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Having what I would like to consider at least a pretty decent rig, I would consider contact enhancers one of the best ways to give my setup that additional little push. How I learnt the difference: one day I was listening to my IEMs with some friends and went to order some food. When I came back to the IEMs I found that suddenly there was a slight change. I was in a very quiet room, so I can confidently say that I heard better clarity and tighter bass from them. When I...
 Have to agree that it's a very clean source; just tried it today with my Chord Hugo, and I am very pleased with the pairing. I also note the lack of lower extension ):One niggle though: with some 24/96 FLAC files the player would skip and stutter throughout the song. Unsure about why this is so, when it plays just fine when used standalone.Every other file type seems to play smoothly though!
I heard the new series while at the Final showroom awhile back in June, I remember them all being quite energetic sounding.  I also remember preferring the 7200 over the other two as it had the fun yet reference sound signature.   They are all TINY, though! Perfect workout earphone.
Played around with the AK70, 300 and 320 today. I really prefer the AK70 over the 300, much more musical and with better focus in the mids and bass, although the 300 did have a better sense of airiness and a larger soundstage. Wont comment too confidently on the highs as I can't remember (d'oh), but I recall the 70 being brighter. The 320 is still a level above both of the above, though.
Question: how do you guys care for the stock 240SS case? Mine has a more suede-like material compared to the regular 240 case, and I think that continuous use has caused it to develop a sort of wet dog texture... Nasty. Has anyone encountered and successfully reversed this?   As alternatives, I'm considering buying an EASECASE or getting a customized leather case, but the EASECASE seems sketchy and I'd rather not spend hundreds on a custom case order.
Cheers! Sadly I wont be heading to Mong Kok this trip, but I hope the DMA café has them!
Is the a shop in HK with physical demo units?
 This right here, guys. Buy a player that suits your sound signature preference, and not something that's "DA BEST OUT THERE".Compare the DAP market two years ago to the one today, and imagine what it'll be like two years from now...Love this hobby!
Well, if anyone doesn't want their cards anymore/can't hear a difference and would like to let go of their wasted $160 investment, do let me know..!
May want to get my hands on a Sony SR-64HXA Audiophile MicroSD Card, if anyone wants to let yours go let me know! Must be in good condition without numerous scratches on the contact points.
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