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I'll be there!
Nothing highbrow...just a good old shoot-them-up/bang-them-up books...Vince Flyn's Jack Reacher, the entire series in chronological order.
Just read the entire series of Henning Markel's Kurt Wallander detective novels.
I agree...Etymotics. However, etymotics do not produce a "rich" sound.
After reading all of the positive comments, I bought one of these. Just listened through them yesterday when they arrived. They sounded like crap! Perhaps I got bad copy, a bad set, or I need to do some serious burning in. 
  Mind telling us where you bought these for $55.
I'm working my way through six Henning Markel Kurt Wallendar mysteries...great books, entertaining reading!
I'm really sorry to hear this. After all the laudatory comments that I had readI had decided to replace my Apple ipod  with the J3.  I don't see any of the current models replacing it...too bad!
Does anyone have any idea when these are supposed to be coming out?
GR-08...Is this speculation or is it based on something that you've read?
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