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Hello,   here are some Fostex T40 RP , vintage. Good cosmetical condition, earpads pretty worn, one side stopped working. So i'm selling it as defective!#   Worldwide shipping, contact me for pricing.     Kind regards Niklas Richter
Hello,   here is my AKG K301, original Version. Very good condition, working perfectly, original pads are ok but with some glued marks. I will include the mounted K701 pads aswell.    Worldwide shipping. Contact me for pricing.      Kind regards Niklas Richter
Hello, because I got too many great cans, I'm selling my beloved Fostex T50 RP MK II with perfect sounding modification made by a german true professional called Peter Neumann. Less than a year old, with Hifiman connectors. Perfectly neutral sounding with Shure Velours pads, Shure Pleather Pads (to tune the sound a little bit to the darker side) and Hifiman style connectors to change cables. It comes with a 2 meter symmetric XLR (Neutrik) plug Peacock cablextra. This T50...
So, up for sale is a SRD 7 SB with two normal bias connectors. It works fine, but has some scratches as you can see in the pictures. It is the version that does not need an extra power supply, so don't bother about 120/230 volts systems. I'm from Germany and will ship to the world using DHL parcel. Please ask individually for the best solution, but it won't be too pricy, I promise. Payment using paypal or if you're in the EU, via normal bank transfer. Kind...
Photos updated They had a tiny size, now everything should be fine. Hello, as these headphones get very minor headtime my place, I'm selling some a part of my collection. All are great sounding headphones and very comfortable aswell. I will describe them as good as possible.   Shipping from Germany within Germany with DHL parcel is included, for the rest of the world feel free to ask. Paypal fees are splitted or bank transfer (EU only).Please take a look at my other...
Added some photos. It is very minor and most people wouldn't even said a word about it, I guess.  
So, I'm open to reasonable offers. 
I will Provide some tommorrow , but it just Looks as new.
price corrected
Thanks for the hint. And they're not made of gold, but their sound is truly golden! :)
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