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Very lightly used Bakoon HDA-5210mk3 up for sale. I bought this 2 months ago and used for about 20hrs or so. The price includes shipping and buyer pays the paypal fees.  here is the review of amp http://www.headfonia.com/bakoon-hda-5210mk3-amplifier/
Hi,      up for sale is very new fostex th900. I've used it less than 20 hrs in total. I bought 2 months back. Comes with original box and stand , manuals. Price includes shipping but buyer pays the paypal fees . I am not looking for any trades. Thanks for looking.
Hi,      I've up for sale new KS-H3 with M20 Amp. I have too many headphones and want to sell few and this is brand new headphones and amp with warranty. Here are some of the reviews of the headphone http://www.stereotimes.com/post/kingsound-ksh3-headphones--m20-amp-energizer http://www.cnet.com/news/astonishing-headphones-with-clarity-like-youve-never-heard-before/#ftag=rss.audiophiliac.ftag total combo of KS-H3 with M20 can run up to $2k+...
The headphones are SOLD OUT . Thanks for everyone for your interest.
I am the second owner purchased on this site. I used it probably less than 10hrs since I got it (open back headphones since I recently changed from working form home to going to a workplace). http://www.head-fi.org/t/700026/sennheiser-hd800 It comes with original cable with 1/4 stereo connector Includes original cable converted to Balanced Neutrik connectors. These are the 3 pin version. Also includes a set of Silver Dragon terminated with the 4pin connector.  The...
    I am trying to decide between these and a used jh16 pro and reshell them comes around +100 more than what v6 costs. which one would you suggest as these might have the latest tech. thanks for help
Interested in them. PMed
I tried changing wireless router channel it kinda worked for couple of days and dropping started again. In the process of returning these when they  work without any drops they sound great.
Not sure whats their conversation rate but I got mine for 338
I changed my wireless router channel from 2 to 11 and now I don't have a single drop and listening for  2hrs. Before it was very consistent. Thanks all
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