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Oh dear....
It's kinda disappointing that the dialog isn't voiced......
Woah! looks like Fate/Grand Order is out!   I'll check it out now..... (at least watch the OP lol)
LOL sounds legit! @Gakkou Gurashi 04 Physics! 
I can't apply for the new one if I did. If life was some kinda RPG, there'll probably be some glitch to keep both functional :p
青 is a lighter shade of green, it's commonly used in Cantonese speech. Woah...... so I get a free tablet?  Not quite.... but what if I disable WiFi? (i.e. physically damage the WiFi card) Well... then I guess it's no longer a useful tablet lol.... maybe I'll get a chance to dissect my tablet then :p Still, this is some HUGE effort from Nvidia and I appreciate it.
Hmm.... It still kinda gets to me how blue(青) in Japanese means green in Chinese. I think that kanji is hard-wired to the color green somewhere in my brain.....
 LOL nice fix :p
Um... not really? That sounds horrible.... hope you get well soon....
Woah... what happened man? ハイ。
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