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    I am trying to decide between these and a used jh16 pro and reshell them comes around +100 more than what v6 costs. which one would you suggest as these might have the latest tech. thanks for help
Interested in them. PMed
I tried changing wireless router channel it kinda worked for couple of days and dropping started again. In the process of returning these when they  work without any drops they sound great.
Not sure whats their conversation rate but I got mine for 338
I changed my wireless router channel from 2 to 11 and now I don't have a single drop and listening for  2hrs. Before it was very consistent. Thanks all
I am still having drops with my RS220. I do have several computers around these I am wondering its wifi router (not close to rs220) interfering with rs220 signal. I'll try to change channel and see if that works for me.  I wish this goes away .
Thanks otinkyad. Does anybody connected it to a laptop or a phone . I am having trouble pairing the transmitter and the headphones. Its loosing connection often and led flashes
Ya got it for $338 last week and since I live in states its a great price. Can anybody tell me how long it took to charge them. I've them on for almost 12 hours straight and red led doesn't go away.  
Anybody interested in buying these headphone should try thanks for the link mcnoiserdc.  
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