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I have a Sony XB-500 myself, and using my Fiio E6 really helps improve the mid-range.
FYI, if anyone is going to use the 10% Off Code for Audio Affair, hurry up because the code expires in roughly 6 hours and 10 minutes from my current post.   It expires at 9 AM on June 25th at UK Time.
1. "Living Things" - Linkin Park 2. "Welcome to the Black Parade" - My Chemical Romance 3. "Weezer (Blue Album)" - Weezer 4. "Dookie" - Green Day 5. "Burn It Down (EP)" - Linkin Park   All bought on CD and ripped via iTunes into ALAC and synced to my iPhone.
I just hope that Fiio makes new LOD's for the new iPhone model, since it's rumored that it won't retain the 30-Pin Dock Connector.
FYI, you can get these on Audio Affair with 10% Off for this weekend only if you use the code "10OFF".   I'm gonna order these later today with the code. 
I would of but my Best Buy didn't have it. They had the Aviators, Skullcrushers, and the Hesh, I think.
Would you guys rank this over the Yamaha EPH-100?
I actually tried the Beats Pro at Best Buy today, it sounded good (not great, perfect, etc.) but I really hated the head clamp on it, not to mention it being overpriced.
Owning a pair of Beats Tour myself, I really hate them... go with the Turbines.
Nothing seems to happen when I use the code... oh well, I'll order it from Audio Affair in a few days unless I can find a better deal.   But does the EPH-100 benefit from an amp? It seems that it'll sound fine without one, but would the sound be even clearer if I use my LOD Cable but have no Sound EQ on my Amp?
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