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I still havent got time for the game series... :(
There's always Kururu in the OP :p
uh... what? If you meant that literally then no, I never  kissed my mom.
Great in-game music, arguably better than the FF series. I didn't play Touhou much myself simply because I couldn't.... not even on easy mode.But I did buy 7 of the games for the music + support.
lol yeah,  I do that alot when I don't know how to read some kanji. because it's needlessly complex for the modern world, back then it made sense because knowledge = power and they didn't want peasants to gain power.But it's not the 21th century! a language should not be this complex! one should not have to remember 2-3k abstract symbols before being able to communicate!It's still in use now because we couldn't get rid of it... they tried by inventing simplified Chinese...
Dat burger!  
Took me a while to realize tube refers to vacuum tubes lol.... at first I was thinking of the London Tube, then I was thinking of a generic plastic tube..... But yeah, that's normal. A well-designed tube amp should not distort the signal giving you "tube sound". Personally I hate them because they're obsolete, has old documentation and generally a PITA to work with due to size, high voltage and need for a heating element.
YAY~ not out on leopard yet... What? where were you? Me neither.... and I've been learning it for thee past 15 years.This has to be the biggest mistake in human civilization. Not so much in the latest Ep.He's like Kirito now. This. It's the ship girls.But I didn't like many of the girls so it was meh for me. "Innovation"
I always thought the Leopard-Raws comments section is an interesting place.... They have  Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese all on a single page:  
The anime is meh because they tried to cramp everything into the VN ;) AFAIK the 2 are not related.
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