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  M-Audio AV30 or AV40 are reasonably priced and offer good quality, if you like a nice design the Focal XS Book but it's way too expensive ;P
  I wouldn't say brand new, the motherboard could be second hand. But the exterior should be indeed brand new, the HDD too.
  They say this because they're modded and sold w/o original box. This is what I think: the exterior is 100% new (new parts) but the main board is refurb. Also when they make the mods sometimes they make little scratches on the exterior, in my case it looked 100% new. Even the dock connector was new, no traces of use.
Just wasted 20 euros on this ^^ (the 'P' bag)   Shipping to Europe was cheap, I HAD TO!
Update: received the new screen for free after contacting the seller some weeks ago, finally found time to install it. No more dead pixels FTW!
Why would anyone want this headphone? According to my source there are better (and cheaper!) headphones available!         Had to do it :P
I had a similar budget and went for the HD650 / Little Dot MKIII / Little Dot DAC_1 combo. Eargasmic!
I tried to fill it @ 99% => works perectly! All the information about the songs haves to be saved in the RAM memory of the iPod, I think the 5.5g iPod haves less RAM than the 7G. Maybe if I manage to fill the iPod with 128kbps songs it will have difficulties, but I'm syncing everything @ lossless. This means I can put a good 8000 songs in the iPod which shouldn't be a problem for the RAM, but 240GB @ 128kbps would be enormous. FINALLY an advantage for audiophiles :P
Nice, will try it when I have time!
The 7th generation isn't compatible with Rockbox. You could ask the seller to make an older generation with a 240GB drive. 5.5G and lower can be rockboxed.
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