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Looks! ;)
Very good, the low gain is 2 and the high gain is 7 as you can imagine I used the low gain setting. Using an iPod as a source via a line out dock the performance of the amp using iem's or earbuds I found:   1. Good channel balance. 2. No hiss. 3. Easy to set up the volume even with the Westone 2 or the TripleFi 10.
As a 21 year resident in 33139 I can say that life on the beach can be a lot of fun but it will cost you! If you could stay an extra month you could ...   http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/05/25/2817698/urban-beach-weekend-fri-may-25.html 
Just read the impressions posted by Average Joe and overall concur with his findings. Cheers.
I read your impressions on the Portaphile 627 and I concur with your findings. I do not have ultra sensitive IEM's (Westone 2 and TripleFi 10) so I did not hear the hiss you did. I sure hope Cesar can increase the battery life to around 10 hours.
Directly from electric avenue or eBay.
Amps have steadily increased in price, no I do not like it but in early 2005 a gallon of gas was about $1.79 and now it is $3.69 so ...
Yes, it is a three channel.
Yes, I messed up and missed JP#s meet a while back.
Eric, it only runs warm to the touch not hot. I believe it does so because it runs in Class A.
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