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It's so annoying to have to remember to sign out of my company google account after work everyday and login every morning with 2FA.   I have a feeling that eventually my company account will be filled with animu schiit.   #woes_of_bring_your_own_device
They were pretty awesome back when I was still a shounen. My first anime was bleach and it was probably the radest thing I'd ever seen back then.like schiit man, I never knew things spew blood when you chop it in half!? I miss the days when I was actually younger than the MCs.....
 Never watched DBZ so I wouldn't know... the only thing I know is that it's over 9000! Well anything with a group of fanboys is pretty much overrated because that's what they do...and it's only human nature to blindly fight for what we believe in because analysis and evaluation is a higher-order cognitive function (that doesn't really function all the time).It's a shame but humans are inherently stupid creatures and there's not much we can do about it :(
I want a pet that takes care of itself, greets me when I come home from work everyday, helps me around the house, and takes care of me when I'm sick.   yeah... I think I'll go back to my 2D delusions.
@HybridCore   mind adding these to the OP?   image reverse lookup for anime wallpapers / mangas / CGs / pixiv etc: http://www.iqdb.org/ https://saucenao.com/   image reverse lookup for anime screenshots (provided by a friend of mine): https://whatanime.ga/
RIP. I remember pulling out my dad's tapes as a kid because he decided to teach me how to bypass the safety lock with a pen.
I thought video players always use GPU......My CPU is pretty much idle when playing anime.
 I haven't really thought out how I'd implement this when I first wrote itbut the basics is that have a somewhat large set of training data like this: character data waifu? either: - set of tags from a database or: - vocal signature - image(s) true / false the point is that the output (waifu?) is some complex function of the input which we don't know.the latter input option would be much more accurate if it could be done (I don't know how... yet) by...
... I won't deny it. :/
around 2 per season is about the same for me........ from anime.but I also follow VN releases every month and a lot of waifu material is coming from there. I can't exactly define waifu myself because it's an emotional/subconscious thing.what I can do is probably train a neuro network to identify if a given character will be one.
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