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I'd argue that it was necessary to convey their taboo theme... oh yeah, that too :p
not really? It's not the same fan service kinda thing.... and HxH is just... hentai. I find it hard to imagine what the original LN was like.
    Welp.... gotta figure out how I can make that international call.... I've never made one before and my phone doesn't have it enabled.   and I really do hope the guys at the carrier office can speak english..... my japanese is terribad...
@bloodivores   I think they only wrote the script for the first episode..... explains quite a lot. The plot concentration is actually on par with most SoL VNs.   not that I'm complaining, I still enjoyed watching this, the action had me on the edge the whole time. if someone asks me what it was about, I probably couldn't say a single word.   @Occultic;Nine Chaos;Head - plot + "plot" seem somewhat accurate?
thanks, I'm already having eargasms from the violins.
Ouch..... Where did you find the instrumentals? I've been looking for them...
oops, dyslexia kicking in
You should checkout seagate's archive drives if you're not gonna access your data a whole lot.
This is awesome, I didn't know momo could sing in Chinese.     meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my copy of their new album from amazon..... #HYPE
media archiving, workstation, game streaming server.
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