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I actually have a very precise specification for shows I like.... I just don't really know what it is yet....But I'll almost definitely know if I'll like a show by watching a bit of it. lol Akuma no Riddle 1Looks pretty good, reminds me of Danganronpa.I'd be much happier without the yuri though..... MC should've been a guy.
Nah, I just don't look for the same things as you when watching anime.I hated quite a few shows that many would call a masterpiece... and vice versa. oh dear......
I thought Medaka Box was pretty good except for the "WTF" ending.
finished Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara 1   Man... cant believe I couldn't see where that first death flag came from myself..... I outta be ashamed after playing so many VNs, should've been obvious after the guy said he was gonna get married after getting that big contract. Looks like I still have long ways to go.   as for the actual show, meh. Will keep watching for now.
Finished Black Bullet 1... Welp, looks like humanity's last hope ARE indeed Lolis!!!     Officially my fav show of the season so far because lolis + awesome OP/ED.
HorribleSubs being horrible.... That clearly says "lun lun loan" not "la la"     Then again... guess I have no right to complain about free subs...
is it just me or do those familiars(?) looks those things in angry birds?  *10 secs into black bullet OP*in my head: "wait... I know this music style.... can it possibly be???"*half way through OP* OMG EFF YEAH!!! FRIPSIDE!!
 ... This.and I'm trying to actually build and run linux on a custom ARM motherboard that I made so I have to dig deep into the linux kernel and see what's going on down there then add whatever I need to make it run on my board lol.
feels like I wanna take a bullet to the head.
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