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Gimme the specs of your PC and I'll explain why
Well said!   I gave my DG temporarily to a friend, but as soon as I get it back I may well do a direct comparison for yours and others benefit  
Lol the thread was cruising from graphics cards to mountain bikes to god knows what!   Anyway I was slightly confused because in your gaming headphones thread over at AVS you mention the HD598s in the elite range, but there's no talk of any Beyers (at least on the first page) - is that because the Beyers aren't very gaming focused due to heavy bass n stuff when not equalised?
ooh, I was actually gonna get Siberia V2's at one point, because some pro gamer said they were the best he had ever used.   If you can compare them to any well known gaming headphones that would be awesome!
Dt880 premium 250ohm vs Sennhesier HD598 in gaming.   Your thoughts?
Wow thanks a lot Jodiuh!   So in your opinion should I also skip the DT880s and save up solely for Q701s with an amp?
About the boring = fpsMonstah vs exciting = other stuff: How would the DT880 premiums fare?   If i forego the PC360s in favour of DT880s, what am i losing/gaining exactly?    
LOL yeah i read just today that these forums are only for sales n whatnot but heck hopefully no one notices! anyway I get what you mean, but the main factor with me is actually the fact that they are closed, not the actual sound quality! I really need to hear the door and just cant do that when gaming with dt770s as the isolation is so good. and the Auzentech drivers are basically an exact copy of the Creative ones, I could definitely sort the sound out now that i come...
for only gaming purposes would the Forte power a Dt880 premium 250 version? as in bass isnt important, but detail and clarity is.
Thanks for the suggestion. I have actually been doing that (or had a noobish attemp at it :)) but that doesn't solve the fact that they are closed, and also im having doubts that my Forte can drive them properly. On top of that I just want a change. but seriously do you think something like a HD595 would be a significant downgrade? edit: okay ive changed the details
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