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I just looked up my invoice for the V-80 and it turns out I bought it 3 years ago, not five. Just wanted to clear that up.
I actually have all three headband types; Shadow on my V-80, White/Silver on my M-100, and Matte Black on my XS. The V-80 is the oldest one I have, *3 years, and the headband has withstood the most abuse out of the three. I didn't like carrying the case for my V-80 and ending up losing it anyway, so I made it a habit to just toss them into my bag when I was out. For the three years that I used them daily, they barely show any wear and tear outside of some slight color...
Yes, they'll work.
I wear my M-100 and XS at an angle also. They sit better on my head that way.
I've listened to the DT770 80ohm, but that's as much as I can say on the matter. I don't own any Beyers to give any meaningful opinions.
If the M-100s sound is any indicator, then it will sound great, although the XS performs better regarding those genres.
I've dropped mine onto wooden and tile floors, linoleum, and concrete sidewalks. I've even walked with them on my head through a few thunderstorms. I believe your experience is an exception to the rule as the durability claims, in my case, are completely founded.Besides the M-100, I've also dropped my V-80 and XS and both are holding up just as well.
The cracks affect a very small percentage of M-100 owners although it seems like a it happens a lot when 12 people (out of the thousands upon thousands of owners out there) all post on this thread about it. V-MODA will happily fix/replace your unit. Just email them.
I think the lack of CliqFold hinges is due to the color choices, which are the same colors as the Crossfade LP series minus the purple Nero scheme. I understand that the colors delineate a different product line from the M-100, but is it possible that these are just old stock Crossfade LP headbands repurposed for the Wireless model?
New Posts  All Forums: