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Thanks guys, any other recommendations?
Hello,   I'm looking for some durable quality IEMs. I want my IEMs to last at least more than a year with normal use. I've destroyed a few UE and Sennheiser models in the past few years. Then I got the Vsonic GR06 two and a half years ago. I loved them, and they were durable enough for me, until I lost them a few weeks ago. They were starting to get worn out a bit, so I was getting ready to get a replacement/upgrade. I really liked their sound.    I thought about...
Thank you, looks like I'm going to buy the GR06s, but I'm still open for some more feedback.
I'm also starting to think that VSonic GR06s might be a good option but then again I have no idea if they are durable, but reviewers say that they sound really good. I would appreciate any feedback on this.
The M2's seem like a good option too, I'll keep them in mind thanks!    Can anyone give me any feedback on X10 s durability please?
Thank you for your response. I'm not willing to buy any used iems, I looked up some of your recommendations and X5 and RE0 aren't available anywhere, the HF5 has a really long cable, it might be uncomfortable, not to mention fragile. EX600 and EPH100 are too expensive. Your response has been helpful tho thanks again!   After reviewing these choices the X10 seems like a better choice now, but I still have my doubts about their durability.   I am still open for any...
Hi there, I am looking for some durable iems for 70-100$. I have been looking into Klipsch image x10's but I don't know if they are durable enough, but they seem like a good choice for the price range. I've had the ue500's and I really liked their sound but the right driver stopped functioning properly after two months even though I took really good care of them. I always carried and stored them in their case when I'm not using them, and I didn't wrap them around my...
My UE500's right driver slowly faded out when it was just one and a half months ago. I don't even remember of any other IEM (or any kind of headphones) that I used so gently, they never wandered around out of the carrying case when they aren't being used. It actually seems like a cable problem because when I squeeze the point where the cable is attached to the earphone  the volume gets relatively higher. I took extremely good care of these since I ruined many headphones...
Okay, so based on the recommendations I did some research, and now I am between Ultimate Ears 500, Brainwavz M2 and Meelec A151. And to be honest I didn't like the looks of the A151. I need to choose soon because I'm getting them shipped from USA to Turkey. I takes some time to get them here.   Thanks for the recommendations!
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