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I wouldn't, but you need to go through e-h to ExH yeah?And they were just showing that banner when I went there just now.
Well, ExH doesn't have banners.
my point is that all characters in GC are lolis if you look at their profile "age".all of them look at least 2 years older by appearance. FTFY
There's no such thing as "too loli" ;) Ranko is 14...and all idols IRL are 17 + god knows how many months old. EDIT: [[SPOILER]]
Hmm..... Ranko's unit in CG is called Rosenberg Engel....   Oh and Tachibana Arisu best girl in CG:     her character is a lot like Tachibana Kanade from Angel Beats.
huh... alright. can't have too much Rory :p lol why?
@GATE END   That's it?! I demand a proper ending.
@Ranpo Kitan END   Welp... we never get to know more about the goth-loli teacher. oh well, best feels and ED of the season.
 W00T!!The VN isn't even out yet (Nov 2015) but good to know the anime is on its way :D
@High-end amps   My understanding of them is that they were never about transparent sound. You're probably paying a premium for one or more of the following: Cool design (the O2 looks pretty lame TBH) Useful functions / features Euphoric distortion Exotic technology that's cool to have (may not even affect SQ)   I'm pretty happy with the sound from the phone-out on my laptop :p It's powerful enough to drive my full-sizers and quiet enough for CIEMs.
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