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lol the TV censoring just makes it look much worse than it really is.
  2nd season hype! :3
@Denkigai no Honya-san End   lol @ all the parody covers, recognize some of them.   and Tenchou got so much screen time :D   @Psycho-Pass 2 End   Meh, no surprises there.
 Did I mention I transferred after failing the course titled "Signals and Systems"
Does it count if I only know how to use one? :pno idea how to do the maths lol.
I have 2 types of exams.... ones that are so easy that I don't have to study for and ones that are so hard that it won't make a difference weather I study or not. :/
Maths exam in 3 hours... knows nothing about the topics, too lazy to study, too lazy to cheat. ... maybe I'll start thinking about how to cheat an hour before the exam :/  Same here..... in 6 hours.
@gensou no idea   lol this deserves a place in the over-sized weapon hall of fame.  
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