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@Ranpo Kitan - Game of Laplace 02   How dare you kill the lolis.... Unforgivable.   @Gakkou Gurashi 02   Uh.. I'm bored...... Too SoL for me...
It's technically possible, I've done it on Grisaia's anime OP (90s, 24fps)by splitting the vid into 2000+ images and processing each one.That took 6 hours on a Xeon E5 + GTX670 workstation though. It also works poorly on text and non-anime illustrations because the neuro network (NN) was trained this way.It's possible to train another NN to upscale real-life photos, we just need a large set of training data.I'm using the stock NN trained by the original author which he...
I'm in for the guro. ;) I thought S;G was meh TBH.Mainly because I didn't really like the MC or any of the heroines.
 Uh... trap of the season?
I just learned a new English word while trying to learn Japanese.  
Just started Reminiscence (finished the prologue)   l'm not sure what happened to the VNDB ratings but it seems like a very promising game so far. MC is a genius teacher/civil servant with mental problems, far from your generic student protag.   Something serious seem to have happened in the past and the imouto character wants the MC dead. Can't say I'm too happy about that but it's a breath of fresh air nevertheless.  
not if the mixing/mastering engineer doesn't know what he/she's doing.but my point is that higher DR doesn't equal better music.
Yes, you'll have to manually turn up the volume at the quiet parts and the loud parts will blow your eardrums.Too much DR isn't a good thing at all.
This, but too much DR wouldn't be good either. Same here, I'm now perfectly happy with my mid-tier headphones.I still use a USB audio interface though, the 3.5mm jack is just too fragile... I don't want to get a mobo replacement because of a broken jack again.... Oh god.... don't remind me of the 2nd biggest mistake in my life.
someone decided it wasn't loud enough for the plebs and phools?
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