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but google is faster~ :p It's usually vocabularies from VNs I'm translating.
Really love how Google knows exactly what I what  
LOL, many instruments have harmonics higher than 20kHz.... thing is that your entire signal chain must support ultrasound otherwise you'll get various kinds of distortion (i.e. Aliasing/IMD)In many cases, distortions are audible making the ultrasound seemingly audible. But of course, there's this too:
Meh, it worked on the basis of magic to begin with, I'm not all that bothered by it.The only thing that's scientific was the MC(?)'s reasoning.
Instead of being invisible, It will just be black (like a black hole). IIRC, it's not a translation error.
lol nice poem....
Nope~ lol just compress it...... Welcome Back~!
why would you want to run Files as root?I've never used gksu or gksudo before.... what's that? btw Files' binary is called "nautilus" so you'd type something like: "gksudo nautilus"For more info, check the man pages with "man nautilus" but TBH.... why would you do things that require root on GUI?
Nice song~
Illegal aliens? You mean to say there are legal ones???     Ohh Horrible subs.... I think google won this one....  
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