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I actually prefer subtle relations like this more instead of labeling myself a weeb everywhere I go. I hate summer.... computer keeps lagging when I play VNs because of thermal throttling. 
I actually found bleach quite enjoyable (my first anime and finished the whole series).Not so much for Naruto though... mainly because naruto is annoying. (still watched 300+ eps before dropping) I started both around 2008.
Hmm.... I'm using the 64bit linux ver of Xilinx Vivado right now. Got some neps on my VGA output btw trying to figure out arbitrary sprite rendering on screen right now.... can't stop looping this...... 
It's the new THx00 Purpleheart edition   song of the day   CPU temp during FPGA synthesis: 98 - 100CTakes 4 mins to synthesize main module... I want my i7 Extreme workstation right now (=_=)"
don't care about audio anymore..... I brought that THx00 for the neps. :p
 Unfortunately no..... It's just a game console and I'm in charge of the graphics module.It DOES support 24/96 audio output, but the sound engine only supports a mix of sine, saw, pulse and noise waveforms.
My FPGA project....
I use RAID 1 in my servers too :) but there isn't a TH-x00 Plutia edition is there?also Blanc #bestgurl 
 LOL!  Yup, backups > redundancy.Makes it much easier to rollback in case something terrible happens or when you did something stupid when tired/drunk.I do daily incremental backups to a remote server and it saved me a few times.... (mostly because I do stupid things when stressed) I joined the TH-x00 Purpleheart drop because............. Purple Heart! (can't help it) 
I should've done that for my Fortran77 homework assignment!Why didn't I think of that.....
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