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It's Touhou Meh, I'm more of a Mizore fan.
 Raw anime Master Race!
I'd totally watch this anime~  Keep in mind that reaching full-scale does not necessary mean clipping.
That floppy(?) disk.....      
 Not sure how it's following the game but it's been pretty fun to watch so far~
@Persona 4 Golden OP     Wait.... am I reading that right...? Lyrics by WHO??  
Officially sponsored by AKG for superior gaming experience
Any idea what this may be?  
Can't wait to see the trap Kirito LOL Currently on the verge of dropping Rail Wars!, will decide after watching Ep3......
The MC is overpowered and fun to watch :p What? we were talking about Mahouka this whole time... Nope I'm talking about the anime airing this season.****suji:_Book_of_Circus
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