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There's a story-related reason why you can't change the settings in the main menu.... [spoilers]?It pretty rare to see a non-VN title that plays with the game system itself, I love this kinda stuff.
This, I've used one before but connectivity was still pretty bad. Switched to network over mains after that with a second AP in my room but the bandwidth is capped at around 3 MB/s. I ended up routing a one of those ultra-flat Cat.6 cables into my room directly going through the gap under my door.
Just started watching Kemono Friends......     thanks to childhood brain-washing I always thought they looked like this and can do tornado spins.......     Way to go Japan!
That's totally useful! I still buy physical albums because...... Japan
A what? troll_face.jpg
buy an extra charger
virtual machine disk images, I keep my important stuff in a separate 40TB RAID
huh, guess I've just been living under a rock for the last few months then. but that's cheating........ and probably only work with RAID0 because the bottle neck is gonna be the CPU with software RAID. I could probably get 3+ GB/s using a RAID card with 16x 200MB/s enterprise drives   Or, if you're into DIY solutions, a custom PCIex16 RAID card powered by an FPGA with 4x M.2 slots.
DAFUQ are you talking about man? My $1000 1.2TB intel 750 can't do 3GB/s, that's a damn good SSD you have there! EDIT:In case you're talking about the 10+ GB/s benchmark scores people are posting, those are RAM benchmarks not SSDs! Oh and the bandwidth of PCIe 3.0 is just under 1GB/s per lane, you'd need a PCIe x16 slot just to reach those crazy speeds.
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