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Darn, would've snapped these up had I not just splurged on some DT770s!   GLWS
Regarding HMV in the UK, I do remember well an incident when one branch didn't accept a return (Skullcandy Smokin' Buds - good days those were :)), so we simply walked 10 minutes to another branch and they took it back no problem at all.   The workers are just human after all.   And I can vouch for Amazon in the UK, super service all round - delivery, returns, deals (their price matching is awesome), everything to be honest.
Learning new stuff all the time! I heard the upcoming Phoebus will have an inbuilt processor/chip that will "enhance directional cues" solely because of the quality and design of the chip itself or something like that. Sounds like it would improve on software based sound, right? Is this just a gimmick or does directional accuracy differ depending on some advanced processing the card does? I'm sorry about the seemingly ridiculous questions, I get that native x fi is...
So I could easily buy an auzentech meridian instead of a titanium hd? What exactly WOULD I miss out on? Thanks
Biggest problem I ever had with playstation portables was the terrible analogue sticks!
Quick question: If I switched from a xonar dg to a titanium hd would I get any benefit in strictly gaming positional audio for mw3? How about counter strike source? Thanks Basically what role would a true x fi dsp chip play in a software based sound system thingy?
  If you do find one, be sure as hell to tell us! Post it in your guide :)  
How would the e6 be compared to the e11 for powering dt770 pro 80?
Does this take spdif in? Doubt it somehow..
Ygpm anyway!
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