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Well, it IS a different chipset. The tablet uses their K1 chip instead. I just installed the latest version of Win10. All personal settings are locked without a license key. :/
@WIXOSS   no idea why I like this series so much.... but it looks like I'll be watching another season of it.   its pretty strange considering how I usually don't like shows with a female MC.
Not just on paper, it performs really well in benchmark apps too!Good news is that my SHIELD TV using the Tegra X1 can actually run games properly at 60FPS. Go go go!!! xDD  
LOL I did not see that coming.  not really a fan of mech keyboards myself, travel is too deep for my taste.
 But to be honest, LISP usually don't have more parentheses than other languages. It's just that they are concentrated in one place so it looks like it lot. I'm using ClojureScript (a LISP dialect) at work right now and it's got less parentheses than the JavaScript equivalent code... I actually counted lol.
Not really... not for me anyway.They're too slow to be productive and I can't really type without a physical full-sized keyboard.
I thought Octave is a drop-in replacement for most of the basic stuff.... my .m files runs in both MATLAB and Octave. Dayam....
  My favorite language of all time.
Have you tried Atom?(vim user here btw :p ) PowerBall? Why not GNU Octave? Yeah, my shield has the Tegra K1. I looks good on benchmarks but horrible with japanese mobile games... I can't event get a stable 30 FPS on iM@S and it gets pretty hot. I just passed the 12-hr mark on my iPhone SE and it's now at 79% battery, pretty impressive IMO.
I just had to google how to type a backtick on iOS to input my password.... one of the weirdest things I've ever done TBH.
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