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Thats some crazy schiit! :o@Joukamachi no Dandelion Modern day Japan + Kingdom + School + Family + Superpowers = ???
@miss monochrome 2   lol is it just me or does she sound more like GLaDOS this season?
Damn... Is this for real...?
lol.. not gonna react anymore...Just tried gunslinger stratos 2 in the game center cuz anime just ended.the dual wielding mechnism was fun but good lord are the guns heavy....
About a few hundred times would be more accurate. Do you ever get tired of eating or breathing?It's like food for my mind, I need it to stay sane.Even if I don't get my fill of it externally, my mind will generate scenarios with similar lines.
@Angel Beats     Yui: Onii-chan...     :3
Why not both? :p Who's the first one btw?
How about silicone rubber or low-density polyurethane foam?
Dildo robot
Editors trolling behind the scenes? :p Is Jailbreak like the iOS version of rooting? LOL Nice!
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