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 That's totally fine if you're not into signal processing~
  Welcome back~ :D
This deserves a post here :p   Programmers in a nutshell lol  
holy moly.........  What are you gonna do with all those transistors?
Awesome! :D
Crazy university WiFi lol     DL-ing new anime at 8MB/s:
You know what else I don't understand?why "High Priestess" is pronounced "Highpri Estess" in Japanese. I just don't get it.
congradz! :D I went through the entire database looking for shows I've watched when I first joined.Took me only 3 days :p but now the DB is much larger than it was then.
@Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku   Oh My God!! Isn't that the robot from Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa (AKA: Luputa: Castle in the Sky) to the left there?    
IMO headphones should be robust enough such that it doesn't matter how you store them....
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