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Just checking in to make sure I'm still in the correct era... this is 2016 right?   cuz one of my CompSci courses just told me to submit my project source code on a CD-R.... (I should sell CDs in the computer lab on the due date for 10x the price )
@Wagamama High Spec hmm... looks like VN artwork... *googles* oh it's promo martial for the game to be released at the end of the month.
@Re: Zero   My most anticipated show of the season so far, really love how unpredictable is it.   and STYX HELIX by MYTH & ROID is simply glorious.
@flying witch   will watch for loli imouto....
Yup, really enjoyable so far.
Sakamoto is awesome!
Trash is good :D lol リア充 -> normie(find that funny for some reason, not that I can offer a better translation)
@Ajin   Season 2 when??
LOL I've never even heard of this company....
^ iM@S CG worst girl   and I have to listen to her every day because of her SSR card in my library :/
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