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@Big Order 07   Stop bullying cactus-chan! It's because of you guys that cactus-chan became so tsun.     I can't help but to think of Dimension W when they mentioned the "coil" they made in Hoshimiya Energy.
nope, nothing to do with the decoder.Given a MP3 file, it will always decode to the same audio data.But given some audio data, it will encode to different MP3 files depending on which encoder you use. I found a CD published with clipping officially just yesterday....... by Sony Music no less.
because the CD version is already ultra-compressed (and clipping), there's no way to reverse that.... :( so I recently went and looked at how MP3 works and it turns out the internal psychoacoustic model used to conditionally drop information is not in the MP3 spec.this means that it's actually possible for a 320kbps file from encoder A to sound much worse than a 64kbps file from encoder B since it's up the implementer to decide what psychoacoustic model to use. which begs...
anyone know if the hi-res anime songs are usually a different master compared to the CD version? no point in buying if they aren't.... unlike most audiophiles, I can't perceive ultrasound.
I thought the ED was meh.... no eargasms, I can't even hum the song off the top of my head.... but then again, I'm the same guy who thought shows like evagelion, clannad and madoka was meh so you can safely ignore my opinion. never knew google had this function:  makes me wonder just how complete google's knowledge base is....
I wish I could buy an audiophile master of kabaneri OP that doesn't clip somewhere...... and the CD was published by sony records... mastering at 0dB is one thing but clipping! guess I'll have to go with audacity's interpolation wave-reconstruction magic for now.    
Guess what I'm listening while reading this post?   but I'm definitly liking kabaneri OP more than SYTX HELIX now.It's just so epic. I wish I could try it on a nice speaker system now but it's too early in the morning....
OLED for what?
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