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 "same age" she says.... I ain't buying it though.   [[SPOILER]]
  Yeah, literally.     I'm liking Touka quite a bit :p
@TokyoGhoul 01   I'm sorry but I fail to comprehend what the MC see in her...... To me she looks like a women in her late 30's with a weird voice.   : |     How old is she suppose to be?? Who in the right mind decided to have hana kana voice her??????
Finished Soul Eater NOT! ... It's definitely not Soul Eater... just some yuri SoL that shares settings. The final battle was so lame  : |   Welp that marks the end of my spring season, bit meh TBH.
lol reminds me that one of my friends in the anime club had "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" as his alarm ringtone
Copying some songs from my server to thumbdrive for my friend..... Dem blazing fast USB3 speeds     Yes, that's around 90MiB/s when copying apple lossless files...... I'm impressed.
 Nah~ SSH tunneling is the way to go  
TBH, I'm not a big fan of CM3D... the physics is horrible...... my guess is that the Oculus will just make the experience worse *returns to my world of VNs and H-CGs* Trivia: I recently found out that "Oculus" means "Eye" in Latin when poking for info about lenses lol
Wow... does your ISP set this limit? Meanwhile..... My transmission statsWonder what made me reset my stats 3 months ago..... probably reinstalled my computer or something.
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