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 VN player Master Race btw is anyone else having problems with HF? My editor is not formatting the HTML markup and I can't open any of the spoiler tags.... :|
Pfffffttt~~ Hahaha!!!
kiss girls? but doing that would be somewhat human-like.I'd rather kiss alien tentacle monsters that looks like girls
(o_0)     Random question: Does anyone actually do those hash-checks in torrents? This one is only 32-bits long... what algorithm is it anyway...
Woah how did I miss your post @@ Yeeah..... :(  Everybody needs to play F/SN  I actually don't really remember how long it took me to finish it lol. Nekomimi :3 *raises hand*  I'm not human.
If you're talking about the HF route then yes, it is that important. It actually answers most of the questions around the Holy Grail War including why it exists in the first place and how it 'grant wishes'.and in case you ever want to know where dark-saber and dark-sakura comes from, that's where you want to go. one extra reason for you to play it - the Holy Grail War actually had an eighth servant only mentioned in the game.
OMG The secret ingredient of purple stew is poop!     yeah... that's probably sea cucumber
I said キタ〜〜〜 not キャ~~~ , so yes. It'll always make sense to the VN if you have the time  Depending on how much they put in the new anime, you may need to watch / play F/SN first, god knows.
キタ〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!!   So.... not the outcome I've anticipated but... I'll live with that without getting too mad.Now the big question..... should I fly to japan and watch Heaven's Feel or should I wait for the Blu-ray and watch it with my home theater?I take that back... there's no way in hell a single movie will do HF justice. Blu-ray it is. Guess my only hope now is more dark-sakura h-doujinshi after HF's anime.
I agree, low DR -> bad recording, but it doesn't work the other way around.In many cases these days, high DR is caused by crappy or no mastering at all.
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