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Let us know how it is. I may pick one up in the future too.
Nope. I only bought the audio only cable from them. I think the mic cable is new as today is the first time I've seen it.
Have you looked into the Zorloo Zuperdac? It's currently on Massdrop for $59.99, but it won't ship until the end of April.'ve never used one but there was one person in the Dragonfly thread who liked his Zuperdac more than the newer Dragonflies. I can't remember who or which Dragonfly though.
I would take the same steps I take when ordering off eBay. Look at seller ratings and pay with a credit card through the site itself and not directly to the seller. Unfortunately there is no PayPal on AliExpress.I'm sure the guys in the K3 thread will tell you which buyers they got theirs from. Here is the search list for all of the V-MODA cables.
There are defenders of each on both sides. Here's the latest impression on the K3 thread. have other compatible models with inline mic and play/pause control too.
AliExpress has an upcoming sale next week and my weakened willpower in the face of audacious Chi-Fi bang for buck has me adding to my cart enough items to best my 5 year history of audiophile gear procurements. Upgrade cables that cost more than the IEMs they're upgrading? Check! Earbuds of all impedances? Check! Entire catalogs of gear from a single manufacturer? Check! Luckily (or not) rent is also due next week and I'm sure my cart will lighten as the clock ticks....
UAPP will upsample to your DAC's highest rate.
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