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Wont be able to attend RMAF, unfortunately.. Yes, it indeed mods the balanced out as well, albeit slightly differently in terms of components versus the single ended.I personally prefer the single ended, as the sound characteristics of the SS's grounding appeal to me.
 That would be interesting indeed!I decided to do the mod as I absolutely love the form factor of the 240SS, and cannot stand the sizes and dimensions of the 380 and other players. Since I like the current 240SS body so far, I thought I might as well make it as great sounding as possible!
 Well, disclaimer: I heard a newly done and mostly un-burnt in player, and then the same player after a day of burn in.Compared to the 380 Black, the two players still have a very different sound signature. I feel that the 380 has a more 'reference' sound with more gentle bass and smoother treble, while the 240SS is a more 'fun' sound with higher bass punch.  However, the 380 to me still has that edge in technicalities, especially in the staging and sense of immersiveness....
Just sent my AK240SS for a complete overhaul/mod by Musashi Sound Technologies, pricey as hell but after hearing the partial mod I was blown away. The partial mode gave the 240SS an energy and clarity to the sound that topped that of the 380 Black. Will post impressions once it arrives!
Right... Not sure if it works this way, but can anyone recommend off the top of their head a clear, balanced and energetic OpAmp?
 Eh, took it out of the case and realized it lost some of its shine..
By the way guys, how do you all polish your 240SSs? Mine is developing a bit of dirt and I'd like to restore it to its full glory.
 Thanks for the info!The volume knob on the SS is the only thing I dislike coming from a regular 240. On the regular 240, the volume wheel had quite a bit more resistance when turning compared to the 240, which still gets me a bit annoyed. Annoying that AK wouldn't take a bit more care about such an important part of the player.
 Hm, so does this mean that it is possible to 'tighten' the volume wheel or reduce the amount of play in the wheel without replacing any components?
  Was waiting for this, cheers!Can't wait for more impressions once the caps are burnt in! Out of curiosity, were you using the balanced or SE out?
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