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      Thanks for advice! I recently met a guy with A LOT of vintage stuff (his passion -> repairs and sells), when I'll have the cash I'll know where to start :D
  Exact same thing here! Atm I use a cheap Class-D amplifier from eBay to drive my Epos Epic 5 speakers, the sound is still good but not nearly as good as my HD650s, if you forget about soundstage of course :P Piano solos in example sound harsh, unrealistic on the speakers but delightful and subtle on the HD650.   Still saving for a real integrated ... I'd like a Vincent SV-227 (hybrid), maybe the Creek Evo2 if I can't save enough.   Now of course Intel just released the...
  I found the H6 extension on eBay, I'm sure you'd still be able to find it (new).   EDIT: nvm, didn't understand you were talking about a software problem.
I have the Little Dot MK III and the HD 650 too (fed by Little Dot DAC_1). It's IMO one of the best setups in this price range, the tubes add a little warmth to harsh digital files but the sound seems a bit dark, laid back (typical for the HD650).
Me gusta
Totally forgot them...   Just uploaded them, you can see the pics above.
First time posting here :D   I'm a student, that's why it's a 'bedroom setup' ;)   Just got my speakers: <3   Gear: - Senn HD650 - Little Dot MKIII and DAC_1 - Pure i-20 dock -> iPhone or iPod Classic 240GB - Pioneer LX-424 (got it for 10 EUR today) - Epos Epic 5 - WDTV Live - LG 50PA6500       I had a 80's Hitachi amp, but it wasn't powerful enough to drive the Epics (clipping), the Pioneer (70's) amp can drive them perfectly and is...
Bad ass
  Lian Li makes some sexy, minimalistic cases and are so god damn well made compared to alternatives at same price. Can't go wrong with Corsair, I have the 800D myself and f*ing love it!
  I use the iLuv remote (an interconnect with an apple remote, like original earbuds) that could solve your problem. It's ideal to control your iPhone or iPod withouttaning it out of your pocket.
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