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Since the engravings are etched in white I think the first one will do.
The M-80, and now the XS, are both on his Wall of Fame too. It was actually my love of the M-80 that led me to the M-100. Now I'm just a V-MODA fanboy.
My DAC(Aune T1) doesn't support optical so USB is the method I'm familiar with. "Send stereo mix" sounds much easier.
Sibilance? Non-existent. Same goes for the XS.
XS sounds like a slightly(very slightly) less bassy M-80 with better extended treble.   The M-100 is fine for wearing around as it isn't heavy and folds up to store inside a bag. The one thing it doesn't do well is sit around the neck. The ear cups are a little too big and they press against my throat when looking down. With the M-80 you don't even notice that they're there.   M-100 - More isolation, bigger sound stage, better clarity and overall sound. More...
Make sure your Modi is connected to your PC via USB, NOT optical   - Go to "Control Panel" - Click on "Sound" - Under the "Playback" tab set your Sound Blaster Z as Default Device   - Now go to the "Recording" tab - Find "What You Hear" Sound Blaster Z and set it as your Default Device - Then click "Properties" - Go to the "Listen" tab - Check "Listen to this device" - Under the "Playback through this device" drop-down menu select your Modi - Make sure you have...
LP is much bassier, lacks treble and overall is less refined than the M-100. Also, the LP and M-100 are the same size. Did you mean to compare the size of the M-80/XS to the M-100?
The M-80 has a more circular headband so most of the contact points are on the top of the head creating more pressure on the ears from the clamp of the ear cups. The XS headband is more oval and therefore sits on the head more taking pressure off the ear cups.  
I think the fakes were much more prevalent with the LPs. The Cliqfold hinge on the M-100 made them harder to copy. Are there pictures of the case? The stitching of the logo on fakes is supposed to look crooked or crappy.
@Rozenberg   I highly suggest a Holland Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8. They're relatively cheap and not far off sounding from the more expensive (some consider top of the line) Amperex 7308. I wasn't so keen on what different tubes would sound like, but the difference between the AOG 6DJ8 and the EH6922 is literally night and day. I'm so sure of it that I will buy your AOG 6DJ8 off of you if you don't like it.
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