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lol nice poem....
Nope~ lol just compress it...... Welcome Back~!
why would you want to run Files as root?I've never used gksu or gksudo before.... what's that? btw Files' binary is called "nautilus" so you'd type something like: "gksudo nautilus"For more info, check the man pages with "man nautilus" but TBH.... why would you do things that require root on GUI?
Nice song~
Illegal aliens? You mean to say there are legal ones???     Ohh Horrible subs.... I think google won this one....  
@SAO II 06   lol i just cant get over how this show is copying star wars to such an extent..... cant wait till we find out that death gun is his dad or something...
What else do you expect from a fujoshi? ;)
IKR? The whole GUI is just so beautiful :D
Web browser in my RSS reader (this is an actual feature though) 
It's a bug, like I said I'm not sure how it happened.But I could guess... Skype uses a web interface to connect with facebook.   What Favorites?
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