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Nop... I haven't got time to play any VNs lately.....
I still have no clue how this works.... got some instructions for your fellow aamml-er?
What the heck is this?!?I don't really get it....
I've seen this post linked at least 5 times in the last month LOL but yeah, it's getting pretty ridiculous..... and I'd have to say that half this stuff is caused by the fact that JS is a horrible language.
 I thought it was all over the place and confusing af..... still have no idea what this show is about.
coincidence, I just saw it on nyaase and remembered that I never finished the game.
Yep, I kept telling myself not to read it late at night... I never learn... and now I'm really curious what bear meat tastes like lol.
Finished Planetarian anime, probably the only title where I liked the adaptation more.   I fell asleep a few times playing the game by the anime's pacing is just right for me.   dem feels tho....
Somehow managed to recover all my data after a whole week of trying many different techniques.Turns out that only the partition table and RAID metadata was corrupted, the file system itself was still intact so I mounted the disk with the correct byte-offset and everything is there
probably not? it's by illusion... one of the biggest p0rn game studios...
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