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 NO...... just no..... :/
What if you listen to Merzbow?
Just finished 少女神域∽少女天獄 -The Garden of Fifth Zoa-     Overall the story was pretty weak (considering a game from Lass who also made 11eyes) but that doesn't stop it from being touching as hell... especially near the end....   The OP/EDs and OSTs are really good too!  
Eating 100% alcohol!  ^ sugar alcohol
No idea~try all the usual places like nyaa,bakabt,jps
+1 :D
lol that's kinda creepy.
I just realized that all my stuff are silver/black for no reason.... even non-apple stuff like my Toshiba EXII USB drives, AKG K181 and external HDD bay lol.  
I'm getting pretty annoyed at how to do anything in android, I'd either have to install an app or break out a shell.....  
Isn't it just another rhythm game? Using Xiaomi MI2S, failed because the game refuses to run on modified ROM.I tried reinstalling the stock one but still failed.
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