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IIRC, you were doing military service in SG right?What are you studying now? Not really. I felt way more stupid back when I was doing the IB.Mainly because I'm now studying something I enjoy. lol..... =_= I see "FPGA" in the background. :p
 Is that gundam build fighters? looks good to me :p
LOL Wut? I don't see how these can be fun to watch......do they do commentary along side?do they type fast so it doesn't get too boring?
@Shimoneta 09   ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finished Tou no ****a no Exercitus       It's basically the same RPG / card game as their previous title Verethragna with different settings and characters.   This game is quite a bit shorter, I finished the game in 2 days while Verethragna took me almost a week. there's less h-content too, 67 vs 96 scenes.   System is much more refined compared to the last game but this time they were being a bit too generous on EXP IMO. The previous game was hardcore btw, I...
First season?
@Charlotte 09   Woah....... that came out of nowhere.....
lol wut?  
lol nice, I've thought about getting one before but I ended up getting an android tab due to its low performance/price ratio.I later realized that a tablet wasn't enough as my daily driver for college life so I got an ultrabook.Then I started playing games..... I bought a desktop last week.story of my wallet. lol Didn't you just empty your pockets on a Surface Pro?
lol, I just finished ep09 myself. Dat F/SN tho..... so random.
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