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@Hitori no ****a - The Outcast -   woah, komori kiri from zetsubou sensei is all grown up and being a bad arse   and omg they are speaking chinese..... I don't understand....
@HybridCore     This is what I did from the beginning. if you don't use vim, just replace that with the name of your favorite editor...   $ ip addr # check internet access $ fdisk /dev/sda Command (m for help): g # new GPT partition map Command (m for help): n # new partition (whole disk) Command (m for help): w # save changes $ mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1 # format ext4 $ mount /dev/sda1 /mnt $ pacstrap /mnt base vim...
@SVP   I kinda like it but It's annoying to open SVPManager before watching anime... and the GUI is pretty ugly imo..
You know what? I've installed arch on over 20 machines but I have never tried this on a VM.... so let me try this now and come back to you....
This one is pretty well done, I've see others try this before but the intermediate frames had some weird artifacts. Oh look, free for linux :)I wonder if this will work with my intel GPU.... EDIT: Hey look! SVP is in the Arch User Repo :)
what's wrong with it?
yes they are, but how do you have one project sponsor another?
    rewrite is sponsored by planetarian...... uh what?
OMG is it that time of the year again?I totally forgot....  damn... I missed everything. :/Guess I'll join for the TAS block later and FFVI
That's Awesome!I can see they were developing on DOS with those batch build scripts and old 8.3 filenames...There's literally more comment than code!
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