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118%? That's the crazy Apple notation isn't it..... that total is # of core * 100%.
I just spent 5 hours trying to get HTML5 audio to work properly on chrome  Chrome kept whining about how my server doesn't send it just the right kind of data it wants and will call quits if I don't.Firefox on the other hand worked well with whatever I gave it.It's like the difference between your cool friend and your whiny little brother. I've always been a Firefox user and probably always will be if Chrome doesn't get its schiit together.
Not really.... for example, I like the lolis in "Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?" but I didn't like the show (dropped it after ep1) Pretty much, I don't want to miss any shows I might enjoy.
I don''t get it either... can't seem to find a definite rule for what shows I'll enjoy. @Grisaia no Rakuen 05 YES!!!!!! Finally Kazuki appeared! :D
Well guess what? You just lost 5 internet cookies. I watched the TV anime + 3rd movie but meh.Probably just 2deep4me, might as well mention I didn't like Eva either.
Uh..... transparent clothing.
Nyan of the day  
What?  He's male no matter how you look at it.....
Dat screen size...... 42"?  
Hmmm... might try when it comes out...
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