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Duct Tape.and yeah, flashy lights are annoying.
RIP  ; _ ;We'll all miss the glorious plot physics.
  Super confused when I first saw this..... but then I remembered that in weeb-land: circle = right tick/cross = wrong   also shame on me, I can't do simple floating point arithmetic in my head anymore.
I don't even get how that DRM works..... if I can play it on screen, I can record it with a video capture card.
 It's okay, I personally can't stand live-action movies and realistic-looking human drawings. one day my brain just decided it doesn't like normal human faces anymore.
Everyone needs to install this:
But then there's also the thing with [[SPOILER]]  Then again, I might be overthinking this... Yoko Taro writes his plot based on maximum feels delivery, it's entirely possible that there's no complete picture to begin with.
so... anyone got what actually happened in the world of NieR: Automata? I'm totally confused... [[SPOILER]]
 Welcome aboard the OST pre-order hype train The first batch of albums feature a bonus CD with "8-bit" remixes of all the tracks~ ... you'll come across the "8-bit" tracks on your 2nd playthrough after ending A.
omg is everyone watching Kemono Friends this season?   It's like a survival mystery packaged as a kids' show..... plus discovery channel animal facts, brilliant!   Can't wait to see how this show ends and what kinda theories there are for the dark secrets behind japari park.... I'm putting my money on secret research facility on a remote island disguised as a zoo / theme park. (something like ever17 crossover with jurassic park?)
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