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Just a heads up. Shadow and White M-100s are going for $279.99 on Amazon today.
So the peeling on the headband has become noticeable enough that the liquid leather repairs are starting to make it look gunky. I've now resorted to artists tape and will play around with designs and such. I'm thinking of getting some matte orange tape to match my Verza.   
Thanks for the measurements, Nick. I actually had a chance to test out the DT770/880/990 headband today and it doesn't fit. For now I've got artists making tape fulfilling my turn headband duties.
In case anyone is looking for a deal on these.
Don't know where else to ask this, but do any of you know if the COP headband will fit on a V-MODA M-100?
Maybe it's from walking through the rain with them. I did that a lot.
My white M-100 is about 1 1/2 years old now and the headband is starting to peel and crack all over. I fixed some of the initial spots with liquid leather but more and more tears and cracks keep developing. Has anyone else noticed this problem and if so, which color headband do you have?
Awesome write-up AnakChan. Thanks for the scoop on all the new gear.
Never heard of these before today. Just clicked on an ad on Head-Fi.   Master and Dynamic MH40
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