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Yeah. Exchange it. My Red is bit wiggly, but no more than any USB memory stick. Yours sounds broken.
These look just like the ones @expontherise and I...
I just got my two-ended cable and am listening to my M-100 with it right now.     Not sure if it's new toy syndrome, expectation bias, or placebo, but damned if these don't have a bigger soundstage. I'm dumbfounded. I'll report back later after further listening to see there actually is an improvement but it definitely sounds... different. Less intimate, wider, maybe more diffuse? It's almost a tube amp like distortion effect. But please, grain of salt for the time...
No no no no no. That is a screen cap from the V-MODA/Roland merger. Forza has yet to be released and AFAIK that is the only existing image of it.
I'll mainly use it for home listening. On the go I'll stick with the stock cable.
I ordered this one. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01J9VZ3KC?vs=1 Getting it tomorrow so I'll let you guys know how it works.
Review from Stereophile. Interesting insights and comparisons between older Dragonfly, Black and Red with speakers, headphones, home and mobile sources. http://www.stereophile.com/content/audioquest-dragonfly-red-black-usb-da-headphone-amplifiers-page-2#8zbb6OsuDiiUkYVi.97
Thanks for the quick reply. I wanted an orange cable with a 90 degree input jack, but that's me getting fancy. Aural improvement is what I'm in for. Is there an indicator for which input is left and right?
Awesome find! I just emailed them about getting my own cable. Did they give you the option get different input jacks i.e. straight angle, 90 degrees, etc.?
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