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Comparing Android ported VNs by MoeApp with their PC counter part.     PC ver. costs approx 9k yen (with box and CD), Android app costs approx 1.6k yen.   The android ver actually suffers badly from compressed low res images. It might look fine on a 5" phone but It's horrible on my 8" tablet.   Personally, I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for full res on Android....
Any recommendations?Until now, I've only been using my Tablet as a music player cuz its got a powerful amp.
So...... I tried all sorts of nasty tricks to get Play Store to let me download Japanese games.... from simple ones like changing language/location/timezone to APK downloaders to Root + GSM code editor.... I messed up my tablet numerous times in the last 24 hours and in the end, I succeeded by using a simple Japanese VPN. (facepalm)   No tricks needed, Play Store identifies an account with IP alone.
wait.... how did I not catch that??? LOL
and here we thought people buy headphones to enjoy music.... apparently it's the other way around. LOL
This is the first time I've ever got a warning message from VNs lol  
Not sure, I guess they have huge safety margins so they can guarantee the ETS. Bought the Dell XPS13 announced at CES 2015. :DCan't wait to be freed from the evil apple.
YaY! The ETS for my new lappy went from Mar 3rd to Feb 15th overnight!
W00T!! I just killed my tablet trying to root it! Good thing I could still access fastboot mode, gonna flash the factory rom and reset everything.
I can't root my tablet on Android 5.0.1  So I either have to downgrade or convince google somehow...
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