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@LH2 - 03   lol what is she sitting on?  
 It's that multi-touch trackpad that keeps me using Mac... (T_T)Would've switched over to linux long ago if it wasn't for that.... This too I agree :pI like how my Macbook can stand on its side  
 I've never used iOS so I wouldn't know lol but I don't really like the whole transparency thing. In fact, even though I've already used OSX for over 8 years now, the only Apple features that I liked are the Trackpad, TimeMachine and Spaces (AKA: Mission Control). Other than those, I'm really just using Mac for the Unix OS.
WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??? (UI looks horrible IMO.... not gonna upgrade my Macbook.)
Time to play Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse! This is one of the rare cases of a VN based on a Manga.   And yes, they managed to dish out an even crappier main menu than Muv-Luv Alternative.... I don't even see an "exit" option.  
@Yuuki Yuuna ... 01   I thought it was a SoL anime at first lol, kinda reminds me of Madoka (the Mahou Shoujo designs and battle scenes). Really liking the OST so far.
??? @Ore Twintail Nope...... no matter how much I like twintails and kneesocks there's simply no way I'm gonna watch this...... :/Why can't you even follow the usual formula and deliver the moe? (T_T) Here's the most amusing thing I found in the whole ep: 
Hmmm.... paper from the uni I'm studying in right now.... lol
 Would have been something I'd try to do if I wasn't on a hiatus from electronics/audio right now....I have a FPGA development board laying right on my desk lol. (It's the Zedboard in case you're interested :p ) But right now I'm really busy working on web services for my anime club, so no.
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