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Sony XB500
While I love the Design of Shure's IEMs, I couldn't get myself to fall in love with the Shure SE315's Sound Signature.   Comes with Both Shure SE315 Drivers, 1 Pair of Medium Foam Tips, a Shure Carrying Case, the Stock Shure Cable, and a Furutech Upgrade Cable.   The Stock Shure Cable has a metal wire sticking out of the "memory" part that winds around the left ear, which makes it uncomfortable...   Selling Price is $125 $120 $115 $110 $100 with Free...
I bought the Furutech Cable for my Shure SE315, and I instantly noticed tighter bass upon first using them.
Looked at the first page and saw that the X3 will support microSD Cards in addition to the 8GB Internal Storage.   But is there a maximum storage size for the microSD Cards?   I'm hoping to pick up a X3 and get a 64GB microSD Card for 72GB of total storage (less after formatting).
  2. All of the SEXX5 Models (SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535) use the same type of Cable, so a Clear SE425 Cable will work with a SE215.
"Stop When The Red Lights Flash" - Green Day
"Feeling This" - Blink-182
Pretty generous of you, I'm in! 
It worked! Thanks! 
For those of you who updated to iTunes 11, how do you check how many songs you have?   I know how many songs I have on my iPod/iPhone, but I have 96/24 Files in iTunes that I can't sync to my iDevices, and I want to know what my complete song total is.   I was able to check in iTunes 10, but with the new update, I don't know how...
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