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I have a family member that is currently on my account at the same time as me (I didn't know that you could do that) and he is posting crap that I would never say. He just said "boy do i hate audiophiles" and I had to edit it to say this. I sure hope he doesn't get me banned.
Wow! I guess I need to stay out of the Sound Science section of the forums . . . I didn't understand any of this at all (don't bother trying to explain . . . I'm sure that you won't be successful in educating me) 
Oh wow I am stupid! I was looking at the "Glossary of Terms" here on head-fi (as I am still VERY much a newbie) . . . I guess I didn't really know what balanced headphones were beforehand (I thought that it meant simply that the lows, mids and highs are more balanced/the headphones had more of a flat frequency response) . . . shows you how much of a noob I am in this hobby  . I apologize obobskivich I now realize that getting a pair of headphones balanced eliminates them...
No Classical?!  Just kidding, just kidding haha.
The Great Escape: 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10 (whichever scale you prefer).
Does it take a while for your name to change or something? I had Currawong change my name but it says my name is kingalekay still and it says "Formerly known as kingalekay" under that so I can tell that my name was changed.
Oh that is simply terrible news! obobskivich already said that there is a bass roll off in the T 70 p's and the AKG's have LESS bass? Uh oh . . . 
I know that there is no way to prove it to you but I assure you I am definitely NOT a "basshound" haha.
I swear that 99% of all headphones have recessed mids . . . how come hardly any manufacturers make headphones with present mids . . . most headphones have at least slightly recessed mids.   EDIT: I am so glad that I changed my profile picture . . . I hated it . . . in fact I don't know why I had it for so long haha. I am changing my profile name as well . . . I hated it too as obobskivich knows (I had a thread about it trying to see if you could change your name). How...
I sure hope that that doesn't mean the K550's have a bass rolloff I don't like it when headphone manufacturers try and trick you into thinking that their headphones have more clarity/more detail when in reality they just have a bass rolloff.
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