The Beatles
I think he might be referring to the Beats Studios.
"Love and Affection" - Neon Trees
I saw on the first post that AAC is supported, but will ALAC be supported?
After completing a trade on the Head-Fi Classifieds, I was able to send Trader Feedback to the other party, but they claimed that they received an error when they tried to give me Trader Feedback.   We did a trade, I sent my IEM + Cash for their IEM, so I listed both parties' roles as "Trader".   Are you only allowed to have one separate role for each party? So since I responded to their classified ad, should I reset the Roles so I'm the Buyer and their the Seller?
Some Easy Topics for you to get Quick Posts:   What are you Listening to Right Now? - Just Post what Song You're Listening To Your 5 Newest CDs (or LPs) - Probably can only get 1 Post from it though Music Game IX - Name a song with a word in it the previous poster used
"Secrets" - OneRepublic
Can the new iPhone DAC play 96/24?
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