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To better qualify my statement using an Objective 2 amp as reference:O2>M-100 - 7-8 o'clock on low gainDFR>M-100 - 35-45% software volume (varies depending on song/player)O2>Q701 - 10-11 o'clock on low gainDFR>Q701 - 40-60% software volume (varies depending on song/player)O2>T50rp mk3 - 1-2 o'clock on low gainDFR>T50rp mk3 - 70-85% software volume(varies depending on song/player)
DFR powers my Q701 and T50rp mk3 without issue. Both reach deafening levels.
Good sound, mediocre phone.http://www.androidauthority.com/marshall-london-review-659269/
I've had some success with alleviating comfort issues on the T50rp by using Shure 840 pads and the Mr. Speakers headband. I still get some pain, but that has more to do with my glasses than the headphones. I've taped over half the bass ports and mass loaded the driver with Uhu Tac. I like the sound, but these do not isolate enough for public transportation. For walking around they're great, both in environmental awareness and neck-ability.
Have you done any other mods besides the sheepskin pads? And does it change the sound?
Compared to M-100, LPs are muddy with bloated bass. You can find used M-100s in the classifieds for $150. The Matte Black and Phantom Chrome are on Amazon right now for $219. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00A39PPDK/
I'm not sure. Don't know much about iDevices and DACs.
You can by using USB Audio Player Pro. In the settings just check "Upsample to highest rate," then log in to Tidal using the in-app menu and you're good to go.
I recently posted this in the M-100 thread.   "The effect on sound of the double-ended cable, while subtle, is notable and is now my preferred way to listen to the M-100s. It's hard to describe the difference other than saying it sounds a little... "more." I originally planned to only use the double-ended cable at home, but it sounds so good I put up with the slight annoyances of taking it on the go. Here is my experience.   For portable use it's a bit of a pain as the...
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