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I considered that at first but then I don't really like how rack servers are super noisy because of the tiny fans.I could liquid-cool the whole system but then I still don't have space to put it because of the weird form-factor (can't put it sideways because of the rack mounts).
Oh dear....
[PC-fi]   I could get an ATX mobo with one socket so I could easily find a case for it. Or I could get an EEB mobo with two sockets but all the cases I could find are RIDICULOUSLY huge!   I might get a Silverstone GD07/08 if I could find it in local stores.   Decisions, decisions....
 R.I.P.  :( Haven't seen so many pages overnight in a while, well done guys.
^ Uhh.... what show?
I watched Madoka tho @Hundred I think I like Clare in this show best so far, tsundere without too much tsun is pretty nice.Karen is nice but she doesn't have enough screen time.
nope, and while I'm at it, I don't really like yaoi either.
I want Illya -> Shiro <- Miyu
It's because Illya doesn't have enough Shiro+Illya in it  on the contrary, I'd probably give school days 10/10 if I actually rated anime.It one of the most (if not THE most) beautiful romance stories I have ever watched.The music is also top notch, including "STILL I LOVE YOU" (Game OP), "Anata ga... Inai"and especially the ED by Itou Kanako "Kanashimi no Mukou he" followed by the BGM in the VN title screen.I remember tearing up a few times from this series.
 I'm one and feel offended.
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