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Apparently the game will be released in all 3 languages. I guess its not the same line translated?
 Is that a trial version? I thought this was planned for C87...
OMG!!! She's bleeding ink like the school days (anime)  
October 31... Hallows' Eve! VN day!!! Yep, 10 new VNs were released today in Japan~   I'll be checking out:     Unmei Senjou no Phi by Lump of Sugar Hakoniwa Logic by Cabbit   Mayoeru Futari to Sekai no Subete by Lass   3 new games added to my HUGE backlog....
lol I dont get it...?
 Looks like Square Enix CGI........ Especially the second pic.
I wouldn't be bothered by that.After all, your drinking water was probably once someone else's pee
  :D 10 VNs incoming today!!!!Can't wait :3
 Yeah, It's evil :p
Just finished euphoria by ClockUp.... 5am over here.... Overall: 8/10     I've only played the main story line because I found this game rather... disturbing... According to my CG collection, I've only unlocked 687/1551 CGs so really, I haven't even seen half the stuff this game has to offer.   Liked: - Story - Core themes - Main Theme (Rakuen no Tobira) - Logo (my current DP) Disliked: - BDSM / Scat - Frequency of H-scenes - BGM   I heard some of the...
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