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I'm looking for a relatively new pair of HD 800s (purchased in the last 1-2 years) I would really like them to have no cosmetic blemishes but if it's small I don't mind. I'm only really looking for the stock cable, if you only have an aftermarket one and wouldn't mind selling for $1000 I would buy them but I'm not looking to pay more than $1000 for an aftermarket cable to be included. I'm looking to pay $1000 with shipping and Paypal fees, PM me if you are interested.
I think that I am going to get a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 8i and a factory refurbished Denon 1712 for $800 and a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 for the Blu-Ray player, is this a blaring mismatch of speakers and amp?  
I am selling my pair of LCD-2 Rev 1. I bought these from a member of head-fi a couple months ago and while I absolutely love these headphones I just dont use them enough to warrant keeping them. I am selling these to pay for some tower speakers for my dorm room. The LCD-2 comes with a LCD-3 box (which as shown in the picture has a crack and a tiny chip on the top but is a completely functional box) It also comes with the standard cable, leather headband (original...
I am selling my JDS Labs 02 amp. I am the original owner and this unit has received very little use as I was able to get a rather good deal on a Schiit Lyr around the same time that I purchased the O2.  The buyer pays Paypal and Shipping (shouldn't be to bad if you are in the United States) Please note that the O2 Amp has dust on the top of it which looks like scratches but it's just dust.     Thank you!
I'm selling my JBS Labs O2 amplifier. I recently moved to college and havent been using it, I would much rather it be with someone who would actually use it. I haven't really used it much I actually got a Schiit lyr around the same time so this has not seen much use. Buyer pays Paypal and shipping  any questions feel free to PM me please note that there is dust and not scratches on top and yes that is a photo of the one I am selling.
From all the research I have done, the speakers sold for $1700 new and its $525 for the pair so its not a bad deal. 
after some research into the world of used speakers I have found a pair of used kirksaeter silverline 120 for $525, it seems to be a good deal but I havent been able to find much about the speakers (reviews wise) has anyone had any experience with kirksaeter speakers or this model in particular? 
thanks again cel4145, what would you recommend in the $300 range for receivers?
even at half off it with the blu-ray player ir ends up being $1200 which is more than I can spend so if you have any suggestions that are slightly less expensive I would greatly appreciate it. 
I guess that is the problem I face, I will most likely end up using the speakers for movies and netflix a tiny bit more than I will listen to music with them, but I dont listen to music with a lot of low end in it. I also feel that since I am new to speakers I have a general bias towards towers (cause honestly I like the look of large wooden audio equipment and towers are probably my favorite, besides headphones) Can anyone recommend an audio store around Pomona that I...
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