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@Ranpo Kitan 05  [[SPOILER]]
no no, I've seen this before.They said the optical signal is mapped to a MIDI synth (piano in this case) so it's plausible IMO.
LOL!!! Is that like a default screensaver?
But it's just a pachinko...... who cares? LOL@gif :D
lol what?
Well damn, looks like the "patch on release" trend got carried over to the VN market too. I don't really mind but is there any excuse for a game that already pushed its release date for 3 months?
Oh those, silly me~
Shouldn't BMX's have good suspension to counter the rough terrain they're designed to go on?
If you travel at 20kmh^-1 on average, that's only 5 hours a day.
My thoughts exactly!
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