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Not suprising if the L and R channels are the same, bitrate is halfed.
So I just DL'd this album from [Shin-S] and listened to it......     sounded strange, it sounded as if it's monophonic... so just to make sure there's nothing wrong with my ears, I opened up a goniometer in Logic:     Welp..... a straight line down the middle with a channel correlation of 1.   The question now is what went wrong? Did Shin-S rip the disk as mono? Surely this was not recorded as mono in the studio right...?
lol what's this all about? btw did 1+ ever fixed their screen problem?
OMG is that where the song came from?
 Ahh the good ol' beta tapes........though I've only ever used VHS tapes in pratice.  70mm driver....... want to try lol.
Damn, now I can't stop looping it....
Who is that suppose to be?
 Polygon Pictures and Studio Ghibli??? WUT???The last time I've seen Polygon Pictures, they were working on Sidonia.So I guess we'll be seeing the first Ghibli film in CGI?
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