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I just realized that all my stuff are silver/black for no reason.... even non-apple stuff like my Toshiba EXII USB drives, AKG K181 and external HDD bay lol.  
I'm getting pretty annoyed at how to do anything in android, I'd either have to install an app or break out a shell.....  
Isn't it just another rhythm game? Using Xiaomi MI2S, failed because the game refuses to run on modified ROM.I tried reinstalling the stock one but still failed.
I just spent 4 hours screwing around with my phone trying to play LoveLive! on it............. and failed because I'm using a custom ROM.   Now I'm left with a phone with a brand new AOSP distro installed, no data.   I guess the lesson here is backup......
Finished LoveLive!... pretty meh overall. The equipment geek side of me is disappointed, no Mics, no IEMs, no nothing. The only thing I like from this show are START:DASH!! and Nico-Nico-Niiiii~~~☆
What album is this? I want breath//less....
I don't really see the point of wearing watching anymore.... I have a smart phone which is sync'd to a time server..... why bother?
TBH, I'm not really interested in dances in general so I can't really tell if it's good or not.but I guess I'll keep watching the show now that I got "Start:Dash!!" stuck in my head. Also watching for niko :p Not sure why but this cracked me up: 
Bring your entire room  Watch out with electrical stuff though, they supply 100VAC in japan.
Not gonna comment on the show 12 mins in..... but I'm liking the artwork.
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