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Ok, now I believe in it, only one guy answered on eBay and said it was real. Just like Elfary's feedback above he compared it to the real one and it looks (and sounds) genuine, except for the thicker back.   I'll be ordering one maybe next week. Be sure I'll post a little review with detailed pics on the forum ;)   If he sells the original drive for a high price (genuine) and installs the drive above in it he could earn some nice cash, that's the only way it could be genuine...  
The cable and the earphones are close to always fakes on eBay, simply because fake Apple earbuds and cables cost nothing compared to the genuine ones. The only genuine Apple accessories I buy are chargers, that's all. Don't want a house fire or a broken iThingy just for being a cheap ass ^^    Does Paypal offer any support when you receive a fake? In the description they mention clearly it's an 'Apple iPod Classic 7th Gen', so they're supposed to sell genuine...
Maybe it's just a random screenshot they found to paste on this picture... I really want this to be legit :P   What about the 99% positive feedback and 18 units sold?
Hello,   I'm buying an iPod Classic soon, but the 160GB seemed a bit close for me (I have 150GB of music I want to store on it). That's why I have searched for alternatives, but nothing at all had bit perfect playback (Pure i20 dock with S/PDIF) for when I'm at home and a reasonable price.   I found that it's possible to upgrade the HDD to 240GB, I searched for that on eBay and I found an already modded iPod Classic 7G. What surprised me is the price: 190€,...
I would be happy with direct audio via USB (dock connector -> USB-B -> DAC). Using a Pure i-20 dock for digital sound to my DAC, the only way to have good sound with my iPhone (or via the AirPort Express, but the APEx haves no clock -> a lot of jitter).   On the go I use the line out of the iPhone to a portable amp, decent enough for me because in my case: on the go =/= serious listening.
Downloading is the solution! Forget about it, megaupload died =P
Zowie EC1 + Razer Destructor   Had a Razer Imperator, but the left button broke for some reason, got a cash back and wanted to try the Zowie EC1 => The EC1 haves better ergonomics, I kept it :D
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