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According to my friends, none of us are normal.
This I must see. I actually like works by Noise. WUT? What the f? lol  
This is cute XD  
It's finally gonna happen!  
I don't mind them getting my data, I just hate how google always tries to be smart but fails. have you ever had to do a presentation in class and all your youtube recommendations are anime related?It's stupid.
Youtube wont use HTML5 player by default unless I login and I don't want to stay connected to a stalker. :(
best of wishes to the hardcore fans who's probably licking their screens right now.... and my condolences to all the LCD panels who will be fed cake and bodily fluids. R.I.P. lol strike witches.... the show that started it all.
I agree, and the new beats products doesn't even suck anymore.but the damage is done, beats audio is already a synonym for crappy sound. Hmm..... I still miss the iPod that came with my 2nd Macbook Pro from "back to school".It went through super heavy rain in my pocket without an umbrella.... It was the kind of rain that hurts when the drops hit you.
I'm kind-of the same but I have one more relaxed state.
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