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The show started with a fighting scene on ep1. lol
Not sure why but I thought she looked like lelouch for a moment there.  Oh and what's the point of transparent censoring??  [[SPOILER]]
Unfortunately, I've only finished Arcueid's route so I can't say anything about the VN... (It's like only playing the Fate route in F/SN)But I really can't take the artwork... It's like Ryuukishi07's games or better yet, Touhou artwork. I've finished the Manga too and I thought it was pretty good.Well, you can go read Melty Blood now I guess?  Not a Kancolle player, went into this one because of the yandere tag.Pretty good read. HOLY SCHIIT!!! DEM CREEPY EYES IN THE RECENT...
Just when I need to leave for school... Windows Update  :/   Yay I get to hold my laptop with the lid open all the way there....
Is it just me or does it seem like Tokyo Ghoul and A/Z season 2 are all over the place?
  Kiwi, Strawberry, Pineapple Sandwich............................................... Eww.
No worries man, I was up until 0830 this morning. Slept till 1530 :D
I like short hair more than long hair Tsukihi. ドM?  
@1/7 no Mahoutsukai   Holy crap.... this is the first time I've seen a VN that requests multi-core support....
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