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Really happy with my new system setup~ System stats when running firefox (4 tabs open), thunderbird, transmission (3 transfers all seeding), mplayer (playing H.264 anime), and skype.     lots of CPU time and RAM to spare unlike OSX which takes up more than 2G RAM after boot-up.   HW specs:  
Saekan...? where did the "kan" come from?The last time I checked, it was called "Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata" Woah~ since when did GNOME have quick-look like OSX??? I think I'm liking it more than OSX now lol.Well.... maybe except for the 2 days it took me the setup the system.... custom bootloader ftw!
Holy crap you're right!... and I was wondering why I'm getting chocolates at school.
How are they similar in any way?
yeah... because serious HiFi needs 192kHz right?
I've been using it nonstop for 6 hours and the battery only dropped 30%!(running arch linux w/o GUI)
yeah, macbook > my optic fiber > their rig.
Random Story:   So I went to demo the Beyer T1 at a local headphone shop with their rig. The sales there asked me "How was it?" I answered "I'm not a fan on the harsh trebles" The sales explained how the T1 might now be at its full potential and how the bottle neck is probably my S/PDIF optical fiber.   poker_face.jpg
I'd love to share.... if I could even install my OS properly....I spent 11 hours yesterday fighting with the Secure Boot and the effing Broadcom BCM4352 WiFi card. :/Problem with Ultrabooks is that they only have 1 network interface and if that doesn't work... I'm screwed.Building / installing the drivers without internet is a nightmare... I gave up... gonna buy a USB network card. Yeah, a middle model like that would be awesome.... but mine already costs like 1.6k with 3...
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