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b-b-but it's not my fault!Clicked the multi-quote over a few pages then finally quote last messege and only 1 quote comes up...... Dude..... That's seriously overkill......
You can't be serious...... I've lost quotes atleast 5 times in the 2 years I've been here.
I'm asking myself the exact same question.... and yet I'm still watching it...  :/
LOL Are you still in HK? I might be able to fix it for you...
I sure hope so.... in any case, we'll see in 24 hours.
Wait... so is Nyaa going down now?  
There's a cyber ninja behind that!! PS: why windows XP wall paper?
LOL but TBH those sites are probably doing the industry good by bringing more people in....I doubt many people are gonna randomly buy BD for 9k yen without watching it before hand. Same with my VNs, all the ones I bought are the ones I've played and liked.
lol think I qualify for this quiz.... I'll guess red is the heroine because she's on the cover whereas I've never seen blue before
Love this song~    LOLz @ random quotes on VNDB: 
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