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kinda random though.  Haha, Nice!
[Chaos;Child]   Holy SCHIIT! jump scare right in my face... I almost bit myself.....
well.... imagine nekopara being fap material everyday and the guy fell asleep after finishing his business....or maybe it was played on a remote game server and the game wasn't closed properly. just some wild guesses.nekopara IS one of the very few VNs that features fully animated sprites. speaking of VNs, I really HATE it when the devs use function keys for functions (as silly as this may sound).what's wrong with using for auto and for save?but instead I have ...
same here.
@netoge 06 yep, we're all playing Riaru Offline, blew a ton of money on it and it's schiity game. and is it just me or does the OP sound like a song by Claris? @big order I just realized something..... if the MC's ability can "command" even the force of gravity, I don't see why he can't just command his imouto not to die.oh well, I want to see him mess up the whole word (again) just to save his imouto anyway. lmouto for life!    [[SPOILER]]
The CV patches on analog synths looks awesome :p
I just realized that Chaos;Child for PC was out a few weeks ago.... seems to be set a few years after Chaos;Head with a completely different cast.     HYPE.     apparently it will get an anime... someday. http://myanimelist.net/anime/30485/ChäoS_Child
Watched Macross Delta ep 1.   No. Just no. I can't even begin to comprehend what I just watched.
I thought Z77 is only for LGA115x chipsets?Mine is a C612 mobo.
I'll test out those crazy Chinese Xeons for ya'  a E5-2670v3 is 1/4 the price of my genuine i7-5960X lol
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