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lesson of the month: unless you have friends who can actually contribute code, don't take more than 1 project-based CS course. well learnt the hard way.
WUUUTTT??? Batmobile?
for all of you programmers / computer majors out there. https://paiza.jp/poh/ando   the questions are pretty easy, nice excuse to try a new language lol.
^ LOL'd
http://supersonico.jp/   further evidence that her "headphones" are part of her body...... sucks to be her mom giving birth.
It's that time of the year again.... listen to no one, trust no media.   In other news, Planetarian's getting an anime!!! YaY!         google Japanese input team's new toy this year:  
For those who's got an oculus: http://nekovr.club/
@Schwarzesmarken END   Damn! the show ended right when I can finally pronounce the name properly.
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