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It's the macbook's automatic base permittivity calibration, capacitive touch devices works by detecting changes in permittivity (i.e. the difference between air and your fingers).The macbook's trackpad will continuously calibrate the base permittivity of the environment so that it could still work effectively if you've got water on it or under a few sheets of paper.This is just a guess of mine but putting a notebook on top probably maxed out the base value so it can't...
 Pushing wireless connectivity is one thing, I use a BT receiver most of the time myself...But removing wired connectivity is another thing, they just basically screwed quite a number of musicians and audio technicians because the new iPhone will not work with their existing systems.I know a few indie musicians who actually use their iPhones as a synth for their gigs.
I LOL'd so hard the first time I saw it #notsureifseriousI wonder who made this site though.... would be pretty funny if it's a practical joke from some Apple devs. I don't even know what to say....Apple's like M$ all over again, pushing everyone to use their schiity proprietary tech.Meanwhile M$ is open-sourcing tonnes of stuff. and yeah, blame the jacks... because bluetooth is so much better right? :/and how much are we paying for your thunderbolt chips again?
Depends on usage.. I've always experienced slight slow-downs since my first mac 10 years ago (I had the first-gen white Macbook).but the degree is nothing compared to now, it's like windows all over again.... :(
cup noodle flavored chips.... wut?
I get the rainbow beach ball for almost every action I do.It's worst when using firefox and crashes sometimes.Response is just sluggish overall. I have the 2.4GHz i5, 8GB RAM model. Oh and pressing Cmd+Opt+Power doesn't do anything half the time. Most of my hate actually stem from the fact that they are forcefully pushing their usage habits onto their users.like how the 3-finger drag is now an accessibility feature (am I disabled for not liking to drag my finger while...
I'm sick and tired of OS X 10.11 lagging all the time on my 2013 MBPr... just wiped the entire SSD and installed 10.9 from net recovery.   Within the last few years, I went from an Apple fan to an Apple hater.
Hell yea
OMG the cats are chewing on my nep's cable     not cool......
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