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Pics! NOW! :P
It's opposite in the sense that we NEED to less privileged in order to survive.If we were living in the wild, we could see them die off without a care in the world. Yeah that poster was one of the few inspirational things in my life, there was one the the humanities classroom back in highschool.
 Well...? When I was a kid, china just seems like some 3rd world country to me.... look at it now.It takes time to change a believe I suppose.
 What I think?I believe this is a problem created between modern society and human behaviors on a genetic level.People will naturally dislike the less privileged (e.g. the weaker ones) in order to create better offspring and thus increase chances of survival in the wild.But this is the complete opposite in modern capitalistic society and humans have yet to evolve to adapt this way of life. 
As always, amazed at how you can see so much in anime... All I ever saw in Black Bullet were lolis and powers.
@Akuma no Riddle lol dem eyes reminds me of Danganronpa     also... a new ED every episode??? Just how much budget have they got on this project??
 Great vid indeed, though I don't agree.... I'm no scientist. I believe the world is what we make it.I only want to know enough to shape the world the way I want it.I'm an Engineer.
Welp... I just finished Chapter 1 of Shinigami no Testament (Kana route).     But the thing is that half the characters haven't even made an appearance yet..... guess I've just scratched the surface of a huge game....
Schiit mang!! That sounds AWESOME!!!
Updating MAL is a habit, like taking a bath or brushing your teeth
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