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Will do that later.... Windows VM gets my computer really got when using OpenGLand my remote Windows Workstation can only be accessed from my Mac (and I'm on linux right now). #FirstWorldProblems I just tried out the Miku model provided by Live2D.... 2creepy4me :/Think I'll add the Epsilon model when I have time later.
I'm gonna guess it won't save the position, but it all depends on your system.This is just a special-looking Chrome window. (you can actually open index.html in Firefox/Chrome and it will work the same) EDIT:ok it appears that it IS indeed possible to change the window position from within the webpage, but I'll need to save a little file on the system to store the X/Y coordinates.
There's a file called package.json, you can edit the width and height of the window there.The drag bar is at the top of the window. (move your cursor up slowly until she stops looking at your cursor)
Needs an account, too lazy to make one.Decided to use the uni server instead.... EDIT: also deleted the web demo from the server I posted earlier today.
Oh she was in the same package? lol ok. The controls for my current widget are:Move: LookScroll: ZoomL-Click: TouchR-Click: Change Model Which models do you want in there?and how do you want me to send it?
No, it's a chrome window opening a local HTML file.Another problem is that I can't control where the window spawns so I'll have to drag it over to the corner every time I restart the app. Nope, haven't tried the Viewer. Maybe you can send me the model and I'll package her into the app for you?Are you in the skype group?
Short Answer: yes Long Answer: kindaWhat this is essentially, is a transparent Chrome window so it will only follow your mouse in that window. (no dragging needed)To the system, it's just another browser window (without the toolbars) and will behave like one.Because there's no toolbar, you can only kill the app via Task Manager and drag it around using an invisible 15px height bar at the top. More moe, this time for Windows:  You know what....?Having Blanc on my desktop is...
@Rozenberg     #blancbestgirl  
No no, Live2D is a 2D character animation engine. It's been around for a long time already. Early December 2015, FaceRig released a plugin that will feed facial data into the Live2D engine to achieve what you're seeing nowadays. The last scene in every ep of Asterisk was rendered using the Live2D engine.  Now what I would love to see in the future is if the data flow went something like this:Natural Language --[NeuralNet]--> Emotion Vectors --[NeuralNet]--> Motion Data...
A simple Live2D test based on the Sample App that comes with the SDK.Hosted on my university's servers cuz it's not mine and don't care if it gets DDoS'd I have NOT implemented the interactive motion and the sounds so all you can do is see nep-nep stare at your cursor when you drag it around. Have fun:
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