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 Holy ****. Can you post some instructions? I've been thinking about doing this to my DT770s for a while. I may just do the recable though and get that CPO headset cable. Thoughts?
This is just jingoism if I'm completely honest with you. It's kind of disgusting. 
The Ocean is what I've been using and I love it. It's my first tube amp though so I'm not well versed. I am going to be getting a new tube for it though, everyone seems to recommend a 12au7 RCA amp off ebay.
Yeah I used it with and without on different sources. It's the cable. Got them from Sonic Sense. Hopefully the return process is as painless. 
Wow really? Absurd. I've never had any issues with Beyers ever before today. I thought it was just an unfortunate occurrence for me. If my exchanged pair comes in defective as well I think I'll send them to Beyer directly. 
Tested in all the different scenarios on different items just now. It's 100% the Beyers. Damn.. guess I have to say goodbye for another week. 
Hey guys, I got my 880s today and I'm enjoying them a lot so far even if I haven't burned them in. I have a question though, when I wiggle the plug a bit when moving it around and what not, the sound goes out in my right ear. When I stop touching it and center the cable it comes back though. Thought it was my amp, but it doesn't happen with my 770s.   Should I return them (UGH) and get an exchange? Or is this a common thing?
Waiting for new gear to arrive is the worst feeling in the world. DT880s got delayed a day for no apparent reason. They'll be here tomorrow. I can't wait! 
Sweet. That Bravo Audio amp looks good. I think I'll go with it. Probably redundant now but here's the recommendation request post I made that no one is going to reply to if you want to look over it.   Thanks for your help.
Yeah I'm getting the Pro 250ohm. Also, what qualifies as a decent source? I use a TASCAM US-100 audio interface right now if that fits the bill. Also, that LittleDot Mk2 is nearing the price I'm paying for the headphones currently. Are there any more frugal options available / will most tube amps do the job well? From what I've read on Head-Fi my understanding is that the 880s are picky when it comes to amps.
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