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Told myself to write the script to fix my music library so I could actually listen to music again this morning...... instead I surfed the web for the entire afternoon and DL-ed Rewrite.   How did this happen??? orz
 No offense to anyone who's into art but TBH I don't see much of a difference between this and the other sculptures IRL.Especially the sculptures back in my high school's art expo every year. :/
@Seirei Tsukai 03 OMG BEST SHOW THIS SEASON !!!!1111!1!11!!! Instant 10/10!  [[SPOILER]]
That's a good thing, because you won't try to do anything about them.It's much worse to have worked half-way through something until you realize you can't do anything about them...
LOLGuess I'll start Rewrite soon.... I'm already playing 3 games at the same time, one more wouldn't hurt
Yep, In fact I wrote 2 sociology essays on the series, It's not THAT bad TBH Despite that, I kept me entertained for over 100 hours. EDIT: wait... are you talking about the animation total eclipse?
This sound like Muv-Luv.... for the first 30 or so hours, It's pretty boring but the next 80 hours blew my effing mind.
Soo.... just how violent is this blood-c anyway.... can I just watch the last Ep?
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