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Yeah..... well...... I don't have a gaming PC. My laptop can just barely handle 2D visual novels with the CPU at 80C.
@Gunslinger Stratos  Woah, those are some big names....... Guess I'll try it out when I go to japan this summer. 
@Denpa Kyoushi   I really want to like this show..... but the  animation is so broken.... :(
@Grisaia no Meikyuu - Yuuji's Past   Finished.   Damn.... I want to play Rakuen like RIGHT NOW, So much hype with the preview scene in the end.   The ED by Faylan is awesome too! [創世のタナトス]     (I can't find another version with decent audio, enjoy taiko while you're at     @Grisaia no Meikyuu Anime   This covers around 25% of the "Yuuji's Past" arc in the VN, I guess there will be Ep.2 or 3?     @Grisaia no Rakuen   Well isn't it nice that...
Well Gunslinger Stratos came from an arcade shooter, I'd expect something like BlazBlue I'm liking the characters in Seraph.
good question.... I think it's because acts of jealousy shows her affection towards the MC and lonely otakus such as myself enjoys this kind of unconditional affection.
Yes, me. Not really, are all people who likes tsundere characters masochists? I doubt it.
 Now Animated!     Meh, my translation back then wasn't that far off.   I think I'll stop watching Grisaia no Meikyuu at the 36 minute mark, that's where I'm up to in the VN.
Hmm..... Nitro+ arcade fighting game...  
IKR? Rinko's awesome! I wish she'd get more screen time.....
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