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OMG! It's a relic of the past! Anyone remember GeoCities? I shure don't, I was only a baby when it was still a thing.
The only time you're motivated to work is when you can't.   I wanna get some work done damnit!! (left my main laptop in my office, now I'm stuck with my old MBP.)   Even when I can access to all the data when my daily backup kicks in at 0230, it's a PITA to setup a work environment from scratch.
nah, the current one is fine the way it is.
neps at work with my awesome stand ~  
saved. so simple yet expressive, I like it.
  dat timing :o
 GJ man!  I didn't find anything particularly wrong with mine besides the corners of the 2 aluminum blocks being a bit sharpthe gloss finish is a bit hazy as you've mentioned but it doesn't really bother me that much... upon further careful inspection under a light, I did in fact find some uneven lacquering on the left earcup.
my neps arrived, love em
dun really remember, I think around april?
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