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I must be missing something here.... never finished the whole game but I thought it only covered the MC with 2 main girls and 2 other girls?
Did you buy from the official online store?You should really call support... Kuzu ep.4 for those playing along at home~ 
What veggies? I don't see no veggies.
Seems like it only works with the first user who quotes and edits the post.This happens:    dude...... what on earth did you do
   Right there's definitely a bug here, steps to reproduce:1. make a post2. have another user quote that post and edit the contents3. quote the original post and the contents will have been modified(in this case, there's an extra line break after the first paragraph in my original post, % signs are gone though)Who do I report this to...? (mods, help out~ )
Um... I'm trying to reproduce a bug in HF before reporting it, can someone help me quote the above post and edit the quoted text a bit before posting?
Test:   Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec mauris eros, porta in mi vitae, elementum gravida enim. Nam sit amet rutrum ligula, id congue nibh. Praesent scelerisque consectetur elit, vel dignissim ante. Aliquam dolor velit, tincidunt vitae nulla a, ornare maximus purus. Nunc quis tincidunt ex. Nunc neque odio, molestie quis sodales in, iaculis nec odio. Nulla malesuada sem libero, eget congue erat suscipit non. Nunc gravida odio et dui molestie...
a sane person in AAMML? nawwww, gotta be troll   Ehhhhhh I still like the manga more, anime just caught up with the english TL in ep.04and yeah, can't get enough of the LN art  Go go go~ I really like Yamaguchi Mikoto's works despite constantly putting me out of my comfort zone... #physics dunno, this is just my interpretation of the situation as of ep.03(where solid arrows are romantic feelings and stick arrows are physical relationships) I usually cringe really hard at NTR, rape, etc but for some reason I find this show really beautiful.It almost feels like watching tragic events unfold before my eyes........... and the ED by Sayuri, dem feels~ So.... I was reading works by Yamaguchi Mikoto lately... I...
 Dem bricks in the BG mang...... Probably the thickest book I've seen since the Merck Index...
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