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I have 2 types of exams.... ones that are so easy that I don't have to study for and ones that are so hard that it won't make a difference weather I study or not. :/
Maths exam in 3 hours... knows nothing about the topics, too lazy to study, too lazy to cheat. ... maybe I'll start thinking about how to cheat an hour before the exam :/  Same here..... in 6 hours.
@gensou no idea   lol this deserves a place in the over-sized weapon hall of fame.  
Japan...... explains everything.
This. Kazuki is my fav character from the series!Looking forward to playing Meikyuu and Rakuen after the anime.  Miyuki :3  I still have the game to finish.... it refuses to run on virtual windows.
@cross ange 11   lol wtf did I just watch?
Finished Akame ga Kill!. Great show.
Looks pretty good.... but don't have a steam acc.(and still have a huge backlog of games lol) Oh godd.amit!   Welcome back~
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