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^ I see what you mean, the British Pound has sure improved in the last year or so. The Solo Ultra Linear retails for 510 british pounds once you remove the 20% VAT, this almost doubles to about $900 USD plus there is S&H from across the pond.
Gary, the Grado headband can be bent. There is steel underneath the leather (or plastic depending on the model) so you can loosen or tighten it.
I have had similar issues with other dac/usb cables and ended up swapping the cable to solve the problem. Can't explain it but I thought it was a poor connection at the USB cable end.
If you do not need portability the Octavart 01 is a very nice sounding unit which should bring you many hours of listening pleasure.
Rob, you now need to borrow one of my K1000 to drive with that combo! I wonder how the SRD7 modified by Birgir would sound in that combo.
Do not forget vintage receivers from the 60/70's using a pigtail or even out of the 1/4" headphone jack. Of course you can go the crazy route with an ubber expensive new amp!
Cool idea, just saw this post and was going to suggest the Etymotic case but yours is better.
Colin, does your writeup mean you liked the Portaphile 627? 
I have the same issue as in posts 629 and 630.
I just tried the D-Zero and when using the line out the volume cannot be changed with the volume pot. I do not believe the amp section is in use when using the D-Zero via the aux out.
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