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@Kekkai Sensen   It's like a mix of Durarara and Men in Black. Not sure what else to say about it......
@UBW S2 Ep1   Rin! <3
Nowadays yes, but Saya no Uta is like 12 years old and the game is only like 250MB.
Both the game and OST are sold on a CD =_=
Cool! Is that the game or OST?
@Owari no Seraph   Prologue looks promising. (Vampires are pedophiles)   I haven't heard if WIT studio are they new? *google* Founded 2012, worked on Attack on Titan. Hmmm.....
This. but I'll probably never find the time to learn it until I retire or something....... :(
I'm the other way around lol.
Jelly :| Speaking of which, they did the ED for Gunslinger Stratos this season.
  I dunno man.... I really hope this gonna be good.Better yet, I wish I could un-watch the anime because I already watched it 3 times over.
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