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You have to know the maths not actually do it.... as in the final computational step.Here in school I'm required to do it. There's no way you can know what's going on without knowing the maths.
 Ahh somebody gets it :p From what I know, European countries tend to provide a lot of educational subsidies.My friend studying at ICL is paying in excess of 100k per semester as an international student.
You're in germany.....
Yes but not entirely, my parents are paying 2.5k per semester.
Welcome back atom!! :D Haven't seen you around for quite a while~  
 OMG I totally forget we were talking about F! after commuting to school and googled "Renai Sample"...... Fortunately I'm in the anime club room where this stuff is "normal".
Haha, it's a good thing... probably. They spent the whole semester going through Fourier Series, Continuous Time Fourier Tranasform, Discrete Fourier Transform, Discrete Time Fourier Transform, Laplace Transform and Z-Transform. Individually they're not that bad but imagine the whole semester doing nothing but transforms, all of the HW assignments is the same schiit over again.
Basically yeah, I just dropped everything I was doing and played VNs all day long :p lol what were you looking at?   Meh, I skipped 70% of my lectures and didn't do 1x% of my assignments this semester.They were so boring, I learn way better by myself.Some of my assignments consists of doing stupid computations by hand that could (and should) be done on a computer. At the beginning of this semester I was excited about a course called "Signals and Systems" since it has a lot...
 is that like some kinda machine translation tool? interesting.... But then I'd rather not understand 50% of the text than see weird translations, feels really strange when I hear something different to what I'm reading.
Nah, I'll probably slow down a bit now that I'm less stressed IRL. You didn't follow Kill la Kill when it aired?
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