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 I am also patiently waiting for this..
 This is the mod by Musashi Sound Technology that I was discussing earlier.I am told the stock OpAmp used is OPA1611.
Well I received my 240SS mod a few days ago and have been burning it in since. Unfortunately, I have an ear infection and won't be able to give any impressions until it's better. Boo hoo.   I guess this could work out for me, since the solder used for some of the components (Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold) are said to take hundreds of hours of run in to sound good. Who knows?   Also on a side note, I've gone with the stock OpAmps as I didn't really enjoy the OpAmp...
Hi, Have a set of LCD2 Fazors that I recently got in a trade with another Head-Fier. Unfortunately these do not match with me so I'm looking to sell them for what the original owner values them at. Ideally I would trade these for a HD800 or similar TOTL headphone. Condition is 9.5/10, previous owner has obviously babied them. Pads and headband still like new. I only used them for about 30 minutes. Comes with frequency graph, stickers, wood care kit and the travel case....
Hi all,   Looking for a USB to MicroUSB cable made with copper/silver/hybrid/whatever. Needs to be around 20cm long, no longer. Shorter maybe. Has to be flexible as well. 4 or 8 core, what type of braid... No preferences.   Let me know if you have anything I might want and your asking price.   Thanks, Ed
So I'm considering picking up a pair of these.. How did you guys get a discount? Just PM the Aliexpress/Taobao sellers?   Cheers!
Thank you very much!
Thanks for checking up on this.So far, looks like you were right Weong!Still, should have provided more evidence... But the end result is the same thanks to Curra's snooping.
 Because nobody will be willing to cut open their very expensive cable until they have more evidence that the cable you are showing indeed is proven to be an Audiominor Celestine.One easy way to prove this is by showing proof of purchase with a screenshot..
 Please show some proof of purchase, then. Something that proves that you actually have bought an Audiominor Celestine.You can blur out all personal details, we just need to know what you bought. I don't own/want a Celestine but you can help yourself by proving you actually own the cable you're calling out.
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