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You rang?  A lot of my links got removed in that thread unfortunately, but understandably because it refers to a certain banned members blog posts.  But basically the impedance increasing adapter just adds resisters inline to make it easier for the amp to drive the headphones and to do so with less sensitivity to noise. The downside is (in my experience) you lose quality and the sound characteristics change.  The weird impedance decreasing adapter I made actually was an...
It's a constant wip, I keep an eye on the jira issues, the problem is that they fix it, then something or someone else breaks it. Usb audio is Linux, actually all audio is very weird and a bit of a spider nest. Now on Android it's even worse, because of hw issues, that being said there activity, so a bit of poker hand with devices and CM releases
read the boring prequel, its because of a lot of things:Chip manufacturers making screw ups: Qualcomm and TI notably. Product manufacturers: not configuring the chips correctly: Fiio with the E17 Device manufacturers: not including the latest ALSA: Samsung, and why it only works with some devices not implementing the correct logic in the Linux kernel: Google, and most manufacturers ROM and kernel devs being unaware of USB audio
[[SPOILER]] Steve Kondik has decided to personally work on USB audio implementation on CM11, and he is learning what I have learnt, that its a mess. gerrit link  So in light of this uphill challenge, I would like to gather support and show appreciation for the effort he is doing. Please post your thanks here, or on your social network of choice and direct the support at Cyanogenmod and Steve Kondik and post a link here.  This is no mean feat, and has been an issue for...
I've been following this since the beginning in PM's. And it still sickens me...
Ok heres the big issue, the HD800 cost $1000, they need a $1500 headphone amp, and a $1000+ DAC to shine. anyone with 2 braincells or that knows anything about them will tell you that (Go check in the Summit-fi section)   Also, they do have boosted treble peaks. And they knows to be analytical, so any remote flaw they will show. you need pristine quality gear and source files for them. They are definitely not for everyone.    I'm sure you will notice a difference if you...
just got back from an overseas trip, going to do some research etc.
I heard them, and think your plainly lying.
Meh nah. D7100 should be about $450, and D600 $200.    Wow thats cocky, how about you read. its not bold at all. Their ****. 
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