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well, wit studio's works are just mixes of great action, artwork, music and cinematic effects. I like them for what they are.   I doubt anyone's really watching Shingeki / Seraph / Kabaneri for the story, it's just post-apocalyptic world, humans with some gadgets vs X
@kabaneri 12   Oh man, the insert songs and OSTs for this ep.... so damn good......   Anyway, physics question of the season:     Calculate the order of magnitude of Ikoma's mass in kg. (Hint: the train's mass is probably negligible in comparison)
Kancolle Arcade....sorry about your wallet.
Yes! That was the word I was looking for, thanks!
I can't believe I'm doing this but.... I'm out of options....   What's the English word for doujin? As in amateur / homebrew game studios or music groups.   I swear I've tried google and thesaurus but no luck.... I hate it when I know a word but can't remember what it was :( Sometimes I wonder if this is the result of a dead brain cell or something.
 I rarely watch SoL but I've really been enjoying flying witch.  
OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!   D. Gray Man is getting a new anime next season?!>!   I've been hanging on this clift-hanging for over 7 years! Finally!!!     My demo list for the summer:   This season is somewhat lacking in the harem trash department.... I'm kinda disappointed.
gotta love UtsuP  
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