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Just started reading Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai because same author as ib: Instant Bullet (one of my all-time favs) and those crazy riddles bowei posted before.   actually nothing like ib though, seem like what you get if you only take the battle of wits and put it in a high-school SoL setting with the same art style (also the guy who did the original art for IA the vocaloid).
@Kuzu no Honkai 05   wow, what a bieach
but the high-end intel 8C16T is about $1k....
yeah.... It's still a huge thing almost 10 years later now.
Alright, $80 going towards my lunch fund.
 Holy crap! How does this guy have children with his:- girlfriend Inou Moegi- daughter (also girlfriend) Inou Kagura- grand-daughter (also daughter, girlfriend) Inou Hajime- great-grand-daughter (also grand-daughter, daughter, girlfriend) Inou Rio- great^2-grand-daughter (also great-grand-daughter, grand-daughter, daughter, girlfriend) Inou Risa- great^3-grand-daughter (also great^2-grand-daughter, great-grand-daughter, grand-daughter, daughter, girlfriend) Inou...
 Wa.....  but most of the names don't event match.... @Youjo Senki 05 Tanya is just awesome, can't get enough of her character
I must be missing something here.... never finished the whole game but I thought it only covered the MC with 2 main girls and 2 other girls?
Did you buy from the official online store?You should really call support... Kuzu ep.4 for those playing along at home~ 
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