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there IS a safe search button ;)
wow, image not found.what's this from? #trueman
 A friend of mine made an anime screenshot reverse image lookup tool:  Ep2 00:15:52 it says. This is on whatanime dot ga (<- don't want to trigger analytics tracking, type it in the address bar yourself :p )
 I'm just completely sold on the setting, artwork, music and the MC at this point I'll probably just get the game and play through on easy with combat assist (while reading a walkthrough guide). Maybe I'm just a real sucker for SciFi but if you replace the colon with a semi-colon in the title it actually feels a lot like one of those titles.
yep, I use the default CLI dark color scheme in vim, it's apparently called ron.  It uses only the 16 colors defined by the terminal.modern color schemes are just way too fancy and doesn't provide the contrast I need.
Just found nitro+ blasterz on my brother's PS4... he's probably got no idea what those cute girls are
I've tried evilmode and it's pretty good, now that you mentioned it.... I just remembered that the thing holding me back from jumping over was the color scheme and some minor UI issue. I couldn't find a color scheme that looks remotely as good as the default vim dark theme to my eyes and getting line numbers to work properly was quite an ordeal.
 mouse is a different story since it's far away from the keyboard but the trackpad is actually in finger's reach. but who am I to say anything on this matter.... I type at 3x WPM, no where near reaching the limits of finger/hand speed. I really want to use emacs because I program primarily in LISP now but my vim muscle memory is holding me back and I really can't find a good enough reason to learn a new thing that's only slightly better than what I'm using now.... As for...
@NieR: Automata Demo   Just played it on the PS4 and I'm pretty tempted to pre-order..... only problem is that I probably won't have much time to play this.   OST sounds absolutely amazing on the Neps.   tho graphics-wise I would've hoped for a bit more from 2017 but oh wells~
I use vim full-time and I still use the trackpad to scroll.
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