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@Re:0 18   I need more EMT.......   and subaru is being a jerk again. oI know he's been through a lot of schiit but taking it out on rem is a pretty dick move. I feel so bad for rem. :(   ready for some serious action next ep, you know they mean business when the MC says the title of the show :p
what show?  E-MU (Synthesizer / Audio interface brand) is making headphones now?! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/e-mu-teak-headphones The design looks awfully familiar...... I can't quite point out the look-alike (might be my imagination...)what the hell was wrong with me, It's the fostex TH-hundreds design.
Awesome! gotta love Sakuzyo :) I wanna play this on chunithm now...... 
You know what? I want to read it..... I remember picking up a book on compiler optimization in the public library once and I put it right back down after flipping the first few pages.
 "yandere issues" XDD
 what OS? the only Windows I know is the galgame runtime.
same here. yandere is fine too. personally I like win10 more than win7
Oh Schiit!! I clicked on a 18+ VN youtube video while I'm logged in to my company's google account................................   anyway, tomorrow is July's VN release date! I want to checkout Aristear Remain if I have time because I'm huge fan of magic/superpower/sci-fi/chuuni stuff :p     The H-factor in the OP seems rather subtle considering a game by Astronauts
Wow, never even knew this plugin existed.It'll be kinda nice to have a japanese version.... :p
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