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Ooh Steinway Grand!
Time to do homework due tomorrow! *looks at my messy desk* Hmmm... I suppose I should do some cleaning first. ... Now on to my homework! *looks at my TODO list* Hmmm... I suppose I could work on that project I abandoned years ago, besides I might get some new ideas now. ... *the next day* FUUUUUUUU MY LIFE!!!!!!
Finished Saki season 2.... cliff hanger... Oh well, not that there were much plot to begin with.   time to do the rest of my homework due in 12 hours...
What are you talking about? It's the best show this season!
Nein. LOL OK :D
The show started with a fighting scene on ep1. lol
Not sure why but I thought she looked like lelouch for a moment there.  Oh and what's the point of transparent censoring??  [[SPOILER]]
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