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  Welcome back~ :D
This deserves a post here :p   Programmers in a nutshell lol  
holy moly.........  What are you gonna do with all those transistors?
Awesome! :D
Crazy university WiFi lol     DL-ing new anime at 8MB/s:
You know what else I don't understand?why "High Priestess" is pronounced "Highpri Estess" in Japanese. I just don't get it.
congradz! :D I went through the entire database looking for shows I've watched when I first joined.Took me only 3 days :p but now the DB is much larger than it was then.
@Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku   Oh My God!! Isn't that the robot from Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (AKA: Luputa: Castle in the Sky) to the left there?    
IMO headphones should be robust enough such that it doesn't matter how you store them....
Finally got my hands on the Captain Earth insert song 「夢幻の華」   so damn good.....   On my player: Direct access:   Think Imma go order this CD right now...... NOOOOOO It comes with the BD set!!! WHYYYY WOULD YOU DO THAT????? (TT__TT) There's no way I'm gonna pay 8k yen for a single song no matter how good....... :(
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