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Do you still have it?
   A good idea possibly.
 I'm assuming you gotta be pro with a pc to get that shiz to work. Not a problem for someone doing a computer science degree hopefully ;)
OK thanks a lot Roller, all taken into account. And Martin, I saw the press release on the Phoebus, but the first thing that came to my mind is that it's gna be hella expensive ;) Any other opinions people?
Great thank you so much :) Titanium HD is a bit out of my budget. How much of a difference is the titanium non-HD to the forte? Will the forte be better in positioning or just better in terms of sound quality itself? Also should I ignore the Meridian and focus on a slightly more expensive forte/cheaper titanium? Okay from reading your post again, it seems the forte has slightly better positional audio than the titanium non-HD. I can get the non-HD for £50 or less, the...
Hi guys, I'm after a sound card for the best positional audio possible in games, assume I have high end cans. I can get the auzentech x-meridian quite cheap atm. But after research many people say that it's inferior to the forte/prelude for games. But no one ever seems to give the reason why. So the question is: why? Is it because it lacks hardware decoding? I have a core i5-2500k, I'm sure I won't notice an fps drop in games, or will I? I vaguely remember hearing that...
Superlux hd440? Saw these from the budget king manufacturer, resemble oh so closely the dt770, how do they compare for gaming sound quality? Can they even approach the level of the dt770? They seem to be marketed as gaming cans. Also Hd440 vs hd668b for gaming, anyone compare?
selling to UPGRADE?   wow   GLWS
   Question, so you have two headphones: Sound card to dac to amp to headphonesCan you utilise dsp effects like eax through the sound card, through the DAC so you are making full use of both? What exactly is possible if you have a sound card, and an external DAC?
Hell yay!!
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