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I haven't read through your blog yet but the feature set looks pretty nice. What do your algorithms actually do? Disclaimer: I'm not a fan of Microsoft. In fact, I have only ever used Windows in a Virtual Machine to run Visual Novels. If you're gonna make a multi-platform software, I suggest you stay away from C#, AFAIK it depends on .NET framework which only works in Windows.As far as sound goes, you will need a cross platform API to abstract the OSes, here's a...
This thread was never on a rail to begin with
Quite a few... unfortunately. Interesting project there, I'm actually working on a similar project:A browser-based music library organizer / player with custom grouping attributes (e.g. search album by originating anime) I'm still in the design / experimental stages of the project...
Was learning functional programming just now and the term "lambda-calculus" scared the heck outta me at first..... until I found out that it has little to do with the "calculus" in maths class. lol
Woah~ he's an anime fan too! 
 Oh man!!! I know those feels all too well  XD It's annoying when you have to work with amateur performers who either doesn't know how to hold a mic properly or screams into it.Then there are the professional ones where I could just sit there and do nothing. LOL
This... I'm pretty happy with my sub-$200 headphones. Some recordings sounds better in binaural configuration so I just use my monitors as ear-speakers, performs better than top-tier headphones. lol
I guess things will speed up in season 2?
Watched the latest ep of shokugeki no souma, want to make gyudon for dinner.   I have rice, onion, dashi, soy sauce no beef....   and it's already 23:58 so I can't even eat at Yoshinoya or something FML :/
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