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yeah, I've been working on the v3s lately. probably wont be a while until I get to play with those monsters tho... crazy stuff.
oh....... schiit.hope that still works... :s all the CPUs looks so tiny after working with LGA2011 for a while lol
do enlighten me lol
OSX refuses to update to sierra without the power plugged in......................... :/   gawd.... I hate how they are treating me like an idiot, I know what I'm doing mom.   Even though I miss some OSX features from time to time, it's these kinda things that assures me that I've made the right decision by leaving for linux. Sweet, sweet, freedom.
windows / your player should convert it automatically to whatever your system setting is because no physical DAC can actually decode float, it's only used in music production. btw, 32-bit float means {24-bit number} to the power of {8-bit number} so that's 32-bits total.
Sorry folks, that's it for the trailer, now go buy the novel! ... is what I speculate they were going for but I haven't read it myself so I can't tell. but yeh I completely agree with you: unfinished/10.  Uhhh... software portability is usually inversely proportional to performance.Unless M$ comes up with something magical, I don't think it's gonna help if not make it worse performance-wise.
Oh boy that's gonna be fun...... I'm willing to bet that the new client will be the current web one fused together with chromium and packaged nicely into a "cross-platform" app. If not? I'd be pretty impressed with what they came up with. (which I'm secretly hoping will be the case with minimal expectation)
Guess what I do in the control room when the shows are actually running lol There's actually not much to do in the actual show for people not making the music because most of the work is done before hand.Technical roles in the live run shouldn't be much more than pressing the GO button at the right times.(unless something goes wrong that is... then you're in deep deep schiit :p )
 Very nice! and yeah potting is pretty effective discouragement, trying to reverse engineer that stuff never ends well for me..... is that a flip-chip on the 2nd pic? how much does one of these cost btw?  I might actually get an iPhone SE later this year to experience iOS, the last time I had an i-device was the iPod touch (gen 2) and that one drowned in the rain years ago.
 Haha, can't wait for the results!   Installed Windows on my server machine to do some testing... here's my obligatory Shizuku-chan screenshot: 
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