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Hi MiLiPiX,   Thanks for your reply, I saw the thread about the ipod 3rd gen battery, and that's my plan B. The problem is that most of the ipod battery I have found yet have 3 pins connector, but the kenwood DAP requires a 2 pins connector. I might be able to modify that, but I'd rather wait a bit to find an original battery. I contacted the Kenwood customer service, and they told me that there are some of these batteries in Japan. I am waiting to know how much it...
up Please, HELP !! I'd hate to say goodbye to this player, it's the best one I have tried with my ATH esw9 so far.
Hi everyone,   Like said in the title, would anyone knows, by any chance, where I could find a new battery for my Kenwood HD30GB9 player ? It's a really good player, and it would be a shame to become useless just because of a stupid, non standard, battery !!! I browsed the web for hours, but without any luck. I'm starting to lose hope.   Has anyone ever had to change the battery on this one ?   I hope someone can help me, so I can start again walking the...
Hi everyone, I'm new on head-fi, though I've read the forum a lot before.   Suddenly my Proline 750's left speaker just stopped working, and I have no idea what to do. Could anyone help me on this ? Is it possible to fix it ?   Thanks in advance for your reply.   --Keep tuned in
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