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@Tokyo ESP 03   OMG Nice Ghostbusters cameo there!
I won't be hosting it anymore because my server is simply not up to the job. Instead I'm working with a friend of mine in the anime club here,He's got an even bigger library and much better resources (including a domain name) so stay tuned I guess :p
Well the first thing to learn (if you don't know already) is that github is built on git which is something like a source code version tracker.If you want to contribute to other people's code, you can do that, with their permission.... obviously. If your code is based on JDS Labs' original code, then I'd recommend you fork their repository onto one of your own and make changes there.ORif your code is not based on JDS Labs' original code, then simply create your own...
The Yui player is now on github and open source under a MIT license
 Oh cool~*clicks*AMAGAWD! IT'S AN OTOME GAME!*runs away*
@Tokyo Ghoul 4   LMAO!!!!     Tokyo Ghoul - Taking smell-fetish to the next level!
Head-fi is my Facebook!
... and I'm one of those people, do enlighten my puny mind. :|
 My new bar... Sexy! :D 
W00T~! I just applied for a API account so I could scrobble music from my yui player   Which currently looks like this with the playlist view open:
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