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Hi there, I have a (well used) pair of DT770 pro headphones, 80ohms.   I only used them for gaming but due to circumstances I now need some open-backed cans. The isolation on these is so terrific I literally can't hear the door! Also please note that all parts of these can be replaced as required. The sound quality is as amazing as everyone claims - the huge bass for unparalelled immersion, top notch in games etc etc i'm sure you know all about them :)   Sale...
These still for sale?
Agree totally, and IMO the difference between amazing headphones with cmss-3d, and not-so-amazing headphones was for me clearly noticeable. The DT770s positioning allowed me to soundwhore but only at pretty close range .   Actually this subject really gets on my nerves, because Infinity Ward have made MW3 designed for the noobs to do well. There's little feedback for very high skilled players (you will do well, but not well enough in comparison to noobs, if we base it off...
I COULD do that, but at the moment I cant persuade FRAPS to record my audio at all - I think its a codec issue :(
HI there, referring to what PurpleAngel said, I actually went and bought that exact combination (SR850 and Xonar DG) for gaming purposes (all FPS), so I believe I can give some useful insights into it.   Firstly, for the price I dont think there is anything that can beat it. The SR850s sound great, and the Xonar DG is awesome for £20. For all uses the SR850s are literally fantastic.   For me, however, I felt that I was missing out in terms of the gaming sound I...
Competitive gamer just getting into high end headphones/sets, bought a used and very old pair of DT770 professional 80ohms and ran them through my Auzentech X-fi Forte. Personally I found that for some reason they weren't especially clear or transparent,  I'm not sure what it was but they were kinda murky-ish. I thought the Forte amp could drive them but maybe not (the volume is way loud enough from the Forte though). That said the positioning on them is fantastic! I...
count moi IN!!!
die hard dota fan. has someone been mentioning League of Legends...?
IMO you need to think about a price drop   free bump!
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