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Hey,   Selling an AirPort Express, latest gen. Only used it for about 40h with my DAC & toslink. It was bought a good 6 months ago and comes with original box and accessories and is in perfect condition.   If you want this I'll include a Mini Toslink to normal Toslink adaptor.   Price is with shipping included to Europe. Beware UK buyers: this is with a EU plug, you can buy an Apple UK plug on eBay for a pound or two if you want this.   I accept...
The sound isn't bad, it just sounds like any other portable Apple product I had (my first Apple product was an iPhone 3Gs). It's not world class sound, but very good for portable use ;)
Review posted!   Still 'work in progress' ;) Going to bed now, it's midnight here :P
Modded iPod Classic 7G 240GB   The 160GB iPod Classic was not enough for my needs, so I started searching for alternatives. I found no good alternative with enough space that is easy to use and plays lossless files digitally for when I'm at home (Pure i20 dock i.e.), that's why modding an iPod seemed to be the best way to go. A new iPod Classic 7G 160GB costs 259 euro here! A 240GB drive would've costed me an extra 100 euros... That's a total of 359 euros, a bit too...
Ordered from 'kaijessy'. He said 'original Apple earphones included' If I'm an *ss and he ships fake earphones I could annoy him with Paypal But I obviously don't give a sh*t about the earphones :P Edit: I'm going this afternoon to the post office, can't wait !
LoL my friends always wonder why I have my Little Dot / HD650 rig because they think my Ultrasone HFI-680 sounds way better. Got the HFI-680 to sound fun on the road, and the HD650 to sound perfect at home :3 Some actually think the HD650 rig sounds better, but isn't really worth it...   Lovin' my tubes <3   Didn't see anyone with a 240 or 256GB SSD on this thread, but you could ask.   My 240GB HDD modded iPod arrived today, but I wasn't at home, will be posting an unboxing tomorrow ;)
Hello,   I'm not traveling a lot so I don't really need this headamp... It would be stupid to just keep it since I'm using it maybe 5 times a year.   This little guy was bought last summer from Headroom on eBay for +- €100 incl. shipping, the extra import tax was 40 euro... I'm selling this with it's original box and accessories with two extras:  - 4 Sanyo Eneloop AAA batteries, only charged 5 times They are special batteries holding their charge longer:...
Thank you Harman for ruining an amazing company, again.
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