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"One Step Closer" - Linkin Park
Dimension-wise, it's size is similar to the iPhone 4, correct?
"Here Comes The Sun" - The Beatles
I think he might be referring to the Beats Studios.
"Love and Affection" - Neon Trees
I saw on the first post that AAC is supported, but will ALAC be supported?
"Secrets" - OneRepublic
Can the new iPhone DAC play 96/24?
My cable flexibility/stiffness problem might source from my SE315 being used, so I guess the cable was pretty worn out to begin with...   Thanks for the help!
I see, thanks for the advice!   But can you link me a cheap cable that has better memory wire or whatever it's called? I remember the cable on my Shure SE215 stayed in the shape I bended it into, but the stock cable that came with my (used) SE315's doesn't stay in shape as well...   Or should I just buy a new stock cable?
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