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Just read the impressions posted by Average Joe and overall concur with his findings. Cheers.
I read your impressions on the Portaphile 627 and I concur with your findings. I do not have ultra sensitive IEM's (Westone 2 and TripleFi 10) so I did not hear the hiss you did. I sure hope Cesar can increase the battery life to around 10 hours.
Directly from electric avenue or eBay.
Amps have steadily increased in price, no I do not like it but in early 2005 a gallon of gas was about $1.79 and now it is $3.69 so ...
Yes, it is a three channel.
Yes, I messed up and missed JP#s meet a while back.
Eric, it only runs warm to the touch not hot. I believe it does so because it runs in Class A.
Since my last post I let the Portaphile 627 burn in for an additional 80+ hours so a total of 200 hours since I received it. Some do not believe in burn in and that is fine, I do and thus why I report it. I strongly believe the last 80 hours have further improved the overall sound by:   1. Micro detail is to the point you can hear the breathing of the singers in some songs, the snare drum impact cuts right through. 2. Decay, going back to the snare drum and...
Sure look forward to hearing impressions of this new amp. I have had a few of his offerings starting way back with the UHA-3 and they have consistently gotten better. Good luck Nick.
I have had in my possession the latest creation by Cesar, an OP627/BUF634 Portaphile amp. For those who do not want to read a lot then … I like it a lot.   For those willing to read a bit more ... 1. As in past offerings by Cesar the bass is very well rendered, with plenty of impact without being loose nor is it flabby. 2. A very wide soundstage about 5 rows back thus giving the music a very airy presentation. 3. The decay of the notes is excellent and the...
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