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   Dang so from what I found out I assume that means it doesn't matter what sound card I get (unless I want dolby/cmss3d)?
looks cool as heck   might make the other xonars drop in price?
So what happened?  
Thanks Malveaux but like Flumphy said Thomman isn't suitable. Hmm.. I'm seriously considering buying €25 worth of stuff from damn Thomman just to get the pads! Maybe I'll buy a set of standard K240 pads as well as the velour ones, that comes to 25. But with shipping its £30 - the same as I paid for my Sr850's in the first place!! I'll keep searching. And bumping.
Thanks, I've just read your guide it's awesome work btw!   What API/middleware does Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 use? I've been google searching for days but I can't find the info anywhere.
xonar drivers have ASIO n stuff built in
Awesome headphones, have a pair myself!   GLWS
Great! Thanks for clarifying that.   Yeah the only problem now happens to be actually getting them in the UK! Can't find a proper store (online or otherwise) selling them thats based here. There's nothing on eBay as well.   Does anyone have any experience of buying such items in the UK?
Is the logitech g35 better than the ad700s for gaming?   When paired with a xonar essence stx
Brilliant Article.   Should be spread seriously so many people would benefit from this knowledge!   Audioholic, if ur still here, gratz to you!
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