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Midterms in a hour.... I cant remember how to make basic arithmetic circuits... stressed. : | Somehow this is more stressful than my IBDP exams because I'm kinda expected to ace this........
Damn... the number of projects I do are inversely proportional to the time left until my midterms..... (i.e. tomorrow)   So I made another one today.... Project-Overdrive: Phantom-powered Guitar preamp + DI Named after the song by IOSYS for no special reason. Provides low, mid, high tonal controls and a soft-clipper for distortion effects.    
LOL you just reminded me of the part where darker than black took place in HK and I saw the animated HK Polytechnic University The part where they tries to speak Cantonese was horrible though....
Just about to watch ep.3Dont forget I'm following 2x series AND have 4 midterms in the coming week..... life is sad....
 One of my fav series ever Though I'm probably the fewer lot who watches this for romance.... (cuz that all I ever pay attention to in anime :p )
Wait... WHAT??? WHO COULD EVER SAY WA2 SUCKS??? Never watched pacific rim... no comment.Never gonna watch another live action in my life again... ever! lol wut that song.someone's excuse to throw stuff on the floor?  
lol did you guys see the anime they made for NASA x JAXA 's GPM mission?
Hmm....       FML.
Obviously, IPV4 can go beyond 8-bit integers in the world of valvrave.  
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