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 W00T finally!I've been waiting since she first appeared in the OP in ep2.loli vampire ftw :3
Finished Grisaia no Rakuen!   It was fun and action-packed but the plot was rather predictable, no mind-blowing moments. I like how they took the H elements out of the main story, wish more games would do this. Game system had all the features that I needed, progress indication was awesome, but the settings UI was a bit cumbersome.   8/10     Interested to see how they plan on putting two 30-hour games into a 12-episode anime.
@Grisaia no Rakuen   Oooh~ is that a lenovo/IBM thinkpad in the background there?     The blue return key was a huge hint. Looks like a T410 or something even older.... it doesn't have the "lenovo" label on the cover.  
This..... lol. Speaking of kancolle, I recently found another character that I like besides Hibiki..... the wo-class aircraft carrier!
saitom +1 :)some of my most memorable artists / circles:Kurosawa Pict, Kikurage, ALPHa, kuma-puroTORA MACHINE, Noraneko No Tama's vanilla ones.
This lol.@miceThe tube confused me for a moment at first too, but it really just comes down to experience when it comes to assembling cables... Or electronics in general.
There's really no coloring standards for cables in consumer electronics.You'll have to use a multimeter to test which is which using the original jack.In the worse case, the wires might not even have different colors...
Its not like that cable needs any extra strain relief anyway.I never put heatshrink on my cables.
yeah, the CS one. Well hard to say, I haven't taken any data structures courses in another university.Mine covers: space/time complexity (big-O), linked-lists (single/double/circular), stack, queue,trees (traversal, binary search tree, AVL trees, B trees, heaps), hash tables (open/closed),sorting (bubble, insertion, selection, quick, merge, heap, shell, radix), graphs (adjacency matrix/list,topsort, shortest path {DFS, BFS, Dijkstra}, min spanning tree {Prim, Kruskal},...
Wow...... :/
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