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Yes! That was the word I was looking for, thanks!
I can't believe I'm doing this but.... I'm out of options....   What's the English word for doujin? As in amateur / homebrew game studios or music groups.   I swear I've tried google and thesaurus but no luck.... I hate it when I know a word but can't remember what it was :( Sometimes I wonder if this is the result of a dead brain cell or something.
 I rarely watch SoL but I've really been enjoying flying witch.  
OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!   D. Gray Man is getting a new anime next season?!>!   I've been hanging on this clift-hanging for over 7 years! Finally!!!     My demo list for the summer:   This season is somewhat lacking in the harem trash department.... I'm kinda disappointed.
gotta love UtsuP  
Oh wow... I thought Key's Planetarian anime was an April fools joke all along.... apparently it's real.
Just learned about this awesome chat app called Franz, keeps everything nicely in one place and it supports all 3 desktop OSs :)  
@Hundred END   I want more risa.....     @Asterisk END   Uhh... season 3 for the gryps arc?
Oh god.... I instinctively typed "schiit" when I want to say "sh.it" in other chats and my friends were like "wha...?"   look what head-fi has done to me....
@CS people   my colleges shared this with me the other day, awesome language   https://github.com/samshadwell/TrumpScript
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