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Does anybody know if the Brainwavz M5 is any good for rock+metal?
Hey guys, i'm looking for a decent pair of iem's under 40. These will be used primarily for rock, pop and metal, and jazz.   I'm primarily looking at the Brainwavz M1, The Dunu Trident, the Soundmagic E10's and the RHA MA350's. I can't decide :p   Any other suggestions are open.   I'm also not going to be amping these.   I primarily listen to Bon Jovi, System of a Down, Metallica, J-Pop, Megadeth and Anthrax. Also listen to some jazz once in a while.   Note that I did not make this video, I found this.   I was looking at this thread on OCN and I didn't see a post on head-fi about it. I would like to let people know about this, this is just a dirty trick they are doing.
Hey guys, I am looking for computer speakers for 75 dollars.    I would like to have 2.1 speakers, but 2.0 is accepted.
Sorry guys, got the VSonic GR06 :/. Thanks for everything!
Thanks guys, it looks like the GR06 is the best IEM under 100 but i can't get it off of amazon. Looks like i'll have to try to convince my parents to get an eBay account :p
Guys, apparently they've tried buying some stuff off of eBay (T.V's, headphones, etc) and they've been ripped off by getting stuff in very bad condition.  Also apparently they had friends who's also been ripped off at eBay (which didn't help at all), so their minds aren't getting changed. IF it was my choice, would I get it off of Ebay? Hell Yes I would! But they don't want to.
Mhmm, I looked at the IEM shootout, looks good, but problem is I just asked my parents about it, they just said they are NOT buying off of eBay. Will update the OP.
Hello guys,  I am looking for an IEM under 100. Noise cancellation is not an issue, and the main genres i listen to is Hard Rock/Metal/Pop/Classical/Rap. This is for home and outside use, but outside use is very rare. I really need a step up from my crappy ibuds. I MIGHT be amping these, but it is not likely.   EDIT: NO Ebay, sorry guys. Only Amazon.
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