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I recommend that you get a Fiio L9 or Fiio L3 LOD Cable to increase the sound quality input to the amp.
All Skullcandy Headphones/Earphones have a Lifetime Warranty.
I imagine they don't sound as good as the S4?
If your getting the Sony XB-500, I recommend that you get a Fiio E6 Amp. I love the Amp, I don't listen to music without it anymore.
While I don't really like Skullcandy sound-wise, I love the brand and designs of their products!   Anyway, how's the clarity? Most Skullcandy Earbuds I've used (50/50, Heavy Medal) sound somewhat muddy. These any different?   I have a Sony XB500 right now and I'm considering these if they're only $60. Or I might just keep on saving my money and get Shure SE215 or Audio Technica M50.
I'm thinking about buying the M50 too, and I already have a Fiio E6. Would using the 3rd EQ Setting on it (which increases the mid frequency range I assume) make it sound any better?   Sorry if it's a dumb question, I'm pretty new to this if you can tell by my post count...
Ugh, my friend bought Refurbished iBeats off of the Monster Outlet Store, and they sound terrible... the bass makes everything else sound muddy.
I have the Sony MDR-XB500's and they leak sound at 50% iPhone Volume...
The fact that they have Yellow Beats Tours...   Pretty sure that most of the products are fake.
I have the Sony MDR-XB500 and the Ear Cushions are big but really soft! They're Over-Ear too so they won't be physically touching your ears either (unless your ears are bigger than mine).   You might want to get the Sony MDR-XB700 instead though since the Ear Cushions are even bigger.
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