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@Fate/Kaleid   Dem  
Do tell... what could possibly drive a man to such deep ends of the interwebs?I've never used it in my life.
 lol what are you doing in tor?
Not very, we only post there what we can't post here
It's on the AAMML facebook group
Also, my new toy: ZedBoard from Digilent   A development board for the Xilinx Z-7020: Artix-7 FPGA (85k cells) + Dual-core ARM cortex A9 (666.66MHz)   Here I have Arch Linux installed with KDE :D  
Got Overdriver by ZAQ stuck in my head lol.  [[SPOILER]]
This, same with why eyes / eyebrows are drawn over the bangs.
My thoughts exactly...... so much WTF.but who cares as long as there's action........ right?
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