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i guess if it not officially released until 8 nov (according to pricejapan) and after that when actual owners can play with the settings, how exactly can anyone inc sony reps(?) say for 100% yes or no? it is all speculation until then.
has anyone been able to confirm if the japanese versions have an english language option presented at setup?
 have you got the link?
anyone know how to sync/use/import itunes playlists into jriver? is there a feature within jriver that keeps a playlist imported from itunes in sync?
£203 currently on amazon uk. most other uk retailers doing them for £249  
+1 mp3 320cbr all the way here too. just makes it easier to access my music across a whole range of av devices rather than re-ripping to a format that will only work on certan devices.
got myself a neil young edition
 the ui found on an idevice may well be nice. but at the expense of sq. what do you prefer, nice ui or better sq? exactly how nice does a ui need to be able to play an album from start to finish?
but what do ibasso, fiio, ak, sony and all others bring to the game that hasn't already been done? the pono may or may not bring anything new to your game, only your ears can decide if it brings anything new or not. ayre aren't stupid. the designers aren't stupid. there is a reason why it is that shape. if it sounds as good as people are saying then bring on the shape. the ny signature only cost me £240. a risk going into the unknown? who cares. £240 is not a bank breaker...
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