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I have little experience with loudspeakers. Space and money constraints are what led me to the headphone lifestyle.
I just remembered that I gave the Denons a quick listen at a meet last year. The only thing that stands out in my mind is that the sound stage was huge compared to the M-100. As for portability, they're pretty big and are a little awkward around the neck.
You can cross the HE-400i off your list. They are way too big and heavy for comfortable portable use. From your list, I have heard the Sony MDR-1a, Beyerdynamic T5(1?)i, PSB M4U and V-MODA M-100 although I've only listened to the M-100 extensively enough to give a valid opinion. I've owned the M-100 for well over two years and I can attest to it's isolation, durability, efficiency and scalability with an amp. I have dropped them onto concrete, walked with them through...
Oh, I forgot. They might be releasing the "Master Editons" shown here.
The new releases will be IEMs, not over the ear headphones. You're safe for now.
I'm running Cyanogenmod 12.1(Lollipop 5.1.1 based) on both my Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 and USB audio works on both using UAPP and Onkyo Hi Fi Player with the Vamp Verza.
You should try Razer Surround. It's actually pretty good.
I got mine used for $300. I had other choices in mind, but the Metallo case and docking functionality with the Galaxy SIII was what really sold it for me. Honestly, I don't think it's worth $600 and would have never paid full price for it. Another thing is most of the time I just use my M-100 with my phone by itself. Although the Verza does sound better, it's also a bit bulky for my pockets and requires me to unplug the M-100 and plug it into to my phone whenever I get...
Just to be clear, I meant that the apps HF Audio Player and UAPP sound better when playing through the Verza, not through the Galaxy SIII by itself.
I use Poweramp + Viper4Android on my Galaxy SIII and The Vamp Verza offers a significant boost in sound quality. The sound is cleaner, more spacious, bass is more controlled and everything sounds more powerful overall. I've noticed that using Onkyo HF Audio Player>Verza or USB Audio Player Pro>Verza sounds significantly better than Poweramp>Verza. The interface isn't as nice, but the sound is so good you won't care.
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