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Don't worry man, same boat here............ I just woke up.
don't worry, I already watched ep5 ;)
Aww.... why not?
OMG! is it still on?I love that game! It's part of my childhood memories :) (only managed to beat the game much much later with the help of walkthroughs tho.....)
She's completely normal compared to Anna...... especially after ep5.not sure if yandere or just plain broken. and I think Avocado and Shalltear from Overlord trumps Loli McCurry from GATE.
This.It'll hurt so much I wont be able to sleep.
Oh dear....
It's kinda disappointing that the dialog isn't voiced......
Woah! looks like Fate/Grand Order is out!   I'll check it out now..... (at least watch the OP lol)
LOL sounds legit! @Gakkou Gurashi 04 Physics! 
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