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Wow... only 5 eps per day...? that seems somewhat less than expected... LOL Hmm... that's strange, I'm on the latest release of Firefox.
Absolutely insane.... how do you even get so much time to watch anime anyway.....Seems like I see one of your reviews once every few days LOL. At this rate you might actually surpass me in time spent on watching anime in a few months....   btw, your MAL looks like this in my browser... is that normal?
Yeah... I know... but having disabled heroines is just not my cup of tea....This includes mental disabilities... (looks over to a few games by Key) Aren't they all effectively "free"?I'd buy the game once I've played and like it.I mean they don't come cheap.... 1 game costs the same as a cheap laptop, 8 games and I could get a new Macbook Pro.
 Play Ever17 ~The out of Infinity~It's one of my favorite VNs of all time and it's Non-H.(Also got me interested in German.... but I'm sure you'd catch all the crappy pronunciations.) Personally not a fan of it... not into disabled heroines.
Playing VN... why don't you play one too?much more effective in killing time compared to anime/manga.... almost too effective :p 
@Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka   LOL Apparently....  
@Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizokin 2   Reminds me of portal (the game) lol.
Really? I though Ghost Hunt was okay..... try watching corpse party at night....Great OP btw~
Nice! my exam week is next week..... :( Are you going to japan for vacation? exchange program? or internship?
Woah~ you're right! I didn;t see that leg there before you pointed it out :p
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