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@CS people   my colleges shared this with me the other day, awesome language   https://github.com/samshadwell/TrumpScript
dang..... one model off..
Why not use use your GFX card's built-in recording feature?I believe both Nvidia and AMD has their own recording solution with hardware compression.
Angel Beats came to my mind as first but now that you mention it...... Yeah, I learned that not long ago when someone else did it here.I'm not sure how you'd do it without HTML or if there's a list of embeddable sites allowed here but here's the code: 
welp... June VNs are coming out next week but I haven't even started my May VNs orz. I'll be checking out LAMUNATION! because the artwork is just amazing IMO.  I also like the 2nd OP:  But then this is what the about page on the official site says:(hope I didn't reck the translation too much...)Man, I don't care. It's cute girls doing cute things right? There's also an eroge about slime girls that I might check out if I have time... I kinda like Suu from MonMusu.
@Big Order END Yep, this is definitely my favorite show of the season!  [[SPOILER]]  Love both the OP and ED as well (especially the ED). 9/10, because there were a couple of stupid moments.... and I'm not buying the jojo stance thing.
I just got to try the HTC Vive. Resolution wasn't that great but it was pretty fun. Now lets see if I can try nekopalive when there's nobody around......
Perfect avatar   OSX 10.8 crashes when I connect a bluetooth multipoint receiver...... now I have no choice but to update
Elfen Lied is one of my favorite animes of all time but I suspect it's partly due to the age of which I watched it.It simply blew my mind the first time I watched it.... I had no idea anime could be so violent and profound....  [[SPOILER]]
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