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I actually DO have a RAID.... it's just that I was stupid enough to put my music outside the RAID while putting everything else less important in there.... What was I thinking....
Do tell me in a spoiler tag.... because I've watched all fifty-something eps of Higurashi AND all 26 eps of Umineko.....
OMG I managed to mount my dead apple HDD after running some repairs on it and found the music inside intact!!!! So happy I'm gonna cry.... excuse me while I go do that...
Don't you mean one of the characters?They're not even the same person.I wouldn't call that related.... unless it's not what I'm thinking of.  Oh btw after watching Umineko, whenever ∆λ comes up in physics, I think lambda-delta
Oh me me ME! I thought it was pretty good but ImperialX who's played the VN said it was crap (or something along the lines). It's not related to Higurashi in any way though. Nope and I still hate myself for it.... I have data redundancy for everything BUT my music.... serve me right.
Yeah... Nah, it was probably due to an improper power-off I'm trying to repair the disk right now. *fingers crossed*Though my SanDisk thumbdrive is 100% dead, not hoping for much in the Apple HDD either.
Welp.... just got the damage report for my dead server yesterday and the results aint pretty....   1x SanDisk Ultra (32GB) - Dead 1x Apple HDD (1TB) - Dead ALL MY EFFING MUSIC INSIDE THE APPLE HDD (Approx. 600GB)     FML.
Ubuntu Kylin... for Chinese users..... WAT DA FLAC???  
Ohh That makes sense! How? "精霊使い" is way easier to read than "ブレイドダンス".That's normal right...?
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