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 No, It's 1/4.
Oh damn, I just realized why all the websites are broken...... It's April fools isnt it..... :/
Man, this is HARD!  Especially when the controls dont work very well.
LOL You can play Pacman in Google Maps now
What's wrong with it? Typical ending for this kinda stuff...... Just started Shirobako ep1, I'm having trouble watching this raw..... way too many terms I don't know..... maybe I should just give up and get the subs.
Holy Moly..... did Leopard-Raws' homepage got hi-jacked or something?   The page content was moved up 9000px (so it's hidden) and all the background images got replaced with cosplay pics (instead of the usual artwork).
I've been reading Nanamaru Sanbatsu recently. (Mainly because our anime/manga society is hosting a quiz competition and we're also using a DIY buzzer machine)
Nah, I'm only watching 40.32% of the shows this season.
Alright~ time to compile my watch list for the next season......   Danna Season 2 Oregairu Season 2 Re-Kan! Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no  wa Machigatteiru Darou ka? (Danmachi) Nagato Yuki-chan no Shou****su Vampire Holmes Shokugeki no Shouma Kyoukai no Rinne Denpa Kyoushi Owari no Seraph Highschool DxD BorN Gunslinger Stratos Fate/Stay Night UBW Season 2 Plastic Memories Kekkai Sensen Arslan Senki Triage X Erotama Punch line Nesekoi: Sidonia no...
Nice~This reminds me that I still have MajiKoi to finish...... lol
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