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never heard of "don't watch an anime called boku" ? Haven;t played it, will check it out now... Pretty much my reaction...I didn't know it had anything to do with Penguindrum when I went in, figured out half way through.but I actually enjoyed Penguindrum despite the same style.   "Lesbian Bear Storm" sums this up pretty don't you think?
 Same thoughts here, but after trying YuriKuma, I think I'll leave the task to you.... don't want to pollute my brain any further.....
Too late, I already watched vampire knight long ago  Well according to my MAL, I've watched quite a few shoujo anime but don't watch then for the shoujo part.
[[SPOILER]]    Welp, I'm gonna rewatch Absolute Duo to wash out all the mind-raping stuff I just saw in Yuri Kuma Arashi................
What show is this? don't think I've seen it before. @Yuri Kuma 01 The execution of this show really reminds me of Mawaru Penguindrum.Not sure if deep or just plain Why not both? OST is not half bad. Character's eyes reminds me of Madoka.  BUT GAWD!!!! I CANNOT STAND YURI. The title doesn't, this schiit is is so wrong on so many motherf**** levels yo.
Gonna try watching Yuri Kuma just because it looked so ridiculous.....
@Absolute Duo 01   *drool............ slurp* Duhuhu~~ Currently suffering from acute moe overdose.   Just what I needed after 5 hrs of programming work.   I totally did not expect this, ready to give a 10/10 for the series just because of the main heroine. I'm your "typical otaku", deal with it.   The "ja" and "nein" sounds out of place when mixed with Japanese but w/e.
finally got time to start Absolue Duo.... visuals looks good to me~   the loli headmaster reminds me of kuroneko  
Meh, I finished the entire series and still have te same opinion on SSY....Certainly is! we get more gundam fights now and less bitchy princess :Pwait WHAT???I dont get it....Yep, played
Alright! Absolute Duo is out~! This marks the start of my new season
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