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OLED for what?
I recently had to work on a project involving timezones and I was just wondering how daylight saving time works for you guys in real life? Do you guys skip an hour at some point then have a 2-hour long hour later? I can't imagine adjusting all the wall clocks everywhere....
@Hundred 08   puddle & mud is super effective against the perfect queen!   I still like her best in this show tho.
My facebook wall got flooded by cat pics and vids last night......   @Re:0   EMT FTW!
Hnggg... now I wanna start this show even though I know nothing about it me. and I'm liking it more than win7. isn't it on amazon.jp? what? the 6s uses NVMe....? sometimes listening to recordings with low channel correlation at night scares the schiit outta me...... :sfeels like there's sound coming from outside my headphones behind me even though I have my back against a wall.#firstWorldProblems http://girigiri.love/
I went from ADATA SP600 to intel 750.......
I mean.... who doesn't want the loli right?     heck I even changed my tablet's wallpaper that I've been using for over a year.
@Big Order 06  [[SPOILER]] the plot is just.... I don't even know what's going on anymore, I'll still watch for the OP/ED though.
I just bought a Corsair RM750i and the PSU itself comes in this really nice velvet drawstring bag and the cables are nicely packed in this nylon carrying pouch with a velcro as if I'm gonna use this 750W PSU on-the-go..... like wtf lol   not that I'm complaining or anything, the bag fits any full-sized cans (I might use it for my THx00 neps) and the pouch can be used for DAPs / DACs / Amps  
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