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Another pm sent!
I've been searching, but no luck so far. The stock pads seem a bit better now though (clamping force reduced?) so I'm seriously considering sticking with them. Dammit.
6 months later... So, how did it go?
are they STILL available?
MUSILAND MONITOR 02 US FOR GAMING!!   If all I care about is sound hacking in FPS games, and am not too bothered about CMSS-3D or dolby headphones, is the Musiland better than, say, an Essence ST for games?   Has anyone tried them in fps games favourably? Has anyone compared them to a Xonar (with or without Dolby 5.1) and found them better/worse?   Thanks   Yes i have used the search function extensively.
So selfless.. I'm a student all right but definitely not starving ;)
Weird, I found the leather on-ear design extremely comfortable! If anyone's interested I'm selling my pair on eBay in the UK, auction ends in about 12 hours: Reason is Mainly cuz I only play games these days, which is not the cals strong point ;)
   Ah OK lol. In your thread I think you found CoD 4 to have excellent positional cues, especially noticeable with quality headphones? Hmm, I'm thinking my search for a gaming sound card is pretty much futile!
What I mean is the sound card won't improve or affect the positional accuracy or depth of the sounds, only improve quality, etc?
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