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Got this stuck in my head while coding....       Great song, didn't watch the show. (probably never will)
Nah, they don't actually sell toothpaste.... It was just one of those random things that comes with deluxe meals in a limited time frame. But still... really random, I was like "WTF?!" when they handed me a tube of toothpaste over the counter.....  Sigh..... too busy to even watch the new jelly of you guys right now.....
Hmm... 72 missed posts this time... too busy to read.   Anyway, I just bought some toothpaste at Mcdonald's     and yes, somehow you need to know BOTH Chinese and English to fully understand stuff here in HK... both is in common usage and lazy people will use them interchangeably like that receipt above.
Hmmm.... 1xx posts.....   Did I miss anything besides the disappearance of alchemist?   Been really busy with work lately, didn't really have time to keep up with this thread.
 時計仕掛けのレイライン (sequel)
 Yes, there where h-scenes involving the 2 of them.No, I did not know how it worked.... but it did. Would you like some CGs?
The first game is translated, not sure when they'll do the other 2..... Haha, I'll leave that to your imagination.....  Nah, there wern't all that many "scenes" in those games to begin with.... So both? :D This reminds be of the main heroine in the game I played yesterday....I think the MC is over 2 meters tall.....  EDIT: wait, here's a better pic:   Cool~! :DPics if possible :p
Since Grisaia no Kajitsu is getting an anime adaptation, I guess I'll marathon the Grisaia VN trilogy next......  
Welp.... It's now 7:30AM and I just finished the "Ley-line" series consisting of 2 installments.Hope there will be a third game since there are still some loose ends......  [[SPOILER]]  Overall 8.5/10, would recommend to everyone.   EDIT: Looks like Kohaku Translations is currently working on the first game :D
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