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The built-in sound my desktop PC's motherboard is downright horrible, but my Asus Zenbook doesn't sound bad. The biggest difference the Zenbook's built-in audio my DACs (V-MODA Vamp Verza and Aune T1) is the DACs provide a clearer, cleaner signal. With the onboard Asus DAC, I can sometimes hear noise when the CPU is working, whereas the Verza is perfectly shielded against all that EMI(Electromagnetic Interference). The boost in sound quality is subtle but definitely better...
It's a safety feature. Did you pop them out with your hands or did it happen when you dropped them?
I always wondered about the production runs of enthusiast products. How many Sennheiser HD800s or Stax SR-009s or Alpha Primes are in existence? The Verza is a modified GO-DAP X. I imagine they just ran off the same production line with the modified V-MODA components. Where's Val with the answer? It's driving me a little batty.
They weren't sold in stores at Best Buy. You could order them from their website. A cheap laptop costs less than $599 at Best Buy. Would an average consumer at Best Buy even know what to think about a $600 DAC/amp from a company they've barely heard of? Now if the Verza, instead of having a white V engraved on it, had a little red b logo, 1k-3k wouldn't have been enough. I'll revise my guess to 250 Matte Black, 125 Black Red, 125 White Orange.
I love my white/orange Verza. Got it used on eBay for $300.  And I don't think the red/black one was discontinued. I think they just sold out. I can't imagine they manufactured a ton of Verzas given that it's a niche product that was, and still is, very expensive. Hey, @valkolton, do you know that total number of Verzas that were manufactured? My guess, 100 of each color.
Just wanted to say that I love, Love, LOVE these presets. They sound amazing with both the M-100 and XS and have reunited me with my ignored Sansa Clip Zip and cMoyBB. Fantastic work!
M-100 Master Edition got nixed. I can't find where I read/heard it, but it was straight from Val.
A buddy of mine has that exact model and they are gorgeous in person. The picture actually makes them look gaudy.
Shadow M-100?   Matte Black?
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