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Try Digikey or Allied?
@Charlotte 10  [[SPOILER]]  now might be a good time to start guessing just who or what "Charlotte" is.I have a feeling that it will be revealed at the end of the last ep.
lol not sure what you've been watching but I see them all the time......
@Rokka no Yuusha 10  *facepalm* What kinda schiit confession is this?
... ... ... heretic. lol what mecha anime?
Do you like watching girls sing and dance?Do you love one (or more) of the characters?Do you like their music? Go ahead if you answered "yes" to any of those.
@Ranpo Kitan 09   Uhh...... all I see is a pretty screensaver and matrix multiplications in C-like syntax.....     Great ep tho.
Oh oops, silly me :p
Press P to Poi. lol. hmm... IIRC, Nvidia's NvEnc library can do it and I've used it with ffmpeg before but I'm not sure if any players has used it yet...
Yeah, I don't like her either.... What do you usually do with that PC?Are you using hardware acceleration to decode that video?
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