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Thank you! Just what i needed :D
On sale for 14.99 from here http://www.banggood.com/Original-Xiaomi-Piston-3-Reddot-Design-Headphones-For-Smartphone-p-971961.html. I actually don't have the headphones yet but from hearing all the good reviews i am probably going to bite on them. Getting too impatient waiting for Joker's review on them :P
Kinda off topic but when is the VSD7 expected to release? Also can't wait to read some reviews on these babys :D
I want a DUNU-1000! Trick R Treat@! Happy Halloween!
subbed, can't wait to hear more impressions about them from you guys!
Congratulations on your 300th review!!! Your are definitely THE best headphone/iem reviewer out there. I hope your planning on taking a long vacation or something  because you definitely deserve one.
I hope it's on par or bests the K3003! Now that would be something...
Subbed. Something to match the Akg perhaps??? I've been keeping my eye on hybrid iems lately..Been eyeing Vsonic with their V7007 but they been extremely quiet.... I hope sony's headphones are superb and surpasses their ex1000 flagship..
Say it isn't so James!! The X5 should be a one box solution meaning that it shouldn't need another amp for it to shine! Please make it more powerful than the X3 or atleast powerful enough where it does not need assistance from another amp..
I had my eye on those. I can't wait to hear your impressions.
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