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I kept wondering why youtube is trying to recommend me a video about ants when I've done nothing related to it.....   then I saw 9M+ views since it was uploaded 6 days ago. WTF?!?!   are any of you getting this recommended from youtube?
mememe!   onzabeddo-in-hosupitaru  I feel so bad for the TLs who need to deal with stuff like all the time then gets schiit on from readers because it looks weird in english.Especially since I started reading raw manga recently, half the stuff doesn't even make sense in the original.In many chuu-ni shounen mangas that I read, authors just borrow words from arbitrary languages or make up random words and spell them in katakana.
Welp here we go, Rewrite+   I'm kinda disappointed at the 1280x720 resolution for a remake released 2 months ago but oh wells...     feels kinda strange looking at the artwork after watching the anime.   also this is the only game I've ever seen that includes a built-in tweet screenshot function..... yep it's a thing: #Rewrite_plus     I might be a little immature but I can't help but to laugh a bit whenever I see "flick" spelled in caps: FLICK
Damn, sounds crazy for a hobby thing.... do they help pay your bills in any way?
 My XPS has a WiFi kill switch..... I learned it the hard way with 3 days of investigating why my drivers kept crashing. Ehhh... doesn't mean much if it's not calibrated / maintained properly.I also learned this the hard way with a LRC analyzer, the internal battery died after 5 years and had to be sent back the the manufacturer for a re-calibration.
 all the distortion figures are negligibly small as expected, nothing to see here folks.
  Look at this beautiful non-flat UI. Look at all the apps that doesn't work.   Oh.. woe is me....   honestly, this feels no different than what M$ is doing with W10.
Gawd damnit..... my current XPS13 is still fully functional....... :/
TL;DR plz?
 Saya no Uta, I played it at a young age and it basically shaped who I am today (including most of my weird fetishes).It's the biggest tear-jerker for me... ever. I don't know, what genres do you like? Honestly the majority of the games are probably nukiges and again, depends on what you like. I should be asking that.... I don't really like Euphoria, it's gross. Good story... but gross.
New Posts  All Forums: