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lol truth be told.   
Here you go, all in FLAC ~
   Nice album art!Getting from JPS, will put on server for demo later.Speaking of 8#Prince, I still have quite a few of his albums I want to buy... might just go buy his entire discography the next time I go to japan.....Assume 2200 JPY each x 8 = approx. $170. Yep, why not. 
From my understanding, there are usually backing vocals to make up for the missing instrumental.
Its not really a cappella.... just the original song without instrumental, nothing added.
This is the first time I've ever seen a "vocal only ver" of a single besides the usual "instrumental"     And yes, they do mix together to form the original song...     If you listen closely to the vocal only ver, you could actually hear some of the music in the background.... I suspect it was extracted from the original song by subtracting the instrumental..... not quite sure why they'll need to do that though, I mean surely they will have access to the...
Turns out the release date got pushed to winter 2014, can't wait :3  
 Reminded me of this lol 
 LOL! See what you did ther~
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