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Wish I had a better camera.. My phone doesn't do the cable justice!I'm actually letting go of my cable to try other options, as I seem to like how a colder cable sounds (winter).As for impressions, I'll try to drop some impressions once I get a chance to compare it to other cables, but characteristics wise the cable is pretty much a typical spring cable: slightly warm, extends well up top and down low with nice sweet mids (without any particular tilt in any frequencies)....
Going with the seasonal rating system, I'll classify the Effect Audio Mars as a nice Spring!
PRICE DROP AGAIN! *NOTE: Will be uncontactable from 17-21 March* Selling my Effect Audio Mars cable in 2pin to 2.5mm Balanced for Astell & Kern DAPS. Reason for sale is that I'm looking at another cable. Cable was babied and used for roughly 50hrs, with ~35 spent at home burning in. The flagship/TotL cable from Effect Audio, the Mars sports excellent extension in both bass and treble and seductively sweet mids. Very nice for vocals! Cable was just rebraided, with the...
My Zeros have just hit the ~120 hour mark and they're steadily improving. Initially the midrange was slightly recessed, but now seems to be coming out more, with the bass becoming more controlled and not bleeding into the mids as much. For now, I've only compared them to the only thing in my inventory that is somewhat near its price range: the Apple Earpods. Compared to the Earpods the Zeros are a nice upgrade: the bass/mids are much better defined with better...
AK240SS -> HUM Pristine Reference w/ Effect Audio Mars in 2.5mm TRRS
Yeah, it's the stock black leather case.Thanks for the great description, please do report back after a few weeks if the case is still holding up as nicely as it is now!
Great job so far, TS! Have you considered looking at the Mars and Leonidas cables from Effect Audio?
How's the quality of the construction and leather used in the EASECASE? I'm looking to upgrade the case I got with my 240SS and was wondering if by some weird chance (at the price) the EASECASE is of a similar or better quality?
 Thanks for this!Am currently on 1.18 so I'll have to consider, but it's good to know that at least some people are finding newer firmware revisions to be better than the past ones!
   Currently using a HUM Pristine, which is an aggressive but neutral CIEM. I'm a fan of a clear and dynamic sound signature, yet one that doesn't have an overabundance of body. I also like my upper mids... Thanks for the replies guys! Any more information from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
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