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I own both the Creative Aurvana Live and the Denons (D2000 as well as had the D5000 both stock and modified by Lawton Audio).  At $200 the Denon D2000 is a good unit but with the Mark Lawton's mods it become IMO a superb headphone. If you search you can find how to perform the mods for very little money and you will be very happy. I will say that when the Creative Aurvana Live are on sale for about $50 it is a no brainer because of their great sound, heck  I could not...
No issues with volume mismatch on the DZero.   Update 6/16/2012: I used TripleFi 10, Westone 2, and Creative Aurvana Live.
You are WRONG! Balance sounds better! It better sound better since it cost me a lot more money. 
Rob, since I am a klutz I take pictures before I take connections apart.
Going from memory and at my age it is not a good thing  the Portaphile 627 is more balanced in its presentation. The V2 Maxxed was great in the bass and low mids but the top end was not as open/extended as I liked, the new version is more extended, open, and the soundstage is more open as well. Of course all this from what I recall of the V2 Maxxed I owned a few years ago. Perhaps you could contact Cesar about a loaner/test unit.
outside diameter 5.5mm Inside diameter 2.5mm length=11mm
Check the MiniBox-ES in the Head Direct site.
Currently listening to Charles Mingus - This Is Jazz 6 and the sound is very nice and involving. The sound has "weight" and authority.
Rob, see if you can secure a Tungsran 7DJ8 and try it on your RWA. They can be four for about $10-$15 NOS and you should be pleasantly surprised at their sound/performance.
And mine was 180 out, in the same system at the same time I preferred the Lawton's can. We all hear/listen differently though.
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