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Hmm... I just find those abbreviations really annoying because I can't compute the offset in my head when I see it....Instead I have to google it.... It's really counter intuitive IMO....
Nice~ How'd you get your hands on that in the first place?
lol Isn't that like the whole point? Would you prefer I tell you that I'm in UTC+8 or CST (China Standard Time)?
What...? Which time zone(s) couldn't be mapped to an offset from UTC?
Remember the time we took 8 or 9 spots on that list daily? Good times  Yeah this. I never understood all these time zone names, why can't everyone just use UTC+n?Much more intuitive IMO. LOL is this like apple's conspiracy to get people to try and destroy their phones and boost sales???
Ooh Sony MDR-1R  
Slept for 18 hours after 50 hours without sleep......    
Yep, sure are~
 Not yet, but probably will in a day or 2
Ahh... but how would you define 'hosting' a file anyway?For all I know, my server's just receiving URLs with a strange ID on it then dumping a bunch of binary data back out,there's absolutely no indication that the data is a copyrighted song nor if it's even audio data at all. This is probably a grey zone.  Yes, you could read the HTTP headers to know that the data is suppose to be audio since I'm using an unencrypted connection, but I could easily implement some sort of...
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