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Haha~ that's so true, I remember the days where I thought all headphones, cameras, cars, wine, etc. were the same
depends on what you're doing... for me it's a server hosting VMs and the difference is literially #day_and_night
yes, enterprise support is to make up for lack of proper documentation most of the time and internally well-known issues/workarounds other times......
Just played NieR:Automata demo again on a proper speaker system... dem sub-bass man   also found out that the on-screen UI is completely customiziable via "chips", that's really cool. I really like how they are taking the android idea to the game system level.
 ehhh..... I can imagine this being a thing for artsy people who grew up with iMacs..... all people the design team where I work uses an iMac.
heh, got a cheap laugh from this.  true.... there'll be no tech support if everyone knows how to turn things off and on again and use google.
 maybe you're suppose to program the LEDs to match whatever case you're using? iono....
 Haha~ nice! iM@S mod confirmed?
so efficiency, much bandwidth, very capacity, doge.jpg(what I see in my head lol) I liked nvidia but their consumer cards don't play well with virtual machinesthey have an enterprise lineup for that which is 10x the price, I'm not gonna pay that much for a firmware unlock and slightly better QC.
I might get an AMD card later to run a gaming virtual machine... to play Nier: Automata Hopefully the polaris cards will get a slight price drop after the vega cards comes out.   this is one of the things I love about having a virtualized datacenter, you can have as many "computers" as you want given the total computing resources don't exceed the host machine.     @Chaos;Child   Finished "Over the Sky" (first) ending... holy crap, mind=blown. This is just the...
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