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Yep, I kept telling myself not to read it late at night... I never learn... and now I'm really curious what bear meat tastes like lol.
Finished Planetarian anime, probably the only title where I liked the adaptation more.   I fell asleep a few times playing the game by the anime's pacing is just right for me.   dem feels tho....
Somehow managed to recover all my data after a whole week of trying many different techniques.Turns out that only the partition table and RAID metadata was corrupted, the file system itself was still intact so I mounted the disk with the correct byte-offset and everything is there
probably not? it's by illusion... one of the biggest p0rn game studios...
Its Apple pushing their wireless future :pgo buy 'em airpods!
Yeah, I felt like that when I over slept on my very first job interview too...I'm still not sure if is was an alarm clock issue or something, I slept pretty late the night before because of all the stress..... insomnia sucks. I basically had everything non-work related on there along with stuff from a few of my friends.The lesson to be learned here is (off-site) backup >>> RAID.That RAID was also the off-site back for all my work-related stuff.
@Girlish Number     It's an anime about seiyuus in which they sing the OP to this anime... mind=blown.
You guys know that feel when you've effed up so bad that it feels like it's gonna be the end of the world and there's nothing more to live for?   ...   I just corrupted my entire RAID because of some stupid impulsive action and I don't have a backup.   wanna craw inside a hole right now :/
@Izetta Great action!   might actually continue watching despite all the yuri....
Hadooooooooou Ken! xD
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