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@BigOrder 03   5-minute pregnancy...... wut?   this show is like mirai nikki + jojo stances.   @Mayoiga 05   oh wow....
Finally got around to playing with APC UPS.I'm currently writing a few scripts for the server to email me ongoing into battery power critical battery and needs signal a shutdown mains power is restored fault condition and I'm thinking of using kancolle damage statuses to represent each event (maybe taiha for critical battery) with a nice quote and image for each email.... do you guys have any other ideas?  (I can't even begin to imagine what'll happen if I ever work as a...
randomly brought an i7-5960X today... along with some Ultrastar He8's and a APC Pro 900. also got a 12-socket power strip that's about 1 meter long.
Are you going to HK or Japan? Your school pays you for exchange programs?
@Sousei no Onmyouji 04   begs for help then pulls a OP Man fight scene.  wut. Rokuro is officially OP Man Jr.
fitting avatar for this post
Awesome!but I still haven't finished the first game... can't get past a boss half way through :( You sux
I'm liking it so far. I want to know more about Sonozaki though. Don't be sorry, welcome to the AAMML!(cue the azu-nyan gif)
For the record, I have already missed 2 final exams (failed 2 courses) AND a job interview (but I got the job anyway because the HR was super nice) You have no idea how much I hate myself by now.
tried... and failed.sleeping pills kinda work but I don't want to be using that stuff all the time.
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