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Rob, see if you can secure a Tungsran 7DJ8 and try it on your RWA. They can be four for about $10-$15 NOS and you should be pleasantly surprised at their sound/performance.
And mine was 180 out, in the same system at the same time I preferred the Lawton's can. We all hear/listen differently though.
Looks! ;)
Very good, the low gain is 2 and the high gain is 7 as you can imagine I used the low gain setting. Using an iPod as a source via a line out dock the performance of the amp using iem's or earbuds I found:   1. Good channel balance. 2. No hiss. 3. Easy to set up the volume even with the Westone 2 or the TripleFi 10.
As a 21 year resident in 33139 I can say that life on the beach can be a lot of fun but it will cost you! If you could stay an extra month you could ... 
Just read the impressions posted by Average Joe and overall concur with his findings. Cheers.
I read your impressions on the Portaphile 627 and I concur with your findings. I do not have ultra sensitive IEM's (Westone 2 and TripleFi 10) so I did not hear the hiss you did. I sure hope Cesar can increase the battery life to around 10 hours.
Directly from electric avenue or eBay.
Amps have steadily increased in price, no I do not like it but in early 2005 a gallon of gas was about $1.79 and now it is $3.69 so ...
Yes, it is a three channel.
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