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I went from ADATA SP600 to intel 750.......
I mean.... who doesn't want the loli right?     heck I even changed my tablet's wallpaper that I've been using for over a year.
@Big Order 06  [[SPOILER]] the plot is just.... I don't even know what's going on anymore, I'll still watch for the OP/ED though.
I just bought a Corsair RM750i and the PSU itself comes in this really nice velvet drawstring bag and the cables are nicely packed in this nylon carrying pouch with a velcro as if I'm gonna use this 750W PSU on-the-go..... like wtf lol   not that I'm complaining or anything, the bag fits any full-sized cans (I might use it for my THx00 neps) and the pouch can be used for DAPs / DACs / Amps  
music games on gamepads just never works for me... I can never map shapes/colors to the buttons.that's why I suck at taiko too. *looks at your avatar*hmmm....
sousei no onmyouji OP? very cool indeed :)
@Seisen Cerberus 07  [[SPOILER]]
Well it's just a black and white version anyway, nothing to do with the characters. what is with the armpit fetish on this thread...... :/
I find her a bit annoying but I'm not sure if iori is worse....
It's more like STYX HELIX vs KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS for me... and I can't decide! Well, It's Misu Ando Roido.... which DOES sound a bit like Miss Android when pronounced quickly.  crazy weather woke me up, it was 5 degrees warmer when I fell asleep 2 hours ago....
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