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@Tokyo ESP 08   Oooh legit-sounding Chinese.
Awesome~ mastering is pretty decent too :D Re: Hamatora dropped. not sure what I'm not liking about it but I just don't like it.
Got this song stuck in my head..... especially the part where it goes: ringo ringo ringo ringo ringo ringo ringo pie~   Crap, can't find it on youtube..... use this instead:   Did find another song by the same name though......
 Just noticed something..... all the characters are wearing black knee-socks!
IKR??  I still have no idea what those meant on Nyaa lol.
That looks nothing like Yu........ :/  @Akame ga KillHoly crab! is that a face? 
Wow~ Tokyo Toshokan is down too? that sucks!   Leopard Raws is my only hope now.....     EDIT: lol love how they have a region access counter....   Let's see... Japan, S.Korea, China, Russia, US, Taiwan, Hong Kong!
Have my next lecture in Rm.404, Looks like a have an excuse to be late
Is it just me or is Nyaa dead? Server not responding for me.... not even with VPN to Murica!
lol truth be told.   
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