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Apparently, pocky exists in the world of Akame ga Kill     btw the death rate of this show as of ep22 is approx. 0.86 deaths per ep. not counting the side characters that's only got a few minutes (or seconds) of screen time.
TBH, it's more of the circuit around the DAC chip that make the sound sig, most DAC chips nowadays have excellent measurements.So instead of comparing the DAC chip, compare the whole DAC, chip model numbers serves minimal value for reference.  yeah this. But TBH, do you really expect to hear stereo sound from such a tiny phone?Speaking of build-in speakers, I'm quite surprised by the ones on my Nvidia Shield Tablet... sure, the soundstage is pretty shallow and there no...
@ SAO II 21  [[SPOILER]]
Let's all visit rikkun next summer!(and stay in his dorm to save hotel fees :p )
Phew~ Just finished my project report due in an hour :D Time to watch all the anime !!
Looks awesome! Downloading the latest distro of TeX.....  HolyHell.... you guys still remember the time when it was only just over 1 GB?
Hmm.... none of the games this month really caught my eye.I'm still playing MayoSube from last month. It's a CUBE game.   
 I really liked the silicone shell of my CA's, much more comfy than acrylic ones.(and you can use it as a superball when you're bored :P )
Yeah, when the model you want doesn't come in the micro form factor. (like the Exceria series of cards for example)
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