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The MIC works with all modern phones which follows CTIA stadndards. Samsung has been doing CTIA from S2, so you wont need to worry about S3. The "made for iPhone" will come into picture when you are using the volume buttons/ play pause buttons on the MIC. These buttons are entirely dependent on App/music playing/software on your phone. 
I was wondering if someone can help me to compare this with TDK BA 200 or Rockit R50.   Just that i have been using both of these off late and the TDK BA 200 broke :(    Any other suggestions are also welcome.   Thanks in advance.
Guys, Stereo is running a promotion :)   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150653240096765&set=a.376901871764.166268.360820046764&type=1&theater    
    They cancelled my order and refunded without any communication and do not even listen. I really had enough with these guys, would not really advise anyone to order at this place.
They increased it again!!!
OMG !!! i did order one with the old price :D :D    Forgot to update you guys, i called up the support and they responded properly :) i am waiting for mine now :)      @p2A810wner  thanks for your tip :)  
Support ain't responding on emails.. do you have any contact numbers? please can you share it if you have one ?  
@p2A810wner , thanks for the update... support does not seem to respond for me :)
I just ordered it to ship to my brother in UK :)
Did you guys manage to get it form totalblankmedia  ?    
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