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I've been typing a bit more English than usual at work lately so I tried forcing myself to type using the correct way (i.e. fingers on the home row, use all 10 fingers). I can immediately see how this can be really fast if I got used it it, for the record my typing speed for english was 23 WPM the last time I checked.   I've kinda developed my own hand placement over the years with both my thumbs on the modifier keys, left pinky on the Esc and right pinky on the...
I don't know why but that looks completely normal to my brain.
My unibody MBP still has an indicator on the side :) Haha! gotta love jokes like these
back in the days when Macbooks are white, I bring a spare battery pack to school instead of a charger~ good ol' days (not really, they suck after 300 charge cycles.... if I charge my laptop everyday, that's less than a year) but still, I could replace the battery and HDD with my bare hands back then.
I'm still using my 4 yr old MBP for work too (couldn't do away with Apple entirely because my work consists of writing Mac Apps) beefed up with 8G RAM and a 128GB SSD along the way and it's still very nice to use on the latest OS X. I also rip all my CDs on this laptop because.... it's my only machine with a CD drive now lol.
oh cmon, it's not like you own one of these things and now you have to deal with its problems   my current laptop is almost 2 yrs old and it won't be another year until I'll consider getting a new one.and I'm glad the new Macbook (beta) won't be on my list when that happens.
 I'm one of those people who thought I won't need 16.... now I'm regretting it.  Franz (chromium-based multi-chat client) - 3GBFirefox - 1.3GBlinux + Gnome + basic system stuff - 0.7GThunderbird - 0.3GShinjiru (AniList client) - 0.3G now I have just over 2GB for actual work, run a few java programs or a virtual machine and *boom*.
 I code for a living and I don't use the mouse at all.keyboard shortcuts all the way man~ but in all seriousness, most seasoned programmers don't produce large files.all of the files in my current project are under 150 lines.
 but that's the problem man! 10 years ago if you had a mac, you're the cool kid.It used to be THE premium machine for power users and professional work.now they have to cater for the average user and it's crappy for us.
Well, first gen of all new designs tends to have their quirks. WOW, my archlinux machine with bleeding-edge software updates is officially more stable than a 2016 Macbook Pro! W00T! Well done Apple, now I can boldly make the claim that archlinux is "stable"!
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