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Up for sale is a 99% brand new Forzaaudioworks Hybrid Series IEM cable for FitEar IEMs. Length is 1.25m, has a Viablue 'Mini' 3.5mm jack. Nice Y split too. It's 99% new because I took it out of the box, listened to it for about 2 minutes and realized that the TG!334 and the angled plugs do not work that well together... I believe the angled plugs would be better suited for some with FitEar customs. The cable has been in its bag in the box ever since. If you meet my...
So where are you guys buying your Sony Hybrid tips? Trying to find some large-size sets, but so far it seems like Amazon is the only place.
I've had the Truth Edition for awhile, and coming from the multi-driver TG!334s I must say that single dynamic driver IEMs are a real coherency treat. It's sound signature is right up my alley too, which is nice. They've only got about 350+hours on them so far (about 100+ more away from the advised 500 hours), am looking forward to more improvements.
 Thanks for checking in Danny!I managed to get a reply from Desmond.
Hi guys, has anyone had any trouble communicating with DITA over email/on the website enquiry form? I sent out one a few days ago, accompanied by an email, and have yet to get any sign of a response.
Joker, are there any plans to take a look at the Dita Audio 'Answer' IEMs?
Have been using my FAW Hybrid Series cable with my FitEar TG!334s and all I can say is WOW! This is my second cable from FAW, the first being a cable for my Sennheiser HD25s, and the quality I remember from the first is improved upon with the second. Great job, Matthew!
I've just sent payment to Matthew at Forza Audioworks for a FitEar hybrid cable, can't wait for it to arrive!
It's been awhile guys! Have been really busy with school work and stuff, so haven't been able to read this thread for awhile. Great to see everything's coming along so well! So, I have a question for people who use iPod Touch 5Gs with their HiFi M8s: what cable do you use, and how's it working for you so far? I am looking to get one of those, and have been looking for good, short cables to pair it with. So far, the V-MODA Tuono and the Venturecraft right angled one have...
 ..............So THAT'S what the slots were for! Thought they were for keeping cleaning tools Talk about a revelation..
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