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derivative of power left in battery.
@Sabagebu 10   lol the facehugger from Alien
lolis  OP/EDs too.
It was one my fav shows that season
In the lecture:     In my head:  
Hmmm I wasn't really paying attention to the vocals.
OMG!! A/Z ED is out!! Listening in the middle of class with my CIEMs (long hair ftw)  
@Aldnoah/Zero   Welp... we got another anti-physics explosion..... Kinda disappointed by the sfx, didn't feel the boom on my speaker system.
Love how you used 'press' hereKids nowadays will have no idea why records are 'pressed' :p I usually buy albums then DL it online lol.Cant be bothered to rip especially since all the tags are done for me.Not to mention speed of DL < speed of ripping. Interesting.......
DL'd a 320k ver of this album from JPS and.... YAY~ It's Stereo! 
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