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I used to do that alot.... until I found out that I could make PCBs cheap in china.
I don't hate the show.... I just find it extremely boring.The awesome music kept me watching until half-way through season 2. My enjoyment graph is like [enjoyment  = 1/ep]I thought it was gonna be epic when [[SPOILER]]
Awesome :D
Self-proclaimed :pThough I agree. Noa best girl! Wow~ does that actually work?
DanMachi's OP/ED album covers:  
 the limiter can only be disabled after they go nuts!  "logic"
It's ok, characters like that takes some time. (wishful thinking) It was a "software destruction program" they say.... I'll schiit myself if I fire that thing expecting it to hack into the android.
This : > but I want more kururu too..... Been waiting for this since season 1 :D @Plastic Memories 05 Why were the androids made this strong to begin with? Don't even get me started on the malware injection gun.... I could play watch dogs with that thing.EDIT: "software destruction program" my arse, that's a railgun!
5 seasons of teekyuu? WTF? I remember dropping this at season 1 ep 1 :/
Nah, the h-scenes are all in VN mode. Probably.... guess I wasnt  paying attention.I'm not sure why but I always feel sleepy watching this show... Will watch later :) nerds can socialize with machines or other nerds.I'm a chinese programmer (kinda) and I'll just feel awkward and nervous if a normal female human tries to socialize with me.    
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