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Awesome thanks a lot I owe you one :)
Great, the Samsons it is then!   One more question (sorry :p), how much better are they than the CALs at gaming?   Are they better than the CALs at music/movies?
How do the samsons compare to the CALs?
To be precise, what I heard from my fully-burned-in CAL!'s was great sound and good bass (for me), but in games the positional audio wasn't as good as I wanted. I have looked into the AD700s and am very close to buying them simply because they are supposed to have the BEST positioning in FPS games. I don't care about music except in movies/ingame.   Which headphones (preferably under $150 but not that strict) is the best upgrade from CAL!'s in terms of FPS footsteps...
So basshead, did you try out the SrR850s? How were they?   Im trying to get as many opinions on them as I can before taking the plunge :)
Hi guys, I've been wondering and researching for ages and it's driving me crazy! For gaming on the PC with a Xonar DG card:   How exactly do the SR850s compare to the HD558s for FPS positional gaming? And how much better are the A900s? Also I have Creative Aurvana Live's, are the SR850/HD558/A900 a worthwhile upgrade?   Any info greatly appreciated!
(revival inc)     @Dsnuts its been a few months since your glowing praise of the Samsons, are they still the best gaming headphones?   Im thinking of buying them now, have you found any new good headhphones since then or should I order these SR850s right now?   PS: I have a Xonar DG, could you post a pic of your EQ settings that you use for gaming?   Thanks
Would a Fiio E7 Work well with an AD700 for gaming?     I already have a Xonar DG, would I notice much of a difference if I used the E7?   Also, the E5 is ridiculously cheaper, where does that into the mix?   Thanks
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