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That's exactly my point, the new product is not user-friendly at all!You'll probably have trouble getting the most basic school work done on it.Imagine your friend comming over with a thumbdrive, Imagine doing a presentation with a projector, You'll have to pull out all your funky USB adaptors.What if you want to charge and use a thumbdrive at the same time?
I'm comparing the 2 because they are similar in design, form factor and price range. Yeah, I don't see how having just 1 port and a uber slow processor is gonna get your work done any faster. :/That thing will probably struggle running OS X, Chrome and MS Word at the same time. Yeah, Apple trackpad's pretty awesome....Battery and fanless? meh, w/e I could probably underclock my processor to get the same battery life lol. but with the XPS 13, you get a different set of...
W00T!! I just finished a FPGA implimentation of a MIPS CPU for a course project
Doesn't work when 2/3's of the lecture hall is filled with apples when I go to class.
@Cross Ange 22   ロンンンンンンンンンンンンンンンンンンン!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     (for those who don't play Japanese mahjong, ロン is called when you win on others' discard tile)
Thought I might share a comparison between the new Macbook and the new XPS13 (which I'm using now)   Criteria Macbook XPS13 Price $1599 $1649 Display 12" 2304 x 1440 IPS 13.3" 3200 x 1800 IPS CPU 1.2GHz Intel Core M 2.4GHz Intel Core i7 RAM 8GB 1600MHz 8GB 1600MHz Storage 512GB SSD 256GB SSD Dimensions 280.5 x 196.5 x 13.1mm 304 x 200 x...
Eww....what is this abomination? This would less useful than some tablet with a keyboard.I'm so disappointed in Apple right now..... I almost feel ashamed to admit I was once a Mac user.
I did, but dont remember the differences between them anymore... I upgraded like 2 years ago. Apple plastic bags? never heard of em.
LOLThanks to Himegoto, whenever I see うんこ I think 運子 (character's name with the same pronounciation).
Nah, the drivers are inside the kernel.My understanding is that drivers are loaded automatically according to the device tree provided by your BIOS/UEFI 
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