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I swear I've seen this cover sometime in my childhood...... what's the original title?
Game genres in NieR: Automata - RPG - Action - Danmaku - Shooting - Side-Scroller - Novel   I wonder if they'll pull a Rhythm Game like the end of DoD/Drakengard 3...   (yeah, I couldn't wait, went and watched Japanese live streams)
I probably should.... and the leaked details says it's gonna be on steam in a few weeks, I'm probably better off getting that.
Damn... ok guess I'll have to ask a friend in japan to help me buy redeem cards.
So.... NieR came out today in Japan. Anyone has experience buying from the Japanese PSN Store? Seem kinda hard to get my dirty gaijin money in there...
stars under her skirt? you we have a non-perv reason to look up there.... maybe.
 A director known for messing with the player making a mobage which is designed to milk money....... yeah, no thanks.The title is written in katakana but it could be in interpretated as "Alice of Death". I can't wait to see how he's gonna use the gatcha system to make the players despair  
LOL good luck~ detecting if you've got it right will probably be kinda hard tho...Dem sexy service diagrams back in the good ol' days
fanboy here, being butthurt. but seriously tho, I haven't had anything break on me and I only use Firefox on both my Mac and Linux machine..... and I'm a web developer. Maybe there's some problems with Firefox on Windows??? I've never done any serious browsing on Windows before.  Noire <3
@Akiba's Trip Ep01   I think the title was suppose to be "Akiba sTrip".....
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