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They gave the Beats PowerBeats 2 Wireless and SMS Sync by 50 On-Ear Wireless 2 and 1/2 stars each. It seems the average rating for headphones on PCMag is around 3 1/2 stars. I'm getting an XL sometime this week so I'll be able to do some comparisons. Apparently they both have the same exact driver. I've been using the Urbanite almost exclusively as my portable and I still feel that the upper-mids/lower-treble are too tame for my tastes. For sound alone I still prefer the... thinks that the On Ear sounds better than the XL.   "If you're a lover of accurate and full-sounding bass, the Urbanite is the richer sounding option of Sennheiser's new style line, rather than the Urbanite XL... For $200, however, the Sennheiser Urbanite is both less expensive and more rewarding than its over-the-ear counterpart, and simply one of the best on-ear options we've heard in a while, making it an Editors' Choice."
Amazon is selling a couple.
Maybe it's the music you're listening to.
I've dropped my white M-100 onto wood and tile floors and onto concrete several times. A few scratches here and there but no cracks. I used to do parkour with these things on.
I didn't say the recessed treble as a positive or a negative. It was just very apparent to my ears that it was very toned down compared to my XS which also has a polite(but no where near as polite) treble. It felt like part of the sound was missing.
But the treble? I have given the Urbanite On Ear about 2 hours of ear time and I find them pleasant if a bit unengaging. The bass control and detail is better than the V-MODA XS, but the treble is so recessed that it makes female vocals lose that sight nasally tone I enjoy. I'll have to listen some more to give an appropriate review, but these will not be my go to portable on ear. The headband sits strangely on my noggin and slips off if I tilt my head up or down. I...
Sennheiser Urbanite
It's already on the Wall.
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