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WOAH~ What on earth are you doing man?This is like my working time days before a deadline lol.
 Sigh~ my Japanese reading skills have plateaued at a point where I can't even read daily-life stuff fast enough while my listening skills is already allowing me to watch anime / play VNs.... I blame my dyslexia..... :(
WUT??? Are you actually watching Free?  [Haruka Kanata] lol I just noticed this english bit in the title...  What_The_Eff_???
 Not quite sure how that grading system works but good luck~ Speaking of grades, I still couldn't be bothered check my grades for my last term.....I just don't really give a damn about grades anymore lol.
lol @ DEADLINE COMPANY in the background there... wonder when the artist drew this .  
 That's normal, node.js is pretty new stuff (relatively).  jQuery had been the main js library for quite some time but there are newer libraries that are better than jQuery IMO.My web app mentioned before uses the YUI3 library instead of jQuery. (and yes, the naming played a small role in why I decided to use it.... :p )  As for android port, while technically possible, I haven't developed a single thing on the platform and know nothing...
[Haruka Kanata]     ... because real man smokes only pocky!
  Ahh~ it's tough being a guy... look at the girls' pantsu and you get labeld 'hentai' while not doing so will have you labeld 'homo'.
@ 2nd pointSadly I agree.....
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