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Any recommendations?Until now, I've only been using my Tablet as a music player cuz its got a powerful amp.
So...... I tried all sorts of nasty tricks to get Play Store to let me download Japanese games.... from simple ones like changing language/location/timezone to APK downloaders to Root + GSM code editor.... I messed up my tablet numerous times in the last 24 hours and in the end, I succeeded by using a simple Japanese VPN. (facepalm)   No tricks needed, Play Store identifies an account with IP alone.
wait.... how did I not catch that??? LOL
and here we thought people buy headphones to enjoy music.... apparently it's the other way around. LOL
This is the first time I've ever got a warning message from VNs lol  
Not sure, I guess they have huge safety margins so they can guarantee the ETS. Bought the Dell XPS13 announced at CES 2015. :DCan't wait to be freed from the evil apple.
YaY! The ETS for my new lappy went from Mar 3rd to Feb 15th overnight!
W00T!! I just killed my tablet trying to root it! Good thing I could still access fastboot mode, gonna flash the factory rom and reset everything.
I can't root my tablet on Android 5.0.1  So I either have to downgrade or convince google somehow...
You know what's BS? "This item cannot be installed in your device's country." 
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