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Not sure what you meant but I'm pretty sure it was "Neither, I'm a Kabaneri!" Million Arthur?  This shall his new name :p
@Mayoiga 10   woah.... what just happened?
I just timed the startup on my new Pro Retina (late 2013) with a fresh install of El Captain. 14.5 sec, impressive. It's only about 3 seconds slower than my XPS13 running Linux/Gnome
It's great.... if you actually have the damn screwdriver. You can't just buy it in any hardware store, probably gonna order it online.the pentalobe isn't gonna be in a normal xx-in-1 screwdriver kit either (not sure about newer ones but I certainly haven't seen it before). oh is that how it works now? damn... I can't imagine why anyone would want to sleep with the power button when you can just close the lid.my user experience with the retina and el captain is just...
I've always worked on Macbooks, but before the Retina series Apple uses the common Phillips screws for almost everything.
fk apple and their pentalobe screws!   ...   This is the first I've gotten my hands on a retina macbook and I hate it already. and without the power indicator LED, I now have no idea weather it's turning on, shutdown or sleeping, it's horrible. doesn't help that the screen simply goes black when I press the power button, I'd expect a power menu popping up.     and I managed to hack into the pentalobe with a flat-head anyway, tamper-resistant my arse.
LMAO! This was one of my first few ecchi animes along with Kiss x Sis and Omamori Himari,I kept wondering weather Yamada would ever gonna do it back then.
so I just went to revisit all the english pop/rock music I've been listening to as a teen on youtube... found that all the songs had swear words censored.... like wtf man? seriously... kids probably knew those words in grade school already.
It's a tracker interface, that's how people compose music on a computer before GUIs are popular.
What show is this?
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