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 "yandere issues" XDD
 what OS? the only Windows I know is the galgame runtime.
same here. yandere is fine too. personally I like win10 more than win7
Oh Schiit!! I clicked on a 18+ VN youtube video while I'm logged in to my company's google account................................   anyway, tomorrow is July's VN release date! I want to checkout Aristear Remain if I have time because I'm huge fan of magic/superpower/sci-fi/chuuni stuff :p     The H-factor in the OP seems rather subtle considering a game by Astronauts
Wow, never even knew this plugin existed.It'll be kinda nice to have a japanese version.... :p
welp.... it turns out that in firefox 'browsing history' and 'recently closed' are 2 different things. it will keep a log of recently closed windows even if I disable browsing history logging.   I found this out the hard way... Ctrl+Shift+N will restore the most recently closed window, I pressed that by accident at work and my most recently closed window just happens to be on e-h. :/
It's so that web crawlers and bots won't find out about the nekomimis! ;)
my company secure their documents with google so I have to login everyday :/
It's so annoying to have to remember to sign out of my company google account after work everyday and login every morning with 2FA.   I have a feeling that eventually my company account will be filled with animu schiit.   #woes_of_bring_your_own_device
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