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@Illya 2wei Hertz   I am a sad man........ :(     ...   Why do you have to go there...... even though you have shiro onii-chan....... This is what it feels like to be NTR'd.....
Damnit! Not out yet............. can't wait....... :( Anna is my fav character from the show so far :p
@Prison School 03   OMG! This has to be the funniest show of the season. I LOL'd the same way back when I was watching Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou!
@CM3D2 So at first, I thought the controls were pretty stupid because you right-drag to rotate and middle-drag to pan. But then I kinda realized a while later that this actually makes sense because you're suppose to hold the mouse with your left hand. Both the right and middle button is accessible by your left index-finger.   Oh yeah, I suck at character design.... spent the last 40 mins choosing hair and eye style/color.
I just did the perfect analogy of "workarounds" for software bugs IRL:   I couldn't adjust the brightness of my MBP's screen while installing windows. so instead, I wore sunglasses.
@Reminiscence  I LOL'd and as always, jap to eng translation is hard.....
Hmmm..... I'll check it out then. Meanwhile, my 1528 eur laptop couldn't.(not under virtual box on linux anyway.) EDIT:It's out btw.
I would kinda care if they'd fix the collision detection and have a tiny bit plot (like... storyline plot) I also need a better computer to run it smoothly.
OMG! I just realized that today is VN release day for July! My body's ready       Oh yeah, CM3D2 is also released today for those who care...
Where do you live? the mains power seems really bad.... LOL well atleast the audiophile product actually works :p
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