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 This show was just really depressing and mind blowing at the same time, especially for the time it was made. From what I remember of the show, that's about the same as what I got out of it.But the really creepy thing about it is how close it gets to reality today being aired in 1998.
love this song....    [[SPOILER]]
broken japanese always gives me goosebumps. but no, not a fan of idol anime.didn't like the anime for iM@S (CG) and LL (S2), not even gonna try watching this.
I trimmed my cable to 20cm.  I actually thought the show was pretty stupid at first. ironically.
Oh Wow...You've really gotta have some guts to play SLS on speakers in public...... @Asterisk 11 It's slender CLAMP man! 
@Big Order 09 Oh. My. Gawd. That's like nitro+ level of crazy schiit. This might have just became my fav show of the season.  [[SPOILER]]
bluetooth WAS a problem before due to its low bandwidth so many products use high compression and only supports mono....which is completely fine for phone calls. It only got bad name when people started using it for music. or you can get ones with detachable earphones like mine and plug in your favorite cans :)my current on-the-go setup is Shield Tablet -> SBH20 -> K550 and the best thing about bluetooth audio is that as of android 6.0, the latency is negligibly small.I...
Get a bluetooth transceiver that supports the A2DP profile, I hear no difference compared to a normal wire even at home with my desktop rig.
Oh wow! how did you actually managed to break a mini jack? I've been using bluetooth audio transceiver to preserve the connectors on the more expensive devices.
YaY! It's page 11111!!!!!
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