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 Oh cool~*clicks*AMAGAWD! IT'S AN OTOME GAME!*runs away*
@Tokyo Ghoul 4   LMAO!!!!     Tokyo Ghoul - Taking smell-fetish to the next level!
Head-fi is my Facebook!
... and I'm one of those people, do enlighten my puny mind. :|
 My new bar... Sexy! :D 
W00T~! I just applied for a API account so I could scrobble music from my yui player   Which currently looks like this with the playlist view open:
Just saw this guy watching anime on the subway so I leaned over to see what it was.... turned out to be the latest ep of Kuro****suji that I haven't watched yet. *instantly looks away in a random direction*
and just how will ping-ing him help?  Looks like he found out the hard way *giggles* Welp.... just pulled another all-nighter programming.... time for anime Friday!
 @All the newer members of AAMML GO BACK AND UPVOTE THAT POST SOME MORE!!! XDDDD ---> <---
Random post on page 8K.
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