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Whaaaat?! That's honestly a shocker.
 To clarify: "a lot" refers mostly to the many local audiophiles who have actually had the chance to sit down and try both ADEL and non-ADEL side by side. Though I guess their opinions will mostly not matter since they don't use Head-Fi, with it being not very popular (I guess?) in Singapore. Oh well.
 To be fair, a lot of people have reported this. I personally have tried both demo units and have noticed the loss of resolution in the ADEL, especially in the bass and mids.I'm just one small voice in an ocean here, but I've listened to both the ADEL and non-ADEL units for HOURS with a good gear chain and am very sure about this. Many people who have had the same opportunity have reported the same findings, with many of them ordering a non-ADEL Zeus explicitly for this...
Well hi there!I can indeed confirm that the 1960 4-wire with the Zeus XRA sounds phenomenal. The resolution is off the charts, though I'd suspect a lot of people would prefer the two wire version for many reasons, including the extra body that twister6 describes. 2/4/6/8 wire cables all have their own signatures, so that's something to consider as well. If anyone wants more clarification please ask away.As for the Leonidas comparison, I currently own one as well. I'd say...
So when's the tour starting? I am going to be out of town from Mar 11-19 as well, funnily enough!   Shouldn't be an issue if I'm right near the start though (I hope)
Shigzeo has a nice review of a non-SS AK240-R on ohm image.
 I've used them before, they're amazing.I'd love one but they're kinda pricey haha.Though I shouldn't be talking with a Zeus XRA in my ears.
So I've been refraining from giving impressions of my Musashi Sound Tech modded AK240SS... The reason is that every time I send it back it seems that there's a new revision or improvement to be made. I was just informed that after implementing a circuit which helps correct for group delay, the final revision of the 240SS-R is on it's way back to me.   After I run it in and listen to it I'll let you guys know how it went!
Lovely! Can't wait to review 'em.
I live in New York City, NY. I would like to participate in the tour. I agree to follow the terms of the tour.
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