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Just started Psi Nan, reminds me of Sakamoto   love it!
@Ao Oni 01   I didn't play the game myself but lolz.   Ahhh, nothing like the sound HDDs singing in the night~   feels kinda like going to camp with all the cicadas around you.
 Automata?the only ones I know looks like lines and circles. great..... now I can't get it out of my head. thanks a lot.
yep, www.working!! is probably my show of the season. I'm liking it quite a bit :) nope.jpgI hate that ntr feeling when I see a character I like then just to find out that she's with that other girl :/On the other hand, I'm actually pretty cool with yaoi... at least I don't get my waifu stolen.
@Bloodivores   wow... the animation from our chinese studio this time actually looks on-par with the other animes.   I'm impressed.   I kinda like the stereo effects they're doing too.
(゚Д゚ ) ( ゚Д゚) ( °Д° ) (゚Д゚ ) (屮゚Д゚)屮 ZETSUBOUSHlTA!!   The lack of generic harem anime this season has left me in in despair!! OTL   My demo list this season is only 14 entries long and 6 of them are short series.... what happened to anime this season (T_T)
@D-grayman Hallow   oh gawd damnit...... another cliff hanger. can I expect the next season in 8 more years?
yeah, I've been working on the v3s lately. probably wont be a while until I get to play with those monsters tho... crazy stuff.
oh....... schiit.hope that still works... :s all the CPUs looks so tiny after working with LGA2011 for a while lol
do enlighten me lol
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