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bit rates of FLAC files actually aren't all the significant though?I mean... it's lossless, just like putting a wav into a zip.
Is it one of those white ones? you should sell it when it becomes vintage
It's my server which was running linux (ubuntu) the entire time. Only difference is that I just installed a GUI for it. and I've been too busy teaching my computer to tag music for me....... Here's what I learned:NEVER EVER use shell scripting to deal with files or folders that contains any of these characters: \ / What...? how on earth did you managed to "brick" a macbook by installing linux?Were you messing around with the motherboard firmware?
NOPE~ Akina-chan is MINE!!!
I'll consider it  I'm pretty happy with doing:Super key > [enter app name] > Return key Posting my lock screen :D
Installed GNOME 3 on my server for the sole purpose of copying stuff with a progress bar and file browsing (the cp command is stupid and I'm sick of it) But damn... this is sexy... I'm getting this urge to abandon OS X....  
 Virtual machine for WindowsX11 over SSH for Linux (I installed Xfce on my server for fun :p)
Damn, is it Friday already? Time sure flies~
@Tokei_____ no Ley-line This doll is actually kinda creepy.....  
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