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Well atleast both of you got something useful out of university life.....I spent a year studying electronics just to find out that I actually don't like studying electronics and that I learn much better by myself.I ended up skipping 70% of my classes this semester and doing my own independent learning / projects. Planning to transfer over to the computer engineering dept to see what's it like over there.   Yeah, but I was expected to finish my 4-year curriculum in 3 years...
Yeah, but essentially they do the same thing   Uhh... what?
That's because you've built one of these and even made a PCB + Case for it!  That pic was a typical Square / Triangle wave generator.
This.... :|But then I wouldn't have anywhere to put them... don't want my parents to find out....
Well well well..... what do you know.... my ELEG3201 course work presents me with the same questions I've done back in IBDP Physics (Option F) The fact that the course code is 3xxx means it's designed for year 3 students (4-year curriculum)  
lol funny naming..... I doubt they meant that literally.  
@Mekakucity Actors lol I want an Ene.... she reminds me of Nyaruko (sounds like the same VA too.)
lol even Nisekoi is in the mood for Mekakucity Actors... not sure if they timed it to the same airing date on purpose...  
Simple, you enjoy what you're doing.I now have 7 projects on my hands right now but I've never thought of them "hard work", more like "having fun" to me.
Meh, I prefer romaji. much easier to read for me.
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