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The CV patches on analog synths looks awesome :p
I just realized that Chaos;Child for PC was out a few weeks ago.... seems to be set a few years after Chaos;Head with a completely different cast.     HYPE.     apparently it will get an anime... someday. http://myanimelist.net/anime/30485/ChäoS_Child
Watched Macross Delta ep 1.   No. Just no. I can't even begin to comprehend what I just watched.
I thought Z77 is only for LGA115x chipsets?Mine is a C612 mobo.
I'll test out those crazy Chinese Xeons for ya'  a E5-2670v3 is 1/4 the price of my genuine i7-5960X lol
I've always found the noitaminA intro clip in anime interesting because of the of the fact that their name is "Animation" in reverse and the voice sound reversed as well.   [[SPOILER]]    and I just realized your avatar.
 Caught up with Kabaneri. It's so beautiful and I love the OP/ED/OST. Steampunk mixes really well with Medieval Japan (not sure if that's the correct term) IMO
@Kabaneri 01 WOAH~!! SCHIIT. Faith in anime restored.  [[SPOILER]]  Oh well, ALL ABOARD THE HYPE KOUTETSUJOU!!1
omg! I should watch this.wonder why it didn't catch my eye on the seasonal chart.... oh yeah, too busy finding harem schiit.
most of the time I'll be installing a single i7-5960, but when I need to test something with mass parallelism I'll just swap it out for 2 xeons.it's just a more future-proof solution so I don't hate myself later on. oh and speaking of cheap xeons, there are Chinese sources for E5 v3's that are way cheaper than intel's MSRP (like same price tag but in RMB) and they actually seem to work properly according to some threads on a local PC forum over here.... I might actually...
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