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nope, and while I'm at it, I don't really like yaoi either.
I want Illya -> Shiro <- Miyu
It's because Illya doesn't have enough Shiro+Illya in it  on the contrary, I'd probably give school days 10/10 if I actually rated anime.It one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful romance stories I have ever watched.The music is also top notch, including "STILL I LOVE YOU" (Game OP), "Anata ga... Inai"and especially the ED by Itou Kanako "Kanashimi no Mukou he" followed by the BGM in the VN title screen.I remember tearing up a few times from this series.
 I'm one and feel offended.
Uhh... I watch for plot.  and genius programmer imouto.... with massive plot.
@Wagamama High Spec   anyone watching this besides me this season? the game came out a few days ago btw, I might start WagaHai after finishing the true end in my current game.
A fun little rig I got my hands on :) Nvidia SHIELD + Dell P2314T + some plastic stand thingy found in the dumpster.  
this! :) can't wait for next ep. Live2D now has an official library of models. http://library.live2d.com/Libraries/index/POPULAR
I did that a while back too! (not the studying part though)
  nope, I did not expect that. might just put this VN on my infinity long backlog.
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