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that sounds like some game title... I'd make a cover art if I had PS on this computer :p
this looks like it was whipped up by some random high school guy... good job on that few kilo bucks lol
Uh... not quite. and It's on massdrop right now! ...or you can wait for the next neps edition drop. #nephonesmasterrace
my thoughts after moving from OS X to archlinux/gnome as my daily driver for a year and a half:   best platform for software/system development ever. ... but as a main system for daily tasks, it falls short in some places so I would not recommend it... don't even think about doing audio/music/video editing, it's gonna be painful (not impossible tho) no M$ office, this means you will never be able to view them the way they were meant to look (it's like opening docx...
Finished Sei Estera Gakuen no Shichinin no Majo. solid 7/10, pretty nice story for a nukige.   Starting Wagamama High-Spec.... but before I even start, #ToaBestGurl :) I mean... where else am I gonna find a genius programmer kyonyuu imouto who loves her onii-chan? (not IRL that's for sure)  
 hentai viewers were a thing in the DOS era? :o
just look at the 1U servers   turning on the air-con because I just burned my fingers on my laptop >.>
Well.. pusheen IS a pussee :( >tfw my archived album is corrupted, the CD is out of stock and the torrent is unseeded.so be it, 128kbps youtube. :( I guess the lesson here is always run checksums after copying data to remote servers.
In 2P boards usually half of them is connected to CPU1 so if I install only 1 CPU, I'll only have one PCIe x16 slot to use.
that skim out on PCIe slots.
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