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  Heh, Yosuga no Sora supports OSs all the way down to Win98.... let's put that to the test.... I don't have a copy of Win98, but fortunately I DO have a legit CD of Win 2000 Pro right now so I'll try that instead....     Well damn! I guess it really DOES work
Uhhh... no? I've demo'd both the 007 and 009 a few years back and I thought they were nothing special.I'm perfectly happy with my current rig.
Made some progress on GUI design.... I really liked the color scheme in Owari no Seraph     btw, is HF applying some kinda image compression on uploaded images now? everything looks blurry now...   EDIT: Seems that It'll be blurry if I use the image ID link but ok if I use the direct link.... probably a bug.
Wow, you actually met some weebs on the job? Damn.
*Sigh~*Apple is taking over the world....
Oh google... you flippin' stalker....   Just because I forgot sign-out while doing some programming work today doesn't mean you need to start recommending me related pages on google+ (which I never even used)
Fun with the web audio API: showing the high frequency harmonics in miku's voice.   Hmm.... I'm getting random audio glitches in firefox but not chromium....
Dump $_POST to a readable output and see if the request is correctly parsed.BTW, that SQL is prone to injection, you should you prepared statements.
WHAT? How could you not know the national anthem of Japan?
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