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 I wish I could enjoy this game more but the weird hit detection and non-linear scrolling just doesn't work for me.... iM@S SLS had non-linear scrolling too but it get more linear as it approaches the hit zone while deemo is like in constant acceleration.This makes it very hard for players to read notes and predict the rhythm. rhythm game -wise I'd say Deemo is absolutely horrible....
damnit man... I'm super hungry now.....
 nah, the volume is actually one of those rotary switches with a ton of resistors soldered on it so it's meant yo break contact in the middle.
pretty sure it was the HA-160, it produces really loud clicks in the output if you turn the volume while playing mucic.the amp's probably at super high gain while their volume rotary switch is not in contact.
 looks like they just re-branded 2 op-amps in a single package with some filter circuitry? I personally didn't have a very good impression of burson because their amp nearly broke my headphones due to poor circuit design but they've probably come a long way in the past few years.... I guess you can replace the input-stage op-amp in the P-H, it's a 8-pin dual amp chip.
I can never take this guy seriously... JJ means penis in cantonese slang
 get some of these while you're at it~kancolle arcade is only in weeb land AFAIK.  I find sake names harder to remember than scotch distilleries for some reason....
 Same here~I've been staring at this thing for over 10 minutes trying to find some kind of pattern even in the Japanese language domain but my efforts were in vain. :(
how to turn your phone into a vibrator: 1. open LINE   It's been going for minutes now... I think it works something like this:   while( downloadNextMessage() ) { vibrate() }
 Woah~ and I thought I watch a lot of anime... that's insane. have you found something better to do in life?I decided to quit Facebook a while back because scrolling the feed for a few hours feels way worse than doing a day's sitting of anime.(y'know that feeling of what the eff have I been doing...)
New Posts  All Forums: