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Welcome to AAMML! Pretty much most of the people in here are watching Kiseijuu IIRC. (myself included ) It seems like HF started compressing the images uploaded here a while back.... everything looks kinda blurry now. :(
Well, I guess most people don't watch anime for that kinda thing.
 LOL Nice!Dragon Ball (and other mainstream stuff) questions always gets me because I never watched it.... :(
LOLZ It's pretty hard to  believe 100 headphones adds up to a quarter million dollars.
AP = Access Point = geek term for a thing that emits WiFi
I wish I knew how to make music......  I'm currently using Ardour (DAW) and Cadence (Audio/MIDI patch bay) for audio related work. Both are free :D EDIT:HOLY CRAP!! Renoise license costs just $90? Seem like a great deal given all the features.
 Any WiFi adapter that supports operation in AP mode, basically most WiFi cards or USB dongles.On Mac OSX or Linux GNOME you can use the "Internet Sharing" feature, not sure what the Windows equivalent is....
You crazy Americans and your units....
What's CFM You can always buy fans from electronics distributors like mouser or RS, they usually have specs like noise in dB SPL and airflow in m^3/s.
Are those MIDI messages I'm looking at?Crazy. IKR? Same lolz I had when the canto song came up in  symphogear.
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