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Romaji provided on their official site :D
@Shinigami no Testament Woah~ glorious 720p resolution, comprehensive help menu, in-game dictionary, advanced audio control.... I smell a high-budget production Not sure if I'm right about this but 720p seems to be the new standard for VNs this decade......        
Welp, finished Luna and Alice's route in Bloody†Rondo, about done with this game for now. I'm no completionist     Pretty good overall, loved the artwork by 榊MAKI 8/10   Next game, also by 3rdEye... 死神のテスタメント ~menuet of epistula~     but before that... a proper bath and meal.... in a horrible state after gaming for 10+ hours non-stop.
big cheese.....? first time I've heard of this phase.  
FTFYYes, I'm picky about spelling.  KOTONOHA = BEST GIRL 4EVER!!!! <3 <3 <3
DATE A LIVE II   Meh ep 1.... I was hoping to see Kotori with the white ribbon. but damn.. that orchestra arrange of "Date A Live" (the song) WANT!
Really? I thought it looked pretty normal....
 Nah, I got the original Japanese ver.I prefer not understanding half of it over catching some badly TL'd lines. LOL
   Nah, I have "Shinigami no Testament" and "Gensou no Idea" lined up after this game....Maybe "rewrite" after those 2... (Getting Rewrite now....)
 Looks much more promising then B★RS in terms of vocaloid -> anime
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