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lol see what you did there :D
Hmmm... point taken for 1st and 3rd. Still call BS for the 2nd.While I'd agree that it's unreasonable to hi-jack the servers, It would probably be easier to disable the user inputs on the client-side.
 Does look pretty good but which character is that? Just pulled the trigger on a K271 MKII on Amazon :)
@ Unmei Senjou no Phi   lol, simplest character description ever :D  
So.... what? youtube thinks sound porn is ok but not visual porn? What's the logic in that?
Saw a Honoka (Love Live!) suitcase with a teddy on it just now. Kinda made my day.
@Psycho-pass 2 ep 06  [[SPOILER]]  but besides the stuff mentioned above, the action was pretty good IMO....
lol chicken muggets  
Now that you mention it....... it does kinda look like onigiri.
Ohh the OP's out! :D Movie in theaters tomorrow.     More importantly..... what headphones?
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