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LOL This. @Tokyo ESP Seems like all the budget went to the ED.... :/
@Jinsei 05   LOL @ "リア充爆発しろ"  
 Hmm, never tried them.... but then it's just google translate right? I approve of all 2D cosplays :D
Wow... this actually seems legit!
lol that song...... so much :cringe: the moment that started the "rap" part. Wait.... didn't you play VNs in Japanese?Well I couldn't read Japanese that well either, maybe at 1/8th the speed of which I read English. I suck at TL but here's what I can come up with.....日本ニーソックス協会のHPに「アニメニーソ」という新カテゴリが創出!A new category called "anime kneesock" appeared on the Japanese kneesocks association's HP (Home Page?) !初の二次元モデルとしてエストとにーそっくすすが登場します!Something along the lines of Est being...
Just read ~140 posts.... nth much to quote.Got 12 new anime to watch too... Meh not a fan of cosplay ...I don't recognize most of those characters .....  lol wut?Since you brought up the topic, I went to their official site last time looking for wallpapers of Est.... and failed, instead I found a MMD model of Est.Anyway, what's really (not) surprising was that this anime project is officially collaborating with the Japanese knee-socks association (TL from: 日本ニーソックス協会)which...
It's usually one of the default formats in your computer. lol 
Not really..... most nowadays use 32-bit (or even 64-bit) floating point processing.
In the digital domain 24-bit audio will have a noise floor of around -144dB, but in reality no DACs have been able to reach that theoretical limit, so even with the best DACs you will only get around 21-bit resolution (124dB). That's still better than 16-bit, but wait!Trying to hear the fine details that could only be presented in 24-bit audio is like trying hear the person beside you breathing while a jet is flying right over your head.... no exaggeration here.
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