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buy all the CDs on the last day!
lol, remember the internet noises you hear when you pickup the phone?I was way too small to know anything about computers back then so that's pretty much all I remember from that era. parity RAID is not such a good idea with low-end drives because if one drive fails, it will read all data from other drives to rebuild, when that happens, its likely that a 2nd drive will fail... my two WD greens from 5 years ago are still holding strong :)been running them in RAID 1 for a...
FTFY. Almost all of the anison waveforms I've seen looks like a fat caterpillar... with a few exceptions. btw, I test audio rigs with Kancolle OST. The mastering is pretty darn good~  I honestly have no idea how a flash game got such good music.... 
 I thought all fripside songs are either a 0 or 1... Wow, I'm amused.
Haha, remember how the mag-safe port is modular in the previous generation?
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/hypershop/hyperdrivetm-compact-thunderbolt-3-usb-c-hub-for-m   looks pretty nice... I like how it serves as a docking station   I like how Apple can now just out-source the connectivity bit in their products and they get paid for it LOL
What? I see a tilted head and a further tilted toast..... (relative to the bike's vertical plane) I think my brain is playing tricks now, or this is like the blue or gold dress problem.
Uhh... no.doesn't work with 3D. reach over with your index and middle fingers (yes, typing normal English is super slow)but that's fine, I type way more symbols and shortcuts when editing code and I always use auto-complete to avoid typing mistakes.I haven't done a formal analysis but my most frequently accessed keys are Esc, Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Arrows, Enter, Backspace, Brackets, n, d and o.EDIT:just did this for reference EDIT2:hey, I tried this test again using the...
I've been typing a bit more English than usual at work lately so I tried forcing myself to type using the correct way (i.e. fingers on the home row, use all 10 fingers). I can immediately see how this can be really fast if I got used it it, for the record my typing speed for english was 23 WPM the last time I checked.   I've kinda developed my own hand placement over the years with both my thumbs on the modifier keys, left pinky on the Esc and right pinky on the...
I don't know why but that looks completely normal to my brain.
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