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I oredred the iPod, still waiting for it to arrive.When I receive it I'll post a review with detailled pics
Is the sound card set on 2.0 ?
It doesn't have to be complicated: - Leave windows volume @ 100% - Plug in your headphones when you need them only - Leave your speakers connected and use the receiver's volume control (line out bypasses the E10 volume pot)
1 Headphone output: 2 Bass Boost Switch 3 Volume Control 4 connector: 5 coaxial output: 6 LINE OUT connector   You can connect your speakers on the line-out, if they're amplified, which I suppose they are since they're computer speakers. You'll have to ask to the customer service of Fiio to know if you can use both head-out & line-out @ the same time, I'm really not sure.
HFI-580 FTW! They're God dayum good!   I have the 680 because I wanted a little less bass.
I think he wants to connect his speakers to the E10 too, not to the computer directly. Or maybe I misunderstood everything :P
I don't think it's possible, you'll need to unplug your headphone every time.
A DAC is a kind of sound card, that's why it will definitely improve the SQ. For SQ most of the time: DAC > Sound card @ same price But it does not support volume control and doesn't have a headphone output. That's why it needs an additional headphone amp to feed headphones.   There also are a lot of DACs with a headphone output (headphone amp integrated) and volume control too, they're more 'all-in-one' solutions. The Fiio E10 is the last kind of DACs I talked...
With the thicker back, which protective case would fit? An iPod Classic 5G case?
For portable use, 256kbps is indeed enough. For home use, FLAC is a no-brainer.   I put everything in ALAC on my iPhone, because I use my iPhone for home listening too (Pure i20 dock // AirPort Express). That's why I'm getting an iPod Classic (modded to 240GB), I want a lot of music for home and portable use.
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