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Ahh well, they have unlimited money anyway.Or maybe it's for the super rich Chinese people to use as gifts, hence the gold color. (I know they use iPhones as gifts A LOT) I play it when I have free time and can't use my laptop (eg. on the bus)
The Keyboard is the least of my concerns.... this is just an overpriced tablet without a touchscreen and won't play Cytus or Puzzles & Dragons.My Nvidia tablet has more functionality than this thing at 1/4 the price. But the trackpad though..... *drool*I still haven't got time to check it out at an Apple store. :(
@DanMachi 11   OMG! Its Shingeki no Kyojin!   and more Aisu :3
Is it just me? or is GungHo sponsoring a lot more anime recently? Seems like i'm seeing their logo on every show now....   Awesome ep of Nisekoi: this week!
@Etotama 10 Woah.... schiit!  [[SPOILER]]
Heck yea!
no idea~ I couldn't bring myself to read the novel due to the artwork......(their hands looks like doraemon...)
and you know what? I've seen so many "balanced" amps that doesn't actually have a balanced receiver..... they are simply 2 amps that provide zero noise will get double the distortion though.
So how was it? It's used in pro-audio for noise-rejection. the cable between a microphone and the preamp could be up to tens of meters long.
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