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This. fav character from the show :3 @Ranpo Kitan 03 Damn, I wish that fat arse pedo would just die......people who cement lolis to walls doesn't deserve to live. :/ EDIT:Oh yeah, 2 of those 2.5mm zip ties on the thumb isn't all that effective....I tried it on myself just now and managed to break them in a few seconds.If you want to restraint anyone, at least use the standard 5mm zip ties.
GPU Usage: 6% CPU Usage: 80%   I don't think flash player knows how to use intel GPUs...     25% tolerance? that's huge!  why do you need a power conditioner for a PC btw?
Side view:   Back view:     Notice the magic cap.
Finally some info on the new world. Wanted more Shalltear tho.
@MonMusu 03   Oh god.... This looks so painful I want to drop the show right now............ But I want to see the slime girl too... guess I'll skip-watch until she appears.     Why isn't he dead yet?
AB was re-broadcasted last season and the BD Box came out last month on the same day as the VN.Can't really compare one of the all-time classics with any normal anime. Oh yeah, this Friday is July's VN day.Can't wait for some of the new games! :D @To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd 03 Just kinda realized that the Devilukian tail is actually not an extension of their spine unlike animals on earth.The height of the tail seems consistent across scenes too.  Oh and seems like Nemesis...
This. It's one of my first subbed anime back when I was still streaming at 360p (don't remember which site I was on though).
LOL iM@S and Tekken?
I grew up in the same era burning stuff with a soldering iron and blowing up caps. Oh and it's Macromedia flash, not adobe.I've played around with Shockwave in grade school on Windows 3.1 (making stupid things move around and change color, nothing too fancy)
New Posts  All Forums: