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It's not a taser loland it's got 100 levels of shock intensity for me to play with, I'll be fine (unless there's a bug in my program or something) well for me anyway.
@ Re: Zero 04   Nice glasses.     Emilia still #bestgurl tho/   I've had enough of oversleeping on important events....... I think it's mainly caused by insomnia from hyperactivity the night before.   So I decided to buy a shock collar and turn it into a more aggressive alarm clock with arduino or something. Found a nice model that supports beeping and vibration modes as well :)
agreed. which show?
LOL, wonder if its an insider troll or lazy web devs.
:3 @Big Order feels kinda like Mirai Nikki (without yuno).maybe it's just the superpowers and OP by yousei keikoku. EDIT:Oh.. they're written by the same author. I wonder if Rin is gonna go all yandere mode.... she does look a bit like yuno
 Hotaru is just too crazy for me.
The common definition.  [[SPOILER]]  @Sousei no Onmyouji 2 Simon Says "Live together".Simon Says "Gather 'round".Simon Says "Fight each other to death".Simon Says "Make a baby". Yep, I summarized the plot thus far pretty well IMO. great OP though; wonderful fusion of modern J-Pop and traditional Japanese instruments.
Will do, once I got my Windows gaming server set up. Play Chaos;Head if you1. like chuu-ni sword fights2. don't hate the main character for being a pathetic hikikomori otaku3. don't mind pseudo science and a bit of gore I really like the OST for G線 because they are all classical music arranges :)Fortissimo has fripside and 妖精帝国, both of which I love. but Kotonoha is such a nice girl........ yeah, I had a feeling that レミニセンス has a really dark back-story when I first played it.
don't read it unless you're really curious about the story like how I was, It's full of schiit. (in the literal sense) rape, torture, scat, gore, you name it, it's all there.with the exception of fat old pervs, thank god for that. Oh yeah, It's also a romance story. (kinda)
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