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 Polygon Pictures and Studio Ghibli??? WUT???The last time I've seen Polygon Pictures, they were working on Sidonia.So I guess we'll be seeing the first Ghibli film in CGI?
Homework marathon tonight! 
I copied from
Gotta love the Chinese title: "我叫坂本我最屌"
Going back to "fortissimo EXS" which I put on-hold a while back after completing around 80% of it.... Mainly because my MAL profile pic reminded me of the game.  
Just finished reading "Sakamoto desu ga?" as recommended by a friend in my anime/manga society. Pretty good IMO.
Meh, 3DPD.Uniform looks like the one in P4 so I guess that's suppose to be Rise?  LOL nice gif
University Wi-Fi lol  
 Yep, but only Kotonoha's good end.Really wanted to get back to it and play all the bad ends......
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