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What API for sound does MW3 use?   Dammit should i get a Xonar DX or an auzentech forte or what, and what are the advantages of each one?   All i want is to hear positional audio in MW3 (and other FPS games) to the very best it can be!   Someone please help :D
Am i right in supposing a DAC improves the quality of the audio output?   For gaming on the PC, if you want the best directional audio for fps games (and already have high end headphones), then what's the best part to buy? A good soundcard, or a good DAC, or what?   Thanks
I gottem too - awesomeness in a portable casing imo
Any ideas?   I live in the UK, has anyone from England bought the AKG 240 velour pads in the past?
Hi   I have the Samson SR850s for gaming purposes (awesome headphones btw), but unfortunately the pads are kinda uncomfortable around my ears.   I've been looking for replacement velour pads for them (because velour are supposed to be the best? I have no idea) and from my research the AKG K240 pads definitely fit it. The problem is they are expensive to ship from abroad, and Thomann.de has a stupid minimum order 25 euros (not including delivery) so it works out...
Hey, do you still have it?
Mate, be wary of dual GPU setups in games 2 x HD7970 is not twice the performance of a single one, and depending on the drivers from AMD it won't NECESSARILY play BF3 any better than one card. But then again if you want six screens you would HAVE to have dual GPUs.   Also 24GB of RAM is way overkill lol, as are Xeon CPUs. Games like BF3 won't see much of a speed bump from using Xeons compared to high end core i7s. And 24GB RAM is only useful for very  high...
Yeah im sure you will get a difference with them - anyone have any recommendations?
Bump! I have exactly the same issue, is it worth it to get, say, a fiio e7 when you already have a xonar? What amp is a good upgrade to the xonar dg.
so... were they any good?
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