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Not sure. My MBP isnt my daily driver anymore, it's always plugged in when I need to use it (mainly to open design files or test stuff under OS X for work)
dont worry, pretty soon you wont have a choice..... I upgraded because of a bluetooth bug.
 but the frame rate mang.... so much *cringe* when it stutters at single digit fps.
@Chaos;Child 00   oh cool a summery of Chaos;Head   hope I won't spoil myself on the anime, I'm still far from the VN's true end and I heard it was mind blowing.
@Kuzu no Honkai   Absolutely beautiful.
 It's crap, but I can't resist the loli imouto....
finished Hand Shakers ep1. love the loli imouto, chuuni fights, music and artwork. hate the nauseating animation and cringy script.   never thought I'd see frame rate issues in an anime, gotta a prep a barfbag for next week.
@Hand Shakers   wow... single digit frame rate drops in the opening cinematic.... talk about first impressions :/ and this doesn't even have to be rendered in real-time.   dunno about you guys, the rendered props just looks out of place to me...   and something about the way they combined with drawn animation is giving me motion sickness, I think my brain is confused.
 I'm playing on a Nvidia SHIELD, it's a gaming tablet. 250ms sounds serious..... never seen latency that bad, are you sure the system offset is at 0?
So... what do you guys usually use the knives for? unboxing / cooking?
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