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http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB6/NFB6EN.htm In perfect condition, shipping from Germany using DHL parcel with tracking. EU shipping costs included.
hi just because it gets no playtime here, I am sellling these great IEMs. Working perfectly, looking as new. Comes with the original pouch and some pairs of unused eartips and earhooks. Shipping with tracking from Germany is included - worldwide! Kind regards Niklas
Hi,   selling my fully functional and in very good cosmetical condition 230V Audio GD NFB 15.    http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB15/NFB15EN.htm   It already got the 32 Bit USB Update installed and comes with power chord, original box. Shipping depends on where you are. I'm located in Germany and will ship with insured and tracked DHL parcel.    No trades please, no low balling. This is already a very good offer.      Kind regards Niklas Richter
So, up for sale is a SR5 Gold normal bias headphone Classic .It works fine, but has some slight marks as you can see in the pictures. No channel imbalance. New AKG k240 Pads are installed, Originals so exist aswell. br />I'm from Germany and will ship to the world using DHL parcel. Please ask individually for the best solution, but it won't be too pricy, I promise. Payment using paypal or if you're in the EU, via normal bank transfer.Kind regardsNiklas Richter
Hello, just because a big Accuphase CD found its way to me, I'm selling my Mission Cyrus Discmaster CD transport. Everything works perfect and it is in good cosmetical condition as the pictures display very well.You get what you see in the pictures! There's no receipt, but I am the first owner and item should be around 6 years old.  Just like this one here: http://www.springair.de/cd-geraete/cd-laufwerke/72453/mission-cyrus-discmaster Please ask for exact shipping costs if...
Please pm me for an SRD 6 SB.
Thanks for your detailed offer, but I'm no longer looking for this and will shut down the classified right now.
Price is not firm. Send me an offer!
Hello, as I do not use them and they have been just laying around for about 6 years since I bought them from a german audio daler, I sell my 404 Signature in great condition. No marks or scratches, working perfectly, original box and frequency graph. I rate it 9/10  condition overall. I will ship internationally with splitting costs. Payment using bank transfer (Europe only!) or Paypal worldwide. PM me if you have any questions.   Kind regardsNiklas
Hello,   here are some Fostex T40 RP , vintage. Good cosmetical condition, earpads pretty worn, one side stopped working. So i'm selling it as defective!#   Worldwide shipping, contact me for pricing.     Kind regards Niklas Richter
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