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"Cameras" - Matt & Kim
"Song of the Century" - Green Day
Thanks for the input!    I honestly don't think that my class is going to pay attention to my (or anyone else's) speech because my speech is during 5th Period on the Friday before Thanksgiving Break... everyone'll just want to get out of school!   I had to make a poster to go along with the speech, that I'll be walking around the classroom with while talking, there's a little chart that shows what daily noises are measured in decibels. Pretty small though...
Well, after panicking, I finally finished my Speech for tomorrow... if you guys notice any errors or can give me some tips, please respond as soon as possible!    
Eh... that's kinda... "out there"...    I had some ideas of incorporating humor into my presentation, but presentations started today (I go on Friday), and everyone has a serious tone in their speeches...   I don't feel like being the lone wolf...
So for my Speech & Debate Class, each student has been assigned to persuade our class to "alter the audience's opinion of a philosophy or commitment." It only has to be 3-7 minutes with a poster/video presentation.   I decided that my subject was going to be "Listening to Music at a Lower Volume."   My current 3 speaking points are: Listening to Music At High Volumes Damages Hearing Causes You to Be Oblivious to the Outside World Inappropriate...
Just curious, did Apple announce whether iTunes 11 (which after being delayed is supposed to be released this month) is going to support FLAC?
"Down" - Blink-182
"Famous Last Words" - My Chemical Romance
"Stuck in America" - Sugarcult
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