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I just tried the D-Zero and when using the line out the volume cannot be changed with the volume pot. I do not believe the amp section is in use when using the D-Zero via the aux out.
Either color is fine specially with the "line"!   
Best is relative to hour ears and our wallets! Having said that when I did a bunch of testing a few years ago my favorite was from a company that stopped delivering and made a few customers very irate. My next choice and at much less money was the Headphile BlackSilver cable.
I found the top end more extended by replacing the forward facing the foam with a stretched stocking section. The HD600 grills is mostly for looks IMO.
^ I have not been posting as much lately.
A 2nd set of Senn  HD580, like I really need them.   
I have two HD580 and in one I have done all the mods as in APureSound, and in the other just removed the front foam. Both cans sound superb and I am very pleased, heck I prefer them over an HD650 by a wide margin.
I went on a trip combining work followed by a short vacation and took a Senn HD580 and the Portaphile 627 among other cans. I had spent some time driving the HD580 with the Portaphile 627 and new it could drive well in low gain, at least for the listening levels I listen at (about 9 o'clock). I spent additional time and found that I enjoyed the music a lot and it was the set up I chose if sitting down (can't listen in bed with big headphones).   The most interesting...
Rob, if you are looking for an energizer box or if you already have one I could loan you an SRD7 that Birgir modified and which I have been using for about a year with a Marantz 2230B. Nice sound and it will provide you with a point of reference  to compare. I am leaving on a week long vacation but if you shoot me a PM I could send it upon my return. Cheers.    
Where did you get that case?
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