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FTFYYes, I'm picky about spelling.  KOTONOHA = BEST GIRL 4EVER!!!! <3 <3 <3
DATE A LIVE II   Meh ep 1.... I was hoping to see Kotori with the white ribbon. but damn.. that orchestra arrange of "Date A Live" (the song) WANT!
Really? I thought it looked pretty normal....
 Nah, I got the original Japanese ver.I prefer not understanding half of it over catching some badly TL'd lines. LOL
   Nah, I have "Shinigami no Testament" and "Gensou no Idea" lined up after this game....Maybe "rewrite" after those 2... (Getting Rewrite now....)
 Looks much more promising then B★RS in terms of vocaloid -> anime
lol wut Um... maybe...but it's really hard for me to get what she's trying to say..... :|
Welp, finished Luna's route in Bloody†Rondo... on to Alice's route :D    
@Hitsugi no Chaika   Oh god.... the way Chaika talks is so annoying...... I'm hoping this will change soon...
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