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Welp, it seems like ib - Instant Bullet finished publishing a while back and I just had the chance to finish reading.     9/10 - best manga I've read in a long long time. Highly recommended read, it's only 25 chapters long.   I love how it uses superpowers to explore themes of personal value and engage the reader in critical thinking without being overly abstract. It's the first work by Akasaka Aka -sensei ( also the illustrator for IA )   Hope it gets an anime...
I dropped enough shows to keep up lol.went from 20-odd shows to just 10, two of them are 3 min shows.
I dropped it a few eps back.... no story, no character development, 100% ecchi.the entire show is like hentai.... without the porn. I dropped quite a couple of shows this season, not sure if it's my tastes that's changing or anime getting more stupid.
I got an expectation error.Expected mika+kururu and yuu+shinoa.Got mika+yuu.
@owari no seraph 10   did not sign up for this schiit....... I seriously miss kururu...
I just spent the last minute trying to rub this dot off my screen...... orz  
studying for tomorrow's exam....     I lol'd
Woah~ Christmas-edition avatar? Nice!
seeing 3-digit CPU temp for the first time in my life.     running a duplicity backup (encryption + compression) and playing game with gamestream client (video decoding) at the same time.
Yep. and gotta love all the hououin kyouma (steins;gate) references from MAGES.
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