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Oh crap...... I can't sleep....   Hours awake: 13 Hours until exam: 9   what do?
W00T!! Finished a huge course project! :D Time to start studying for the exam in 14 hours~ ... ... ... or not! Time to play VN!   I think my internal clock is seriously messed up, I've been sleeping between 1100 ~ 1700 (local time) for the last 3 days. Guess I could say "I pulled an all-nighter for 3 days straight" lol
@Grisaia no Rakuen   The adaption is pretty good! I'm loving the OP / ED.   Oh and turns out that Robbie uses a Dell Latitude 14 Rugged Extreme.    
Be glad you don't need a constant supply of shows like this to stay sane in real life.
yeah, that's why I said "most of the time".No idea what they're doing over there. Nice comparison! I never knew there was such a huge difference until now.
I'm sticking to HorribleSubs for their 1080p, you can turn the subs off most of the time.And the subs are pretty useful for taking screenshots too.The only show I'm getting from leopard is Highschool DxD :p
Welp...... the april wave of VNs came out last friday.   I wanted to play Evenicle by Alice Soft but my VM refuses to run anything that uses Direct3D :/   I've been looping Verethragna's OP [Duel Alternatives] by Taishi(electri.muster) for a while now. Character designs looks pretty good to me too, only problem is that it's a card battle game and I have 0 experience with those....       EDIT: holy crap, It's already 12:10.... I better sleep... I think I might...
@Owari no Seraph 04   Never thought I'd say this but.... unnamed girl best girl!       Seriously.... she's not even listed in the end credits.....   I wish shinoa or kururu (krul) will have some dere moments in the near future... the yaoi vibe is growing strong.... :(
 W00T finally!I've been waiting since she first appeared in the OP in ep2.loli vampire ftw :3
Finished Grisaia no Rakuen!   It was fun and action-packed but the plot was rather predictable, no mind-blowing moments. I like how they took the H elements out of the main story, wish more games would do this. Game system had all the features that I needed, progress indication was awesome, but the settings UI was a bit cumbersome.   8/10     Interested to see how they plan on putting two 30-hour games into a 12-episode anime.
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