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 Storage on my server  
It says new project by Aniplex and Key  :3
because.... 'MURICA?
lol like what?
 What have you guys been doing all year? busy with school work?
 D-Frag! because of Roka and Takao. (not to mention tonnes of refs to other works) Best thing about Nanana for me is the audio quality, best SFX in anime IMO. I can actually feel the blows during the fight scenes with my 12" subwoofer.That aside, the OP was pretty catchy too. Trinity Seven because of Yui. loli + imouto + kyo'nyuu + deredere + knee-socks = my ideal waifu.and also Hijiri later in the manga, she should appear for the first time in the coming anime...
Why are you doing biology? I think I might be biased towards the shows currently airing but.... Akame ga Kill! D-Frag! Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin No Game No Life Trinity Seven    LOL only in japan.
This. so many kill la kill references in this show  @orenchi no furo jijou This show needs more kasumi... :(
Sigh~ I still have no idea what I'm gonna do about employment in the future...... having some basic knowledge in many  fields (i.e. electronics, embedded systems, pro audio, networking, and software design) while not knowing enough in any of the fields to do anything useful. (T_T) I'm thinking about starting my own blog to keep track of important stuff I do so I'll be easier when I have to write my CV or something. Also thinking about working overseas because engineering...
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