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@D.Gray-man   damn... I don''t remember much about the series anymore..... since when could akuma talk? (level 3?) I though lena lee had twin-tails... new seiyuu for allen feels super werid...
@souma S2 definitely way more epic animated. though I've completely lost track of the story in the anime.... manga is so many arcs ahead....   @relife   tbh, I can't really tell the difference between a 17 and 27 yr old guy.....   @rewrite   man, I love the MC. really regret not playing the game now..... its way more fun seeing how VNs get animated.   @re:0   new  OP
 you might want to reboot and check the system log (journalctl)either that or your GUI opened in another virtual console but it didn't switch over automaticallythe gnome GUI usually opens in the second console (Ctrl+Alt+F2) EDIT: did you install xorg (the X server)? 
 Well.... It's not the first time a popular H doujin gets an anime....
Just started LAMUNATION!   It's SoL as expected but the whole game feels very "Grisaia". I haven't checked the staff behind this game yet but I'd assume they share a few people. The game itself is published under a new company called "WHITE POWDER".     I like it.
Damn, I thought it was Skrillex wearing those for a moment there
thinking of buying a .moe domain for personal stuff buy can't think of a good domain hack....   wow, apparently aperture.science is not a registered domain and can be bought for $2 right now.   but reserved as expected:   http://346.productions/ http://765.productions/   surprisingly, it's not registered under bandai namco but this guy:  
well, wit studio's works are just mixes of great action, artwork, music and cinematic effects. I like them for what they are.   I doubt anyone's really watching Shingeki / Seraph / Kabaneri for the story, it's just post-apocalyptic world, humans with some gadgets vs X
@kabaneri 12   Oh man, the insert songs and OSTs for this ep.... so damn good......   Anyway, physics question of the season:     Calculate the order of magnitude of Ikoma's mass in kg. (Hint: the train's mass is probably negligible in comparison)
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