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because dd/mm/yyyy makes way more logical sense than mm/dd/yyyy.I only use the latter in written works because the former sound weird when I read it out. LOLZ!! but you know what? I'm (kinda) Chinese and yet I wouldn't say I could tell weather Chinese food is "authentic" ....China is a huge place and people in different areas cook different.And even though I'm genetically Chinese + lives in HK, I rarely eat Chinese food... I see what you did there ;)  Nendo with a Dakki?...
I'm Asian but I've never seen this format....Well... maybe a few times in Chinese. 2015年2月3日.
This.But in written works, I use February 3rd, 2015 instead.
 | MarikaFTFY
Wow, just realized I've achieved 8xHS... LIFE=WASTED   Still nothing compared to panda's 24xHS *giggles*
I see a Shakugan no Shana poster back there :p
MC from Rakuen Tsuihou Yamada from Gugure! Kokkuri-san? SAO because elf ears?
Corpse Party because Yuka best imouto/loli  lol I honestly have no idea.... Ai from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi  Either Railgun or Index. [K] No idea either.... R18 from Himegoto Didn't watch this one.... Girl on the right resembles Ruri from Sacred Seven but that's probably not it..... I give up....   
Someone gotta drag 'em in here or something....   Who else got this?
My lecturer pronounced "L'Hôpital's rule" "L. Hospital's rule" ...   (facepalm)
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