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@Seiken Tsukai no World Break 01 What the eff did I just watch? Think I just lost a few brain cells....   I thought the ED was by Ali Project because of the style but it was actually petit milady, same artists who did Rokujouma ED.
@Junketsu no Maria   Seems pretty interesting~   and ED by ZAQ!
Oh wow, It's the other way around now... She's got to be the female ver. of yuuki rito  
@Absolute Duo   So feng does have a hand in this after all  
Oh btw, I really gotta thank you guys for introducing me to AniList! When you guys first posted it here, I just kinda ignored it because I'm using MAL... But I just realized that AniList probably has the most comprehensive API of all anime/manga databases, It's extremely developer friendly. And now MAL is kinda falling apart... login sessions don't work properly, so I'm moving to AniList.   The only bad thing I could say about AniList so far is that either their site...
damn... 250+ missed post....   @Tokyo Ghoul A 01   Season 1 OP was so much better lol   @Military 01   Lolis! :3   @Death Parade 01   Woah~ this is some psychotic schiit   @Juuou Mujin no Fafnir 01   One of my obligatory harem shows this season I guess.
@KanColle 01   Awesome OST!
but do we ever get tired of it? NOPE! gonna watch KanColle now....
Wow, I watched the whole thing....... It was out yesterday in Japan 
Yep, not gonna watch it.
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