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Does anyone know if the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the new Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat update works with Verza?
I like my icons to match my gear so I made some XS (and M-100) icons to use in Windows. Feel free to grab them.
I've been using the line-out on my Aune T1 to feed the E9 and the combination is superb. I can roll tubes which affect the DAC of section of the T1 while getting a cleaner, more powerful signal through the amp of the E9. As such, my E17 has been relegated to laptop duty. Yesterday, I plugged my E17 back into the E9 to do some comparative listening and noticed that, when docked, my left channel no longer works. The sound from the connection is crystal clear and I hear no...
Just for fun I made some M-100 Windows icons because I like my icons to resemble my gear. I'm new to the DropBox game so if the link doesn't work PM me and I'll email them to you.
Yes. Super, duper comfortable.
I haven't spent much time listening to the Yamaha Pros, but the 400s and 500s are the same exact size. I demoed them back to back.
I have the same problem with my white M-100. On the right earcup, I'm actually getting some wear on the cable itself as the contact point is badly frayed. I sent it to V-MODA but they said that kind of wear is from normal use and they didn't fix it so I fixed it myself with a twist tie.  The added bulk of the twist ties actually make the cables too thick to slide underneath the yokes and, as a bonus, made the M-100 more comfortable to wear.
They are. I checked their website.
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