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 The execution really, I really like the way they presented the main plot in the prologue.I've only just gotten past the prologue so I can't say anything about the whole game just yet.
@11gatsu no Arcadia   Just finished the prologue, around 8 hours in. I hope the rest of the game will be just as good if not better.   If anyone else is playing this, DO NOT read the description on VNDB, It's a huge spoiler for the prologue.
 Hmmm, maybe I should compile a waifu-list some day and do some statistics.  My latest waifu is not really a loli: 
11gatsu no Arcadia When in July?I'll be going to Fukuoka for a week from July 10th. Esc Est!! <3
It's been a while since the last time I've seen a VN with a panic key (hides the game). Last time was Euphoria which made perfect sense considering the game content.
TBH, having heard a Steinway concert grand IRL, I really don't think it's all that great....... I could've taken a Yamaha grand, add a custom convolution reverb and get the same thing out.Then again, I'm a huge fan of electronic music.
Aw damn, You've got a point!I've been so used to seeing this kinda stuff I totally forgot that this is not accepted by the general public.(and yet people in the US thinks gory movies and games are OK \rant ) Yep!
Wow, this sounds serious!     Really makes me wonder what they have against non-japanese people playing VNs.
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