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As deadly mentioned, it's pretty much a problem for all pots because turning a few degrees at low volumes means going through several dozen dB in terms of loudness and even slight manufacturing inconsistencies will give you a large channel imbalance loudness-wise hence it's audible. That said, you can reduce the problem by getting a better balanced pot that is most likely going to be larger and will not fit on the O2's PCB. If you decided to do that, you can look at the...
just watch for the scenery~  [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]  also saliva sake is a thing..... learn something new everyday :|
yeah, we gotta IoT everything including the kitchen sink.
seen this pretty long ago somewhere else.#forever(not)alone ? I want one actually, preferably an imouto version... that handles all my chores.
technically yes? but someone needs to be in charge of instruction translation and GPU offloading (which the OS doesn't do because GPUs aren't registered as a processor).then there's the PCIe overhead, the CPU's internal bus is pretty darn fast compared to PCIe and the CPUs have an internal instruction cache. heterogeneous compute is actually closer to distributed cloud compute IMO, but I could be completely wrong...
huh, I guess it's just not really worth the trouble to leverage Nvidia and AMD's propriety h.264 hardware.
miyu-pon <3 and ryutasu is actually not annoying anymore~ It's functional modern art. @sudoku reminds me of ahoge/ahegao
@lostorage 10 looks like they had fun drawing faces lol  [[SPOILER]]
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