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Just found out that most of the classic console games were actually written in assembly....... that's just hardcore....     Gonna try writing a "Hello World" program for super nintendo now. (while listening to SNES music that's also written in assembly)   and of course, vim has a plugin for super nintendo assembly files :p archlinux also has the packages I need for development   update: followed the tutorial on wikibooks and made the screen green with a few line...
Leopard Raws is using the AT-X airing for HxH.
@illya 3rei   I'm still here for the "onii-chan"....
I'd totally prefer this kinda concert.because 3DPD, because I'm a shut-in otaku, because I have a better audio rig. but why PS.... now I don't have an excuse to grab a GTX1080 :(
Simply b/c linux is a niche desktop system and nobody's really targeting it. malware doesn't infect a computer, the careless user does. IMO, it's way more important to have good security practices and have a good understanding of common attack vectors.
Psychopath = サイコパス = PSYCHO-PASS   Mind = Blown   Can't believe I never realized it was a word play.....
nice mastering
@taboo tattoo   Oh gawd! The MC's name is Akazuka Justice?     I think this is gonna be my show of the season, gotta love superpower action.   @tales of zestiria   ooh pretty, ufotable.   ... but what the eff did I just watch? I'm so confused... (@_@)
@Masou Gakuen HxH   porn of the season. its not even censored lol   @Servamp   nice OP, I think I'll stick for now.
wow, there were 13 noahs? the only one I remember was road. and I don't recall allen's "dad" ever being a clown.... but w/e.
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