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This. Kazuki is my fav character from the series!Looking forward to playing Meikyuu and Rakuen after the anime.  Miyuki :3  I still have the game to finish.... it refuses to run on virtual windows.
@cross ange 11   lol wtf did I just watch?
Finished Akame ga Kill!. Great show.
Looks pretty good.... but don't have a steam acc.(and still have a huge backlog of games lol) Oh godd.amit!   Welcome back~
Kinda started getting into reading manga these days and man.... I wish there were some sort of way for me to flip pages with my brain waves or something... fingers get really tired after a while. (btw, I usually play VNs in auto mode :p )
@Chaika AB 10 (END)   Meh ending.... I feel kinda sorry for Gaz now lol.
His other array was a bit bigger IIRC, runs RAID 5. WAT? where'd you get such a deal? LMAO! I'm gonna shamelessly steal this pic and share it.
 That's because the entire array IS redundancy, that 32TB just contains part of the data from his server personal data center.He collects all TV releases from each season AND all BD releases in full HD....
Not bad~ That's a 8x 4TB array in RAID0. No idea how much it costs, that thing isn't mine :pI only have 2x 3TB + 2x 500GB in that server machine lol.
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