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 But to be honest, LISP usually don't have more parentheses than other languages. It's just that they are concentrated in one place so it looks like it lot. I'm using ClojureScript (a LISP dialect) at work right now and it's got less parentheses than the JavaScript equivalent code... I actually counted lol.
Not really... not for me anyway.They're too slow to be productive and I can't really type without a physical full-sized keyboard.
I thought Octave is a drop-in replacement for most of the basic stuff.... my .m files runs in both MATLAB and Octave. Dayam....
  My favorite language of all time.
Have you tried Atom?(vim user here btw :p ) PowerBall? Why not GNU Octave? Yeah, my shield has the Tegra K1. I looks good on benchmarks but horrible with japanese mobile games... I can't event get a stable 30 FPS on iM@S and it gets pretty hot. I just passed the 12-hr mark on my iPhone SE and it's now at 79% battery, pretty impressive IMO.
I just had to google how to type a backtick on iOS to input my password.... one of the weirdest things I've ever done TBH.
 I gave them my debit card already (in fact, I don't event have a credit card) yeah, but they needed my password to enable the setting. my phone was running 4.4, tablet on 6.0. I'm not sure about battery life yet, I had it plugged in all day while I was setting things up. because..... linux.I can get the files on the phone easily but they don't register on the system.(I also don't get why iOS puts all the media inside the DCIM folder.... but I'm not really suppose to touch...
Hmm... I guess I didn't install any new apps after upgrading.
  lol yeah not anymore I guess, seems like a payment method is enforced now.even the mac app store no longer have the "None" payment option. I have TouchID all setup now but that required me to type my password a few times. Just watch all the OP videos and be done with it, the plot is pretty crap.  LOL even google is making fun of them now xDD many things may seem perfect in a theoretical level but the implementation is often less perfect.I do like how they're taking...
@iOS   Uhh why do I need to provide a credit card to download a free app...?   and gawd do I hate typing my appleID password... it's 18-chars long with half of them being symbols...
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