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Wait... where are you working again?It it an internship or did you drop out to work early?
WUT>? It's not compatible with most win32 apps is it?
@Overlord 06 LOL!!  [[SPOILER]]
lol wat? streaming is just a special case of downloading where you watch as you download.I'm pretty sure it's only illegal if you upload content. Then again, it depends on where you are......
@Sorcery Jokers   Just finished the Prologue in around a week's worth of gameplay.   I really like their timeline / scene system, works way better than other games with timestamps. I've never had to use saves in this game (although they do provide 102 slots).  
Nice Boat.
See ya~
@Rokka no Yuusha 06   "Logic"
@Charlotte 06   Did they just switch to summer uniform?   EDIT: I saw nothing. pokerface.jpg
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