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Just curious, does this help in the possibility of a Lightning LOD Cable ever being created?
There are no scratches or any external/internal damage to the E17 Unit. There is also a Screen Protector already applied on the device, to protect the screen from scratches. Feel free to continue asking general questions about the item here in the classified, but for further discussions, please PM me. - Josh
In my opinion, there was no improvement at all when I paired my SE315 with my Fiio E17. Honestly, to anyone looking at getting a Shure SE IEM, look at the 215 or 535, just skip the 315.
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Looking for some spare cash, so I've decided to sell my Fiio E17.   Included is the following: Fiio E17 Box Fiio E17 Carrying Case Fiio E17 Manual Fiio E17 Unit Fiio Rubber Band USB A to Mini-B Cable 3.5 to 3.5 Audio Cable Coaxial/Optical Adapter   Starting at $110 $100 $95 $90 with Free Shipping.   Not accepting trades or offers from outside of the US.   Feel free to contact me with any questions, offers, request for more pictures/information, etc. ​
I don't respect Beats for their sound quality, but rather their marketing techniques.   Right now, Beats are the most popular headphone brand (among the general population), due to Celebrities, Musicians, and Athletes actively wearing them in public and advertising them.   Whenever I watch an NBA Game, they typically show NBA Players wearing Beats as they are exiting the team bus and entering the arena. Free Air-Time.
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