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@youjo senki 03     frikin Terra Formers cockroach man....   Tanya's personallity in the anime actually seem more like the sadistic middle-aged saleryman like he should. She acts more like a real loli in the manga with 200% more kawaii-ness
 <3  [[SPOILER]]
 Damn... gonna watch this show now LOL.
 dat rubber strawberry mang....
Directed, fully-connected graph.
@Masamune-kun 03   Sun of a beach!     @Chaos;CHild 02   hmm... the sticker has a different design than the game. hope this doesn't have any plot significance, I haven't finished the whole game yet...
when ever I see these names together, I think AC/DC.and thanks to O;9 my brain now correlates tesla to cancerous mammary glands.....
I guess fire? since my hands aren't that long, chubby or wide.  stuck in my head....  sakuzyo's music is just epic.
Not sure. My MBP isnt my daily driver anymore, it's always plugged in when I need to use it (mainly to open design files or test stuff under OS X for work)
dont worry, pretty soon you wont have a choice..... I upgraded because of a bluetooth bug.
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