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I don't have any iDevices, but even my Samsung phone leaving a USB flash drive plugged in via OTG cable drains the battery. It's a symptom the of the tech and not specific to any one device.
Using one of these eliminates the hiss with my DN-2000J and DFR. There's a lot of debate on whether or not impedance adapters do what they're supposed to - increase the impedance of the headphones, not the source and vice versa - but it works for me. I use the 75 ohm one. http://penonaudio.com/3.5mm-Male-to-3.5mm-Female-Impedance-Adapter There's also a Dunu made version. http://penonaudio.com/3.5mm-Inpedance-Plug
I have an S6 and can confirm that Samsung's USB audio implementation of the Dragonfly is very quiet with stock apps. My phone's headphone out can get 40-50% louder on max volume than the Red using stock apps.
You have to use USB Audio Player Pro to get full volume control of the Dragonfly. The app costs about $9, but you can find the trial link here:http://www.extreamsd.com/index.php/uapp-trial
From everything I've read the Mojo sounds better than DFR. There was one person who said he didn't hear that much of a difference and preferred the Red over Mojo, but he was the only one.
I recommend the Audioquest Dragonfly Red for both of you.
It amplifies plenty. Drives my Q701 perfectly.
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DFR sounds great with my triple-driver hybrid DN-2000J and BA A151p.
The output impedance would be that of the amp and not the smartphone.
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