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lol nice, I've thought about getting one before but I ended up getting an android tab due to its low performance/price ratio.I later realized that a tablet wasn't enough as my daily driver for college life so I got an ultrabook.Then I started playing games..... I bought a desktop last week.story of my wallet. lol Didn't you just empty your pockets on a Surface Pro?
lol, I just finished ep09 myself. Dat F/SN tho..... so random.
LOL, it's pretty funny indeed.....
@Tou no ****a no Exercitus   Its like Zero no Tsukaima + Danmachi! Here's the setting: The MC is summoned into a magical world by a student who's studying to become an adventurer in order to fight monsters on a tower.
Oh no.......
Interesting.... I'm using a MI2S and MIUI is the worse ROM I've ever used in my life......Mainly due to all the Chinese/China localization features. (e.g. default search engine is baidu)Even Samsung's ROM is a bit easier to use IMO. I'm now using CM11 on my MI2S and Nvidia's ROM on my SHIELD tab.
Today is August VN release day!!   I'll be grabbing the imouto-ge from feng and the card game from astronauts.           EDIT: Wow, they managed to mess up the image URL by censoring....
Utawarerumono getting a new anime next season!! HYPE     Remember the first anime from almost 10 years ago? I sure don't.
Hmm... I don't remember this track in the OST album..... Finally got to CM3D2 in its highest GFX settings on my new PC.The textures are still low-res despite this game being 10GB.... what's all that data then? Holy Schiit!!! My mom just came in I see why some games have a "panic key" built-in now..... CM3D really should have one.I've been a full-time laptop user for the past 9 years, playing on a desktop is a completely different experience....It feels like I'm taking a...
Just started Okusama ga Seitokaicho......... wow, uncensored softcore p0rn.
New Posts  All Forums: