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Bittersweet :PI'm just going to assume that my ears are ineligible for the upgrade and try to save some $!
It seems like the amp portion of the case can detach from the phone portion? If this is so, then I'd find this very tempting. Already had a great experience with the HiFi M8 so I'm expecting this to be similar.
 Looks great!Wagnus' 'PLUNA' and 'Proton' cables interest me a bit, maybe next time..
 Congrats!Must have been a hell of wait..
Selling my pristine FAW Hybrid IEM/CIEM cable, terminated with FitEar pins. These were used for less than 3 hours at most for the time I had them, due to me selling my TG!334s shortly after I got them and the cables not working well with my ear shape. Price is $200USD, not including shipping to your location, which is anywhere. For those unfamiliar with FAW, here are some helpful links: The Head-Fi appreciation...
Ah, I see.Well, either I reterminate the cable or I sell it I suppose. The Wagnus cables look tempting, love that purple..
 You must have been the guy that arrived right before I left haha!
My 335DWs arrived today!   Wow, the fit really is exquisite. Much better than the fit I got from my first CIEM. Love how the 335 fills my outer ear.   The only sad thing is that my FAW cable with its angled connectors pinches part of my right outer ear (I believe it's called the crus/leg of helix?). Anyone else experience this problem?
I chose Partners in Health. It was co-founded by a father of a close friend of mine and is based in Boston, MA. It's focus is on bringing first world healthcare to third world countries like Rwanda and Haiti, and the work they've been doing is amazing to read about. If you're buying from Amazon Smile and don't have a charity chosen, please take a look at them!
My buddy and I have already ordered our CDs for each other. Happy listening and happy holidays in advance, everyone!
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